Do I Need A Travel Visa? Important Answers You Should Know About

As time passes, the world becomes smaller and smaller. What used to be an unexplored land is now crowded by a lot of people. What used to be a luxury privilege for rich and prominent people with power, is now a common denominator of most people (whether high earning ones, and working kind). There is now a silver line between the capabilities of the two classes.

All can travel the world with little differences, or oftentimes note at all. All you need is just the ability to search through the internet and book for the cheapest and best internet travel advises (like what we are giving you right now), pocket money for you to spend on your trip, survival communication skills, back packs (or luggage if you travel in style and in comfort) which contains all your travel amenities and things, and a passport. But the question is… Do you only need an airplane ticket and a passport to travel? How about visa?


What Is A Passport?

A passport is piece of booklet that serves a proof of your citizenship of which country you belong. Each page of this legal document is stamped after each country you enter in to prove that you have either entered or exited the country of your origin.

The passport should be obtained from the country where you live as a citizen. Every time you leave your country, you need your valid passport. It is your access to identify which country you belong and which country is responsible for you.


What Is A Visa?

Visa is often issued to tourists who are approved of entry in the country on which they are not citizen for a given period of time. This document is a permit allowing foreign visitors to enter the country legally.

Visa should be applied and requested when the person plans to visit a country, providing valid passport and other requirement for visa application.


Is There Any Difference From A Passport And A Visa?

Yes, there is a huge difference. While the passport serves as your place of origin as your local identification as a citizen, the visa is your international identification where you are permitted to enter such country within a limited period of time.

Both passport and visa should always be brought anywhere and anytime when you are in other countries. You do not want to face any violations, misidentify, or any trouble that may cause your immediate deportation from which country you travel.

Passport and visa shall be brought at all times even you are just going to purchase a meal or do some errands outside your hotel. You will never know then do local authorities of the country you visit may inspect and request for your identification. Once you are subjected for inquiry, you cannot just simply tell them you left it at the hotel and accompany you to retrieve it. No, it does not work that way.


Does All Countries Require Visa Applications?

It depends on the country you wanted to visit. There are instance certain nation does allow other country to enter their country with just their passport. There are countries that allow other citizen of a specific country to enter their territory visa-free. These are country depending on their economic and financial status, crime rate standing, nation credibility, and agreement of the countries involved.

Although, a number of visa applicants from first world countries often get visa approval, others can still be issued with visa provided that all mandatory documents are submitted, and applicant status has passed the requirement.

The important thing about being approved of your visa application is that you can prove you are able to sustain and finance your stay in the country you are applying visa for, you are of good health, you are traveling in good will, and no intention to overstay, or work illegally. Prior criminal records and association with terrorists activities will surely get you denied.

United States of America has strict visa application rules, as well as European countries. The Schengen Visa covers 26 European countries which makes it is easier if you want to traveler from different countries in Europe. There are also cruise ship tours around the European territories, which you do not have to apply visa to all the country covered by the tour package cruise. The Schengen Visa is enough as a proof of entry.


What If I Get On Board Without Visa And Fly To The Country That Requires One?

Well, you will surely get into trouble. Easiest consequence is you will just be deported and be banned to reenter the country again. You wasted your money, effort, and credibility. But of course, there are also countries that often require harsher punishment for violating entry code, which you do not want to experience.


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