February 2018/2019: Best Countries To Go On Holiday

In some parts of the world, February means unfriendly season. With this reason, people from those places would literally want to escape from the extreme unfriendly climate, which either too humid weather or dropping temperature.

Whether you like to bask in a tropical vacation, to be cozy in an icy ski trip, to savor adrenaline rush adventure, or to tour around a city scape, we got you all covered for February 2018.

Here are the top 7 holiday getaways in February 2018. After the trip you will surely feel relaxed and blissful.


Costa Rica

If you wanted a little bit of adventure, a daring itinerary of fun filled activities in Costa Rica awaits you. The country is generally tropical all year round but there are some parts there are timid rainforest you can take a long hike, like for instance the Tenorio National Park where the famous lava spitting active Arenal Volcano is located, or jump off to a warm beach area in Puerto Viejo. Costa Rica is so diverse that there are also options for tourists who would want to dine in local dishes as well.


North America

If you live on the other part of the world where it is extremely hot and would want to experience winter vibe, Ski Resorts in North America is perfect for you in February 2018. Be amazed in the majesties mountain of snows of the Rockies. Be entertained in trying different winter sports like ski and snowboard. The resorts there also offer lessons for tourists who would want to learn ski. You may also enjoy the heavenly snowy scenery while riding on cable cars, and dine in cozy restaurant in Aspen. It is bliss on top of the white glittery snow mountain, especially on the way hill to Banff and Jackson Hole where you can unimaginably have a vibrant view of Canadian Rockies.



A place known as the bliss by locals and tropic paradise by tourists, Bahamas both describes well. Definitely, no other place can knock off that freezing weather in winter season. Bahamas is perfectly visited in February 2018, because this is the time where the pack of December holiday tourists has left the islands.

The Harbor Island and Pink Sands Island offer vast pristine pink and white beach sands, sundry nature, and relaxing way of life. The islands in Bahamas accommodates to both elusive and outgoing tourists who can dive, swim, dine and do all adventurous activities of their choice in a laidback locality.



Contrary to the wrong presumption about Malaysia, the country has a lot of good things to offer. With the diverse preserved Asian culture, visitor can relish on both modern structures in Malaysia’s capital – Kuala Lumpur. Although Thailand is just adjacent, the long self-indulgent beach line of Langkawi, Central Peninsula, and Penang in Malaysia is equally appealing. Spicy local delicacies and dishes such as Peranakan cuisine in Malacca would also be a good experience for you to try.



You want the London mood but hates to take a trip on an unfriendly cold weather in February? Australia is like London but this time of the year, warm and summery. The land area for adventure is so enormous that it is the only country that is also a continent at the same time! Australia is famous for no other than its kangaroos and the grandeur nature. Frolic in vast area of mountainous attraction, and meet friendly emerging suburbs neighborhood. It would probably take you a life time to completely visit all the wonderful tourist sites in the country, from sea corals below and nature reserves above the land, but you can start by hopping in to Mornington Peninsula.


New Orleans

Two words for legit party goers – Mardi Gras! An ostentatious two week celebration of wild masquerade ball and colorful parade is worth going to. With the mark of celebration the whole town turns into a wildest party ever. There is no alley left unturned during the Mardi Gras festival, where flamboyant floats are exhibited while a catchy lively soundtrack is played. Unlimited drinks, all night dancing and remarkable fun festivities New Orleans can offer in February 2018.



For those who want a romantic feels on their getaway trip, Venice is truly a place for you. The surreal vibe around the cobbled stone streets of the city gives a rustic ambiance. You would not want to pass the opportunity to sail away on gondolas while serenated by heavenly voices in the world’s famous Grand Canal. Dine in the finest scrumptious dishes with toast of most flavorful wine (which are harvested from the top off cellars in Italy), and sense the aura of antiquity while appreciating the ruins in St. Mark Square.

A vacation that poses elegance and sophistication, you will never forget you will never experience anywhere in any parts of the world, but only in Venice can you have these experiences in February 2018.

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