Finding Places To Stay Abroad For Month Or More

Most tourists visit a place only for a few days to an entire week. But what if you are among the tourists who would rather explore a single city or country for over a month? Would it be difficult at all to find accommodations for more than a month? The answer lies in how you approach the matter. Let us help you with some tips for finding a place to stay abroad for month or more.


Finding Places To Stay Abroad For More Than A Month

Check The Internet

There are now numerous sites that offer efficient platforms for booking accommodations in different countries. You could check out VRBO which is a well-known vacation rental site that allows for the feature of booking for more than a month. Going this path would definitely save you a lot of time and free you from all hassle. The downside, however, when choosing this option is the tendency to miss out the better deals. You could even end up paying greater amounts.


Get Into A Home Exchange Adventure

Do you find thrill in not spending anything for a rental? You could actually do this by getting into a home exchange adventure. You could simply register in home exchange online platforms or websites where you could find people who are into the same interest such as yours. Can you imagine getting into Paris or Mexico without worrying about your rental fees? All you need to do is find the perfect person for your desired destination when traveling more than a month in one place. The benefit for the both of you is mutual because you could explore different countries at reduced costs.


Read Local Newspaper Advertisements

If you think that newspapers have lost their significance, you will surely be proven wrong once you visit other countries. You will find out that there are still many countries with quality contents for their classified ads. By going through the newspapers, brochures, and other print ads, there are great chances that you will find promotions for apartments, inns, or hostels.

Looking for accommodations through this seemingly old-fashioned way could actually give big benefits for travelers like you. As a case in point, I found a newspaper in our locality that actually advertises apartments and houses for rent at rates that are lower than 500 USD per month. This would definitely be a cheaper option than going through the online platforms.


Get Help Of Local People In Finding Apartments

Are you scared that you may be ending up staying on the barren streets or the cold corners of an empty building when you arrive from your flight? Worry not because this suggestion shall be done strategically.

First, you will have to book for a short-term rental through the online platforms. You could book for three days at the least because you are actually targeting to find an apartment with the help of the local people whom you will encounter during the tour. Once you get to your destination, make sure that you talk to the people you interact with such as the neighbor from your first booked apartment or even the landlord of the property.

Express your desire to stay longer in the place, and that you are looking for an apartment that offers cheaper rates yet for longer stays. By going this route, you could actually get a chance to find an apartment that is pegged at lower local rates.


Negotiating Through Rental Websites

If you are booking your accommodations through AirBnB or HomeAway, you can actually send a message to the property owner and negotiate different terms that would be mutually beneficial to the both of you when booking apartment more than a month traveling abroad. I have found out this possibility when some of my friends actually went to Mexico and negotiated longer stays with the property owners. When you do this, make sure that you point out the benefits to the property owner such as earning a sure amount for a certain period of time.

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