Best Volcanoes To See In Central America- 2018/2019 Edition

Wouldn’t you consider yourself as a recklessly adventurous traveler if ever you decide to visit an active volcano in Central America? Well, it really depends on your standards for excitement, fear, and fun. But if ever you are among the few extreme adventure seekers who would like to personally see a volcano’s crater, then we suggest that you try the beautiful and stunning volcanoes of Guatemala and Nicaragua. Check out our list of best volcanoes to see in Central America.


Volcanic Hikes Worthy Seeing In Nicaragua

Cerro Negro

If you are after a totally fun experience, then you should not miss Cerro Negro. Here, you could simply enjoy riding a sled and be thrilled with how the ashes would slide you down. Based on the experience of others, riding a completely waxed sled on an ashy surface can let you move at a speed of more than 90 km per hour. How insane, right?



Do you like to experience close-to-death adventures? Then Telica is the perfect destination for your ultimate volcano hike in Central America.

What makes the tour to Telica only appropriate for extreme adventure seekers? It is the fact that you can actually put your life in real danger when coming close to this volcano. Hiking up to its peak can bring you to paths where your entire body could be burnt because of real lava flowing from its crater.

We suggest that you visit the place at night because the view of the lava can awaken your sense and fill your fantasies. You could set up a tent right at the foot of the volcano, wait for the sun to set, and just wait for the fascinating view of the volcano at night.


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Most Exciting Volcano Hikes In Guatemala


Unlike a regular mountain hike where only exhaustion is your enemy, a hike to the Acatenango Volcano also involves a fight against fear. As you trek upon the challenging paths, there also arises the fear in your nerves. It is up to you if you will decide to continue the hike and risk your life for a sudden volcanic eruption. But then again, the hike up to the crater wouldn’t have been allowed if safety isn’t ascertained. Geologists carefully check on the status of land movements and environmental temperature in order to determine any unusual signs of coming eruptions.

Why should you consider going up to Acatenango? The first reason is the sheer beauty of the volcano itself. The second reason is the breathtaking view from its peak. The third reason is your chance to witness the constantly occurring eruptions of the Fuego volcano. Who wouldn’t give up anything just to witness a dynamic movement of ash, rocks, and smoke in the air?


Pacaya Volcano

If you are not that physically prepared to face an exhaustive hike, then you could just choose to trek the volcano of Pacaya. The site is very accessible when you are coming from Antigua. Apart from that, you can simply get on a horse and let it bring you on top. No need for sweats.

What could you see up at the Pacaya Volcano? Well, it’s more like what you can feel up there. You could enjoy the hot steam vents that come all the way from the bottom of the volcano. Make sure that you have a reputable guide that will bring you to the perfect vent without the extreme temperatures.

These two volcanoes are the best for hiking. Know that there are 37 volcanic land formations in Guatemala, but we only recommend that you go to these two places first.


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