Best Hikes In The World: 25 Hikes That Should Be On Your Bucket List

“You only live once”. “YOLO” is a famous line for most millennial often utter to justify their need to explore the world and do something ridiculously fun and satisfying. You do not have spent most of your time buying fancy stuff, nor treat yourself to a fine activity inside the comfort of a high end restaurant or expensive getaway. For those that like to hike, you could want to know of the 25 best hikes in the world that should be on your bucket list.

Try to do something new, give up something you are comfortable with, or explore somewhere you have never been to. Let yourself sweat for your satisfaction. Try to climb, hike or travel on foot, instead of a luxurious expensive pampered trip!

This page has listed top hikes in the world that you should add to your bucket list. Try an adventurous trip and satisfying activity. You will be surprised how well you are able to survive outside your comfort zone.


Top 25 Best Hiking Trails From Around The World

#1 Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc has both an easy path for beginner hikers and another way for expert mountain climbers. Local tour guide companies are able to provide a hiking trail depending on your capability and preferences. Upon hiking, the grandeur beauty of the city of Italy and France can be seen on top.

Another way to angle to view the towering iconic structure in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is peeking through Mont Blanc peak. You can climb Mont Blanc in 4 different seasons, and all will look differently and uniquely as well.


#2 Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail is just recently discovered by a seasoned mountaineer who asks a boy from local Machu Picchu District in Peru to accompany him on a hike on a mountain near the boy’s area. But eventually, the boy and the mountaineer were able to stumble into the great hidden structure almost covered from overgrown grass and vines. The structure what is now the known as the ancient Inca civilization.


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The trail going to the Machu Picchu is 26miles from the starting point or there is a shorter path that is just almost only 20 miles away, where numerous of towering trees and nature can be seen as hiker walk pass the mountain until reaching the Inca structure. Hikers need to pack clothes, food and survival kid for 6 days before reaching the end point of Inca structure. The hike is both an appreciation of the nature and valuing and in awe of ancient civilization. Before you go on your hike, you might want to know how to get trail permits for Machu Picchu.

Due to the ancient historical value, the Machu Picchu and all that surrounds the structure like the Temple of the Sun, Intihuatana Stone, and among others are protected under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You also might want to see the 4 best treks in Peru.


#3 Lares Valley

There is another easier trail in Peru that is still worth hiking, the Lares Valley in Peru. The trail is also almost the same feature and nature can be seen in the path going to Inca trail but less crowded and cheaper trail. End point of Lares Valley trail in Ollantaytambo will only takes you about 20 miles from starting point.


#4 Torres del Paine National Park

The Torres del Paine Circuit is a long trail walk in Patagonia in the country of Chile, and seasoned mountaineers are encourage to take this path. It is about 50 miles away from the starting point and will take for an average of 5 to 6 day of hiking and camping. The longer path is shaped like an “o” trail, and the lesser, of about 37 miles forms a pattern like letter “W” which only takes about 3 to 4 days of hiking.

Mountain climbing travel tour companies actually encourage a crowd of about a tleast 800 tourists to travel together for safety and fun hiking. Meeting other hikers and campers along the way to the top of Torres del Paine is also another thing to look forward to.


#5 Appalachian Trail

For expert tourist and extreme mountain climbing experience, would be best offered by the Appalachian Trail in USA. The trail covers from Georgia to Maine United States of America. Retirees or extreme mountain climbers often joined this expedition because it will take more than half a year. You are expected to undergo a rigid training before taking the route, because hikers have to pass through 14 states in the US territory, which covers over 2,180 miles.


#6 Kilimanjaro Mountain

Everybody’s favorite to climb is the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania, Africa. Kilimanjaro is about 19,340 feet above sea level which was the tallest and highest peak in Africa which have 3 volcanic peaks. Once you reach the top peak, you feel like you are in heaven because of the seabed of clouds about the mountain. Climb from the base camp to the highest peak of the mountain will take hikers 7 days to complete and another 7 days going down.


#7 The King’s Trail In Sweden

The trail to Kungsleden in Sweden is a bit comfortable because of the cold breeze surrounding around the mountains. The view around the hiking area is magnificent and a heavenly sight due to snowcapped mountains. The Kings’s Trail or the Kungsleden Mountain is about 70 miles and will take hikers 5 days but if will have to walk the 275-mile if you want to traverse.


#8 Everest Base Camp

The ultimate trek ever has to climb even just the base camp of the tallest mountain peak of the world! The base camp in Mt. Everest is about 70 miles from starting point from Nepal, taking about 16 to 20 days of hike. There are few other starting trek path going up but Nepal is the popular jump off location

Reaching the base camp would let you also think if you can take up the challenge of joining the list of few people who have reached the top peak. But of course expect that the

#9 Snowman in Bhutan

Snowman Mountain in Bhutan is one of the peaks in Himalaya. Although Everest is the most popular peak most expert climbers wanted to reach, Snowman is more difficult and challenging not because of the trail but because of the unfriendly and unexpected harsh weather condition in the area. Only few are able to complete the climb. The mountain is about 16,000 feet and more than 200 miles of hiking.

If the weather is consistent and friendly, probably hikers are able to reach the top in month, otherwise, expect more days of walking.


#10 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of nature’s greatest displays of earth’s progression. The lines and layers on the huge natural structure on Arizona mountain rocks shows how old the earth and magnificent it is.

Hikers can have a lot of options what path to take in Grand Canyon because of the vast area covered by the mountain rocks.


#11 Pacific Crest

The Pacific Crest has seven national parks within the covered area from California to Washington. Although it will take you half to one year completing the hiking course, the adventure is quite satisfying. The hike from starting point to end camp covers various land and water forms, and would definitely add amazement to hike.


#12 Yosemite Grand

The traverse hike to Yosemite Grand is quite amazing. The trail consists of waterfalls, meadows and hills along the way, which covers from Cathedral Range to John Muir Trail in California. The trail has also convenient cable ride going back to starting point as well.


#13 Chilkoot Trail

Passing 3 countries, crossing from Alaskan Yukon territory, United States and Canada is such a hike of a lifetime. Trail routes passes at Golden Stairs, Stone Crib abd Scales.

Definitely should be in your bucket list hike. Covering only around 35 miles and will only take about 4 to 6 days, you already hiked on 3 countries!

#14 Tonquin Valley

Canada is a country surrounded with beautiful and wonderful mountains and hiking area. The Tonquin Valley is another fun adventure hike in Canadian territory. The hike is surrounded with beautiful nature like snowcapped mountain areas, colorful leaves on trees and plants (depending on the season). Hike can be complete for only 5 days.


#15 Bay Of Fires

In Tasmania in Australia, aside for the famous Tasmanian devil that is endemic to the place, the place is also best to conquer for a hike. Hike to the Bay of fires is only 16 miles and can be complete for 4 to 5 days. The hike consists of passing in sandy soils, seaside view, and a wonderful sightseeing of the wild.


#16 Queen Charlotte Trail

For 44 miles of trail going to Queen Charlotte point in New Zealand, it will be a great adventure for you, your family and your friends. Reaching the end point is satisfying and the scenery is splendid. Along the way to the Queen Charlotte end camp, one side is a crystal clear blue water sight, and on the other sight is a heavenly mountainous area.


#17 Mountains Of The Moon

The East African country, Uganda has its own challenging trail. The Mountains of the Moon Hiking Trail is a 38 mile walk from the starting point to the end camp. Hikers are able to reach the last camp area within 7- 10 days. If you are lucky enough you will be able to meet across the paths of migrating elephants because of the cold weather in Uganda.


#18 Kalalau In Hawaii

What better way to spend your vacation is spend it at the most famous tropical country, Hawaii. Hawaii has its own hiking trail site, the Kalalau in Kauai. This United States tropical country is popular for those who wanted adventure and fun at the same time. Although the trek would be extremely hot, especially in summer – the pal, coconut, vast pineapple fields, blue-sparkling ocean from afar, and the colorful tropical forest scenery can quench your thirst as you complete the 5-day trail on 22 miles walk.


#19 Mt. Pulag In Philippines

Another tropical country boast a lot of hiking sites is in Philippines. Although there are quite a number of hiking trails, Mt. Pulag is one of the best trail to visit. One cool fact is that the second highest peak inPhilippines is Mt. Pulag. Contrary to other parts of this tropical country, Mt. Pulag in Benguet has cooler air and comfortable weather. Climbers can hike the peak all year round, and will take around 3 to 5 days to complete the climb.


#20 The Long Range Traverse

Again, another trail in Canada, the Long Range is about 25 miles walk from starting point. The hike is quite unique, not only because of the scenery, lakes, water falls, and amazing land marks but also of the possible wild animals can be encountered as you walk past the designated campsites.

You will be amazed how bears, caribou, or moose roam around for survival in the wild. No need to work because these animals in Newfoundland are all safe, unless threatened.


#21 Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Trail

Ironically, Iceland has the most number of active volcanoes. No need to fear about that, often times, volcanic eruptions are a sight and often a tourist attraction to most local residents and tourists in the island. To add with, the hike to Laugavegurinn/ Fimmvörðuháls Pass is exciting. The scenery along the way is about 50 miles of volcanic rocks, and various volcanic mineral formations that somewhat nature’s way of perfectly landscaping the area. You can also enjoy a stop at a very tall Skagafoss waterfall nearing the last camp site after 5 days hike.

#22 Sierra High Trail

The Sierra High Hiking Route is somewhat encouraging for beginner yet exciting for intermediate and seasoned hikers. The trail will take you around 13 to 15 days of walk to complete the 195 miles of Sierra High Trail.

The view on both sides of the hike is magnificent and peaceful witnessing majestic mountains and trees from far and basically allowing climbers to enjoy a fresh air too in California!


#23 Routeburn Route

The National Park in New Zealand offers one of the best scenery for hiking. The Routeburn Trail, provided an excellent view of mountains covered with white snow, imitating a heavenly feels. The hike will take about 4 days for 20 miles walk until reaching the last camping point site.

#24 Scottish National Route

Europe has its own wonderful and magnificent hiking route, the Scottish National Track. The Scottish National route was just recently opened in 2012. You can never be wrong with exploring the Scottish neighborhood, with the richly preserved culture and amazing nature reserve, the 6 week trail on 470 miles walk is satisfying and worth it!


#25 Fitz Roy Trail

The Fitz Roy Trek is ideal for beginners. But of course because the trek will take you 5 to 7 days to complete the 36 miles hike, you are encourage to prepare for the prolonged walking in an Argentinian territory. The Fitz Roy Trek is an enjoyable trai because every camp site would let you pass by different land and water forms like tree covered-hills, refreshing waterfalls, freezing glaciers, sustainable forests, and the most famous Fitz Roy Massif Mountain in Patagonia.


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