Chase Sapphire Reserve: Priority Pass Select Lounge FAQ And Access Guide

Are you a holder of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and would like to gain access to the Priority Pass Select Lounge. You have to know that your access may not be automatically granted because you still have to be an official member of the Priority Pass Select. To guide you in gaining access to the lounge, here are some facts:


  1. You will have to set up an account to Chase Ultimate Rewards.

The first thing you have to make sure is that you have an account at the portal of the Chase Ultimate Rewards. You can set up your username and passcode for the same account to successfully log in.


  1. You have to link the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card to your account.

You should be able to link the Chase Cards that you have to the Ultimate Rewards. This is to make sure that you earn points corresponding to your use. By doing this, you could also easily combine all the points that you have gained from all your Chase cards with the Ultimate Rewards. Make sure to select the Sapphire Reserve Card on the portal.


  1. Discover more about the benefits.

It would be good to know more about the Chase Rewards by clicking the Learn More Button on the portal.


  1. Do not forget to activate your account.

You can activate your account by clicking the Priority Pass Activate Button. To determine whether or not you have done it correctly, you will have to see the green button that is marked with a check symbol. This will prompt Chase to send you the Priority Pass Select Card.



How long does it take for the Priority Pass Select Card to be processed?

Usually, it only takes around 1 week for the Priority Pass Select Card to be sent to the account holder.


Can my spouse also gain access even when he or she is not traveling with me?

In order to make sure that your spouse can also use the lounge, you will have to make him or her an authorized user of your card. The authorization costs around 75 USD. By doing this, your partner can also a Priority Pass Select Card under his or her name.

The only thing that is not nice with making your partner an authorized user is the limited benefits. Your authorized user may not earn 300 USD worth of travel credits. Still he or she could have the 300 USD travel statement credit annually when the travel costs are charged to the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Also, your spouse may still get three times the points on everything spent for travel and dining on your behalf.

We still recommend that your spouse get his or her own 100K Chase Sapphire Reserve for ultimate perks.


Can my family members also use the Priority Pass Select Lounge?

What’s wonderful when you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve is that you can actually have an unlimited number of guests to the Priority Pass Select Lounge. Whenever you travel, you can actually bring all your friends or family members to also enjoy the amenities offered at the Priority Pass Select Lounge.


Can the Priority Pass Select Card be used for other lounges?

You have to know that the only lounges valid for your Select Card are those that are under the Priority Pass. Therefore, it is not possible to use the same card for the United Club and the American Admirals Club. If you want to gain access to some of the most popular and highly luxurious lounges, then you could just simply fly first class to Emirates, Cathay Pacific, and Lufthansa, among others.


Is digital access possible?

There is still no digital type of access for the Priority Pass Card. The Chase Sapphire Reserve only has physical cards unlike the other credit providers such as the AMEX and Citi. It is, therefore, important that you get to bring your physical card to gain access to the Priority Pass Select lounge.


Can there still be a solution when I forget to bring my card?

Upon inquiry at one of the representatives of Chase, we have discovered that you can actually purchase a day pass which you can pay using your Chase Sapphire Reserve. The amount used for purchase can be reimbursed. The day pass can be purchased and reimbursed two times in one year. But to prevent hassle, just keep your Priority Pass Select Card in your wallet or pouch that you bring anywhere you go.


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