7 Most Amazing Salt Flats Around The World

Have you ever seen a salt flat? Do you even know what it is? Well, salt flats are some of the most stunning natural creations. They are originally desert lakes that have dried up particularly because of the high temperatures prevalent in such ecosystems.

You will definitely love to see the most beautiful salt lakes in the world. They have an admirable expanse of white space that is surrounded by heavenly landscapes and the clear skies. These salt flats are not like the ordinary lakes that you know. Because they are formed in deserts with very hot climates, then you will expect that the waters that are collected from the rain evaporate immediately to the sky. There’s some amazing salt flats around the world that you should see at least once in your life. What you will see in the hollows underneath the ground are salt and other mineral crystals that have been left during the evaporation process. Get on an adventure and discover the 7 most fascinating flats across the world.


Amazing Salt Flats Around The World

Salar de Uyuni In Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni is the salt flat that must be included in every adventurer’s bucket list. It is recognized to be the largest salt flat in the entire earth. Studies have discovered that the Salar de Uyuni was originally part of Lake Minchin. Evolutionary changes have caused the great Lake Minchin to be divided into different salt flats and lakes. Being the largest salt flat in the world, it is not surprising to know that more than 25,000 tons of salt are actually extracted from this pan every year. You may find this salt flat 11,975 feet above sea level near the crest of the Andes in Southwest Bolivia. This is one of the most amazing salt flats in the world.


Chott el Djerid In Tunisia

Chott el Djerid covers an expanse of space at the Sahara Desert. It is a drained salt lake that has an interesting archaeological history that is related to the evolution of the Mediterranean Sea. What makes the visit to this salt flat even more compelling is its transformation from being drained in summer and having a bit of water during winter. This is a beautiful salt flat around the world. Even more marvelous is the salt flat’s inherent capability to change its color into white, purple, and green depending on natural circumstances.


Etosha Pan In Namibia

If you want to see shimmers of salt that goes from green to white color, then you have to visit the Etosha Pan. It is about 130 kilometers long and more than 50 kilometers wide. It is recorded to be the biggest salt flat in the African continent. The world evolution and climate change over the years have caused the stop of water flow into this lake which then eventually formed the Etosha Pan.


Salinas Grandes In Argentina

The Salinas Grandes is a majestic sight to behold. It is located atop a beautiful plateau in the northwestern region of Argentina that is more than 10,000 feet high. This salt flat does not only offer majestic views but also provides an important source of livelihood for those living in the nearby areas. The Salinas Grandes that is about 30-kilometer big is a wealthy source of salt and potassium minerals. This is one of the most stunning salt flat around the world.


Salar de Arizaro In Argentina

Argentina has a lot of surprising natural gifts which include the Salar de Arizaro. This salt flat can be found in the arid province of Salta. It is east of the Andes Mountain and the Atacama Desert. Scientific and archaeological studies claim that this salt flat formed millions of years ago when extreme heat and strong winds have caused the evaporation of the water. Today, the flat does not only serve as a rich source of salt but also of other minerals and chemicals such as iron, marble, potassium, and copper. You will surely be amazed to see the 6th largest salt flat that you will ever find in the entire world. It measures a vast area of around 1600 square kilometers.


Bonneville Salt Flats In Utah, USA

The Bonneville Salt Flats has a very interesting archaeological history. Scientific accounts tell us that this salt flat was actually formed more than 170 centuries ago. Although it was originally a saline lake, temperature changes and evolutionary transformations have cause the water in the lake to evaporate. Today, only layers of salt remain on the bed of the lake. You may reach the Bonneville Salt Flats by driving more than 180 kilometers from the west of the beautiful Salt Lake City. You will surely love to see this salt flat just as how it was endeared by movie producers as their favorite filming location.


Badwater Basin In California, USA

This salt flat can be found at the lowest landscape of North America. You may reach the Badwater Basin by traveling to the Death Valley National Park which is more than 280 feet below sea level. It is a categorically large salt flat with an area of around 518 square kilometers. You will surely appreciate how the locals and governments preserve this beautiful natural wonder. Make sure not seeing this gorgeous salt flat in the world.


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