GoPro Hero 6 Packing List

If you love to travel and take pictures or record videos during your trip, then an important decision needs to be made while creating a packing list for the trip. When you have limited room, you might want to take several cameras with you. Maybe just a small camera or only a GoPro Hero 6 with your smartphone to capture memories of your trip.

The GoPro Hero 6 is great for taking action pictures/videos, underwater photos and even being able to capture time lapse videos. If you decide to take your GoPro Hero 6 Black with you on the trip, check out below the packing list for GoPro Hero 6.


GoPro Hero 6 Packing List Guide

The GoPro Hero 6 Black should always be with you when you travel, it doesn’t take up much space and can be very useful in times that you need a second camera. Check out the list of GoPro Hero 6 packing list to make sure you have the important stuff packed for your trip.


GoPro Hero 6

Source: GoPro


GoPro Hero 6 Packing List


Above are some of the items that are great packing list for GoPro Hero 6 when traveling. With this you’ll always have your battery at full charge with the replaceable battery, great angles and stability with your GoPro grip, wonderful housing when you go diving and finally a case that you can carry all your accessories in. Shop here for the GoPro Hero 6 here.

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