9 Best Destinations For Solo Travel In 2018/2019

Do you just want to spend some time by yourself? Do you just feel like going to a far place and get away from the reality of life? Below we give you 9 best places for solo travel you can visit and have fun. All of these countries are safe for solo travel and have lots of activities that will keep you very busy during your stay.


  1. Norway

    This is ranked as the 9th country in the Global Peace Index and is one of the best destinations for solo travel. The iconic fjords and 21 national parks are great places to take photos. It is a perfect place to have a quiet and peaceful time. Norway is the place to be for anyone who wants to get away.

  2. Finland

    Those who have visited Finland will tell you that it has some of the best Narnia real-life chronicles. If you have gone that alone you will love to go back again. The awesome country is beautiful and full of diversity. It is safe and incredibly adventurous for a solo traveler. Some of the views you will have are the rich colors of autumn in Savonlinna and the wonderland of winter in Lapland.

  3. Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is the capital city of adventure and one of the best locations for solo travel. You can be sure to spend most of your time exploring the outdoors. There are several activities in the area like enjoying the sun, getting in touch with nature and enjoying the scenery. Some things to enjoy here include kayaking, hiking, hot springs and zip lines among others. This safest country in Central America has lots of wandering and expats.

  4. Thailand

    Thailand is best known as the land of smiles and many consider this the best country for solo travel. This is because it is known to have some of the most hospitable and happy people in the world. The foods, outdoor adventures, and the beaches are extremely great, and it is impossible not fall in love with the land. There are lots of people who visit Thailand ad you can be sure to make friends and meet a lot of new people.

  5. Chile 

    It might surprise that Chile is on the list. There are a variety of things to enjoy from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia. If you wish to go off the grid, then you have an option of visiting Easter Island.

  6. Australia

    On top of being one of the world’s most safe places to visit, it has one of the deadliest animals in the world. The locals of this place mainly communicate in English, and thus language will not be a challenge as you have an adventure.

  7. Fiji

    Someone may think that a place that is scenic and beautiful like Fiji is expensive and especially when you travel alone. To the contrary, it is an ideal and affordable place for backpackers who want to have a fantastic time on an Island.

  8. Scotland

    Scotland is a place to go and offers great adventures for solo travelers. It is rugged, rough and offers some of the best spectacular scenery in the world. Ensure that you visit Edinburgh before you get off the grid at the Scottish highlands.

  9. Canada

Canada is a fantastic place for active travelers. It is a safe place where can get the best scenery of winter. A mixture of cultures and nationalities are in Canada on both the west and east side of the country. Make sure to check out Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.

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