Best Babymoon Vacation Ideas – Babymoon Destinations 2018/2019

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it – once you give birth, you’re going to be saying your goodbyes and farewells your alone time and any special time with your partner for quite some time. Forget your one-on-one time with your partner and get ready for dirty diapers, squealing little children and lots of sleepless nights. But before this, you should go on a babymoon vacation.

Of course, that doesn’t mean giving birth is not the most incredible thing to happen to all women – it is. But it also means you’ll be sacrificing a lot of your alone time to take care of your children.

Now, a new trend of couples fitting in a trip before their child is born is growing more and more these days. Popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, babymoon vacations are seeing a major interest nowadays from couples worldwide.


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Thinking about it, it is the last time you can actually indulge in alone time with your partner for a while, immerse yourself in a little pampering her and there, and have your ultimate child-free vacation and do we have some of the best babymoon destinations for you.

Just because you can’t have a Martini on the beach doesn’t mean you won’t be having fun! More and more resorts are accommodating the needs of pregnant women, offering optimum relaxation and rest before your big day. Think indulgent spas, baby bump photography sessions, pre-natal massages and sunbathing! Here is a guide on how you can have the ultimate babymoon destination 2018.


When To Go On Your Babymoon Destination?

Always consider your timing before actually embarking on your trip, and make sure your trip to your dream babymoon destination falls between your 14th week and your 28th week. This is, according to all doctors, is the safest time to travel. Due to the safety issues that arise in the first and third trimester, it’s better to stay on the safe side in all cases.

Of course, it’s also important to know that in general it’s actually quite safe to fly during most of your pregnancy. It is, however, important to always be safe than sorry. You don’t want to go on a vacation where your baby bump becomes uncomfortable hindering your progress, nor do you want to be there when your morning sickness is peaking. Plan accordingly since in all cases anyway you won’t be drinking alcohol or embarking on adrenaline-inducing activities anyway for your 2018 babymoon destination!

As Kellie Carty, the corporate communications manager for Flight Centre stated, it’s better to play it safe and visit during the second trimester if you were to travel overseas for a babymoon vacation.

Tips And Things To Keep In Mind For 2018 Babymoon Destination:

  • Always check the CDC before for any travel warnings. Check for any Zika outbreaks, any infected areas, or places where diseases can easily be transmitted. Brush up on Zika facts, do your research and act accordingly,
  • Make sure your plane will allow you on. A lot of airlines have differing rules and policies that may hinder your trip. Some won’t allow you on after 27 weeks, while others won’t allow you on starting from 24 weeks.
  • Try not to choose really long flights or really long car rides.
  • Always ensure that you have researched all the nearest medical facilities near you so that know where to go in case of an emergency.
  • Check if you need any vaccinations before you travel.
  • Before you travel, go to your OB, tell them you’re traveling and stay in contact with them throughout your entire trip. Make sure whether you’re in a high-risk pregnancy or not.
  • Don’t go on a cruise unless you know that there is a doctor on board.
  • Choose adults-only accommodation like the Beach Club, so that you can actually get some alone time without any sort of interruption from kids.


Where To Go For Your Babymoon Destination

Choosing where to go depends entirely on what you want to do during your babymoon vacation. Do you want a relaxing vacation with endless massages and spas, or do you want to walk around town sampling the best food? Do you want natural scenery or a bustling metropolis? Choose where to go depends completely on your preferences.


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Do You Want The Best Food Around?

If you want to travel with the sole purpose of sampling the best foods, and we all know the pregnancy cravings…then definitely try out cuisine-centric areas like Yarra Valley, Margaret River and Sunshine Coast Hinterland.


Do You Want A Tropical Vacation?

Hamilton Island is a tropical paradise begging to be explored. Nodding palm trees, azure waters, world-class hotels and an overall lazy vibe – this island is perfect for basking under the sun. Hire a buggy and explore the island, sample great food with its incredible gastronomic experience, take a cooking class or simply get pampered all day.


Do You Want Movie-Like Backdrops?

For the ultimate dramatic backdrops for your babymoon destination, head over to Byron Bay where you can enjoy top-notch pampering and shopping opportunities all while being surrounded by soaring cliffs and rushing blue water. You even have some accommodation options that specialize in babymoon vacations with yoga massages, and pampering sessions to make your pregnancy a heavenly experience. The cherry on top? Your partner is also involved!


Are You More Into The Ultimate Exotic Vacation?

Bali is renowned for its colorful culture, temples perched into lush jungles, crystal clear waters and the best resorts in the world. It’s an incredible destination for almost every type of traveler and can be the perfect choice for your babymoon vacation. You can choose whichever type of accommodation based on your budget and preferences.

Bali, without a doubt, has the best spa experiences. Experience up to 20 types of massages perched amidst the most gorgeous scenery imaginable.

Fiji is the perfect mixture between quirky and gorgeous. Colorful houses contrast the turquoise waters that lap the white sandy shores, and relaxation seems to be the main theme around the island. The island is peppered with hundreds of adult-only and non-adult only resorts that cater to the needs of every type of traveler. With gorgeous coral reefs, a plethora of activities and picturesque shores, Fiji is a dream come true as a babymoon vacation.


Want More Of A Culturally Rich Vacation?

If you want that perfect balance of culture, heritage and gorgeous views, then definitely head to New Zealand. This adventure haven enjoys the most dramatic scenery with a good amount of Maori culture. Expect to embrace Maori culture by performing ceremonies and rituals, great babymoon packages, flowing rivers, and great resorts. You will be getting pampered, while also having a plethora of things to do.

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