American Airlines Paper Voucher- How Not To Redeem American Airlines Travel Voucher

Let us all admit that there times in our life when we fail to use good judgment when deciding on certain matters. This includes travel matters like voucher redemption on American Airlines and flight booking. Let me share with you a very bad experience which cost me a flight.

Everything was totally strange, and I might look foolish with this narrative but let me just tell you anyway. I was given an American Airlines travel voucher. As anyone who receives free vouchers, I also got so excited to redeem mine. I called the reservations department of the American Airlines and I felt so lucky to have been given free flights that could have cost over a hundred bucks.

I was already so happy but something odd was required of me by the agent. He asked to send the paper voucher through the mail! I can’t even remember a time when I had to write on an envelope and mail something manually. But I did it since I was just really excited to experience the benefit of traveling free of charge.

If you are having your own paper voucher from American Airline, please make sure to read all the fine print that is written in small font on the ticket voucher from American Airlines. Here are some tips to make sure that you get the most from your American Airlines voucher:


American Airlines Paper Voucher

Consider That Your Voucher Is A Land Title Or A Bill

Your voucher is not like any other piece of paper. Make sure that you keep it secured at all times. Do not lose it. Do not forget where you have kept the ticket voucher from American Airlines as they do expire.


Make Sure To Get A Record Locator Number

If you decide to follow the reservation agent’s instruction on mailing the American Airlines ticket voucher, do not ever forget to ask for a record locator number. This will make the entire transaction traceable. Also, keep a mailing proof so as to make sure that you can still demand something even when your mail gets lost in the process.


Redeem Your Voucher Directly From The Ticketing Desks Of American Airlines

The best way to redeem a voucher from American Airlines is by going directly to the ticketing offices or desks of American Airlines. Sending the American Airlines ticket voucher through the mail is truly risky.


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