Clothes To Pack When Traveling Pregnant

Do you wonder what type of clothes to pack when traveling pregnant? You might be thinking that you need to take everything in case of different situations during your vacation. But this is not the case, we have a guide for those wanting to know what clothes to pack for pregnant travelers. Check out our recommendations to see what you should consider when packing for a vacation when pregnant.


Clothes To Pack When Traveling Pregnant

Travels could be physically straining. Let a pregnancy band help you.

Do you know that baby bump bands were made not really to hide your tummy? They are not like girdles that work for body aesthetic purposes. The bands are really helpful during travels because they would ease the burden on your backs and is a great type of clothes to pack when traveling pregnant. If you feel that your tummy is starting to create pain in your lower back, then grab a Bump Band in the department store.


Comfort is the key. Simply wear flats.

When you are traveling pregnant, you must make sure that you are highly comfortable. The burden on your tummy must not be doubled or tripled by wearing 3 to 4 inches of heels.

Take for example my trip to Oslo some years ago when I was still pregnant. I just had a pair of not-so-nice-but-comfy boots that allowed me to go wherever I want even when it was winter.

But if you are planning to go to a tropical country, I suggest that you pack clothes for pregnant traveling like ordinary sandals that would allow your feet to breathe. You surely don’t want to feel the discomfort from heeled closed shoes, right?


Skip the maternity wear. Go for longer blouses and dresses.

Can you just imagine how much it would cost you to buy all the maternity clothes you will be needing for the entire 9 months of your pregnancy? Then imagine also how many of those clothes would still be utilized once you give birth. That’s why we suggest that you skip the maternity wear. You could just buy longer blouses and stretchable dresses that can surely still be worn long after you have given birth.

During one of the cruises I have gone to when I was pregnant, I also remember bringing a lot of dresses with me. So if you are wondering what to pack for a cruise, I suggest that you bring soft and light dresses that could be used for romantic dinners or casual tours.


Flaunt your glamorous bump. Bring a comfy yet gorgeous swimwear.

Gone are the days when pregnant women traveling keep their bumps from public sight. Women are now more proud of their own bodies and their capability to carry a life within them. There are different swimwear for your own body type and your tolerance for skin exposure. Choose a bikini that you really like and one that would emphasize your bump. You could also try purchasing a tankini that you could wear even after giving birth.


Don’t ever let the hair (and belly) mess with your activities. Hair bands are handy.

It is true that pregnant women could just feel extra comfortable with their hairs tied up. But for this purpose of packing your travel clothes when pregnant, the hair bands perform a different thing.

Having some hair elastics in your suitcase could just mean heaven and earth on your tours. When you are pregnant, you do not know when your tummy could just suddenly bulge. It could happen incredibly fast, believe me. Hair elastics would come handy in cases when you fail to button your jeans.


Get a versatile piece that you could wear almost anywhere – leggings.

Leggings are among the favorite clothing pieces of traveling pregnant women because they are non-limiting. And since most leggings were made to expand and to stretch out, we are just happy to have leggings in our luggage. They can even be worn and paired with different clothes. I also remember having brought a couple of leggings during one of our travels and they barely occupied space in my suitcase!


Still, comfort is your friend. Do not forget about the details of your underwear.

When you are pregnant, your senses are a lot more sensitive of picking clothes to pack when traveling. You could easily feel irritated just by wearing very tight underwear. That could happen when your breasts suddenly go a lot bigger than your normal size and you still force to wear your bra when you still didn’t have that baby bump.

What’s so nice about the underwear these days is that manufacturers are now able to balance comfort and style. There is an increasing trend among pregnant women to stay as gorgeous as possible even if their bellies are really bulging.

When choosing a bra, please get the ones without the underwire or the ones with underwire that could be adjusted. That would make you a lot more comfortable. You surely don’t want the wire to be restricting your baby’s movement in your tummy, right? You may also opt to get nursing bras even during your pregnancy to save expenditures once your baby finally comes out.


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