Backpack Or Suitcase? 10 Reasons Why You Can Go Backpacking With A Suitcase

The most common dilemma when traveling is? Which is better to pack stuff to use suitcase or backpack when traveling? Generally, there are two kinds of wanderers; one is the common free-spirited backpackers or the seasoned tourists.

Obviously, tourists are considered more of organized and usually stick with planned trips. On the other hand, backpackers are often travelers who just wander around and eek thrill and adventure to somewhere unexplored depending on where their feet takes them. So for both these groups it’s important to know backpack or suitcase when traveling.

Going back to the question, what would be the best way to pack things when you travel? Well, whether you are a prepared tourist, or a self-proclaimed backpacker; suitcase can definitely be the best baggage to carry on you next adventure. The one main reason why a backpack vs suitcase would have a backpack winning is a backpack is best in parts of the world that have cobble roads that make it difficult to carry a suitcase or you plan to use the stairs a lot on your trip.


10 Reasons Why You Can Go Backpacking With A Suitcase

Backpack Causes Packed Clothes To Wrinkle

Because of the shape of the backpack, even a hard solid layer, the packed clothes inside caused to be crumpled. You often ended wearing wrinkled clothes. Most of backpacking adventures, hotels does not have iron inside the room. This is one reason when selecting suitcase vs backpack, a suitcase would win.


Backpack Causes Back Problems

Backpacks are really meant to be carried at your back with light amounts of stuff in it. So generally, you have to move around, walk, and climb stiff airport stairs carrying something heavy behind you. Physical therapists often only recommend that a person should only carry 10% – 20% of their average weight, other than that is fatal and health risk hazard. With that ratio of weight, a backpacker carrying a backpack can only pack fewer things than a suitcase and it would be better on the debate of suitcase or backpack.

Prolonged carrying of backpack also results to back ache. With suitcase luggage, you can pull or either pushes it with the help of luggage tire.


Backpack Needs A Lot Of Effort To Carry

When picking up the backpack, you need to start in apposition where you have to out a lot of effort to carry your bad behind you. And that is the same way when you need to put down your bag. Because of the weight, you do not need to carry the bad all the time. So, you have to this many times. Unlike with wheeled luggage suitcase, you just have to push or pull the luggage as you go.


Backpack Makes It Difficult To Organize Things Inside

It causes more hassle and difficulty arranging things you need to pack inside. This is of backpack’s size, shape, material-made, and how it can be carried.


Backpacks Have Limited Capacity

Yes in the case of backpack or suitcase! Backpacks of the same size as a suitcase carries less than the other. This is because of the unstable shape of backpack when it is carried in different angle. You can put about 10% to 20% more stuff inside your suitcase compared to packing with backpack. You can also just use one suitcase to put all things you need in one place.


Backpack Can Easily Be Stained

And then again, the common materials of most backpacks are easily stained. Even protective cloth covering backpacks, it can still cause stain which are hard to wipe off. You need to bring the back to a laundry shop to get cleaned properly, unlike suitcase luggage can simply be cleaned by wiping off top layer.


Backpack Causes Inconvenience To Other Passengers

Backpacks are often complained by other passengers and travelers, especially in public transportation vehicles like air planes or busses. Often times in narrow path way, backpacks can awkwardly hit other passengers, unable for them to move momentarily as you pass the vehicle aisle.


Backpacks Make It Hard To Get Stuff Inside

Again, the shape of the backpack and the limited opening of the bag make it hard to get things inside. More often, you have to put all of your things inside before finally getting what you needed.


Backpacks Easily Wear And Tear

Because of the usual material used on backpacks, most of which are easily broken or torn. Especially in airport check in baggage, you are not sure how backpacks are transported from one place to another. Compared to backpacks, many suitcases have a lifetime warranty, so if something goes wrong, you can get replaced making the debate of backpack vs suitcase an easy one.


Backpacks Are Unsightly

Although there are expensive and classy backpack brands, the thought of carrying at the back makes it a little bit unappealing.

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