American Airlines Voucher Ticket Office: How To Redeem American Airlines Voucher

Last year, I was easily able to get a free flight by giving up my seat on my flight to New York. As compensation, I got an American Airlines travel voucher instead. The American Airlines flight leaving San Francisco had been over booked. The agent at the gate had been trying to get people to take later flights. After a while, and with the compensation of a $600 flight voucher, I went ahead and took the deal. As an additional perk, the agent also provided an addition $20 for food as well as the promise of a good seat on the next flight out that I ended up getting from the American Airlines ticket office.

Five months after receiving the travel voucher, while about to head out for a trip to Los Angeles, I finally had the chance to use the American Airlines voucher for tickets. However, it ended up being more difficult to do than originally thought. While I have done many things that are difficult in order to try and get a flight deal, redeeming an American Airlines voucher is definitely the most difficult.


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How To Redeem American Airlines Travel Voucher

Redeeming a voucher from American Airlines is like going back to 1985. The process is that archaic. First, you cannot redeem the voucher through their online portal. Second, after calling American Airlines, they said that I needed to redeem it at an airport AAdvantage desk as I was trying to get a ticket less than 2 days before my expected flight.

The drive to the airport was quick and I was able to park right across from the airport. After parking, I started walked to the ticket office from American Airline desk. After waiting in a small line for about 10 minutes, I began my fun ordeal.

The person behind the desk didn’t know how the voucher worked. It took two additional employees before someone who understood the process was able to help me. Fortunately, I had put my original flight itinerary on hold. After giving the American Airline representative the number for the flight hold, she was able to pull up the correct information and begin redeeming the travel vouchers. However, even then, the process took extremely long. Just in case, I had brought the passports for the flight. Even though I was prepared, the only booking process took over 40 minutes to give me two printed boarding tickets.

If you end up getting one of the travel vouchers and don’t know how to use the American Airlines voucher for travel, check out below for some answers to your questions. Maybe they can help you save a lot of time and hassle.


What Exactly Are Travel Vouchers From American Airlines?

The voucher is the equivalent to cash, when used with American Airlines. Normally, they are used to redeem flights. However, they can be used to pay for a number of other things from the airline as well. For example:

  • You can get tickets on all American Airline flights and partnered airlines, as long as American is the head.
  • If you are at the airport, you can get up to 500 mile upgrades for domestic flights.
  • You can pay a co-payment for upgrades or rewards for lesser mileage.
  • You can pay off excess baggage fees.
  • You can pay off handling fees for pets or fees for special service for travellers.
  • You can pay the fees for changing your itinerary.


What Is The Process To Redeem American Airlines Voucher?

You can redeem the voucher in one of two methods: by mail or at the airport AAdvantage desk. However, it is recommended to do it at the desk. This is especially true if you need a ticket in less than two weeks. If you can’t go to a desk and need to mail the voucher, make sure to pay the extra money to track the mail as well as take a picture of the voucher you are sending. This is just in case the voucher gets lost in the mail. The processing time for this method is usually between 1 to 3 days.


Can You Use Voucher From American Airlines To Book Flights For Other People?

Yes, as long as the person who received the voucher is the one booking the tickets.


What Is Expiration Date For American Airlines Voucher?

The voucher’s expiration date is one year after it was given.


In conclusion, there are a few things you should remember. First, if you are trying to redeem a voucher from American Airlines, make sure that it is still valid (not older than 1 year). Set aside at least a couple hours if you are going to the airport desk. Even when I had already put in all of the required information, when I went to the airport desk, it still took me 45 minutes to complete the process. Third, when booking for other people, make sure to bring their personal information, such as a passport.


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