Canon G7X Mark ii Screws- Replaced And Fixed

There’s nothing better than able to take pictures of things that you see and want to remember or film that special moment. This why you probable have your Canon G7x Mark ii camera with you all the time. The only thing that can ruin a great time is if the screws fall out of your G7x screen. This is disappointing because eventually the screen can fall off and limits your ability to use the flip screen portion of the camera.

In case you’re one of the many people that have the great Canon G7X Mark ii camera like myself, then you instantly think that you’re camera is broken and you need to either buy a new camera or a new screen at the very least. This could be become very expensive because a new camera is not cheap and a new screen costs a few hundred dollars at the least.

But there’s some good news, almost anything can be fixed with the right tools and parts. In my situation, I had lost both of the screw from my camera. At first it was just one, but shortly after the second one came out as well. I think it was because of all the extra weight from the screen when opening and closing it is what caused the Canon G7x screws to fall out.

At first I was just going to send it to Canon because the customer service said that was the only thing to do to fix it. But I told myself that I’m a type of DIY person and I’ll try to fix it myself. I once fixed an issue I had with my iPhone, so I should be able to fix a simple camera screen.

So I started by going to some local camera stores to see if they would have a screw that would fit, no luck. I tried hardware stores like Home Depot, still no luck. I was able to call it quits until my friend told me his cousin had the same issue and was able to get it by purchasing these Canon G7x Mark ii screws from


Canon G7x Screws

I was about to call it quits and call Canon back and send them my camera to fix, my friend saved the day. Because earlier I was asking myself who would possibly sell Canon G7x screws for the screen, so my friend really saved me lots of money. The price of the screws wasn’t that much, like $10 or so. I thought to myself, I might as well try it before sending the camera that will cost a couple hundred dollars.

I ended up ordering the screen and they shipped it out the next day. I quickly installed it with the screwdriver that I bought from the website. It only cost me a few dollars and I’m glad I bought it because my other screwdrivers were to big for the screw. Finally I just placed the new screws in the spots of the old ones and within second my Canon G7x was as good as new.

Overall everything was great and I recommend these screws Techzomo because they arrived fast and saved me tons of money. My problem was fixed and now I don’t have to worry about the screen falling of in the future when I’m using my camera.

Overall I’m really happy with my purchase because my friend basically saved me hundreds of dollars on buying new sunglasses instead I just bought some screws that fixed my problem. It also saved me time because I didn’t have to drive all around town going into different stores to see if they had a screw that fit. My Ray Ban Wayfarers are like new again and I’m able to use them again during this amazing spring weather.


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