50 Ways To Save Money To Travel The World In 2018/2019

Few years ago, traveling to other countries is only for the rich people. This privilege is only for people who have stable and high paying jobs. I remember vaguely, those who are able to visit an embassy consular office are those either diplomats from other countries, world leaders, wealthy business man, or a worker to other countries.

But recently, things have changed a lot. Consular offices have are often filled with a lot of people who wanted get their travel passport and visa entries just to take on a vacation spree to other countries. Status in society, profession, gender, educational background, and any kind of diversity does not limit a person’s capability to travel. From younger generation to retirees, both wanted to spend the rest of their life exploring and experiencing the world beyond their backyard.

If only you are born with silver spoons in your mouth that you can spend a lot of money to spend for your next travel vacation! Or perhaps you can magically, choose the exact lottery number combination to bring home a pot of money to splurge yourself to a trip around the world!

Well honey, most of us are not as fortunate as those who are born as heir to a multi-millionaire parents, nor as lucky as hitting the right lottery combination for million dollars!

These are the 50 things you can earn and save for that dream vacation around the world. No hocus pocus. You do not need to join the black market business nor sell your soul to the devil.

The following may sound depressingly economical but, you can really save a lot!


#1 Give Up on Expensive Coffee

If you are able to survive without coffee, go ahead and cut off that caffeine from your system. If you still need those to energize yourself – make your own coffee instead of buying at least $5 a cup. You can save a lot if you are able to finish at least 3 or more cups of coffee every day.


#2 Refrain from eating out

Cook your own dinner. You’ll be surprise how much you are able to save for just two weeks; you can already buy a one way ticket.


#3 Stop Drinking Wine

You can treat yourself once in a while, but buy the wine yourself at the grocery store. Wines at bars are overtly expensive.


#4 Give up Ordering Take Out Meals

Home cooked meals are the best and cheapest. You do not have to pay for additional delivery cost and food chain’s profit.


#5 Plan Your Food Meal

Cook in bulk to save on ingredients and electricity or cooking gas.


#6 Must love veggies!

Vegetables are less expensive, depending on season.


#7 Grow own herbs, vegetables other food plants


#8 Do not give in to cravings easily


#9 Enjoy Walking

Save on gas by walking. Cutting costs in your car gas refill or taxi rides can save you a fortune. Plus, it is healthier!


#10 Keep only one car

If your place has better transportation service, keep none.


#11 Car pool with co-workers


#12 Stop Buying Clothes

Maximize use of your old clothes. Mix and match your old clothes.


#13 Stop Upgrading Phones and Gadgets


#14 Cut Phone Subscription Plans


#15 Downgrade or Cut unnecessary internet connection plan

Subscribe only to internet plan that you really can consume.


#16 Plan and limit phone calls and data usages


#17 Give Up Gym Membership

Exercise by yourself. Use household stuff as exercise machine. Running is free.


#18 Share house

If you can still live with your parents, you may. Or share apartments with friends if you can. Sharing house expenses saves you thousands of dollars every month.


#19 Do not use light on daylight to Cut Down on Consumption on Electric Bill


#20 Rent a cheaper yet comfortable apartment


#21 Choose Apartment Walking Distance to School or Office


#22 If possible, Charge Phones and Other Gadgets at Work


#23 Do Your Own Laundry


#24 Schedule Laundry to Save Water Consumption

#25 No more Wasted Running water in Washing, Bath or Showers


#26 Cut-off Magazine Subscriptions


#27 Borrow books, instead of buying

#28 Limit Watching in Cinemas



How to Earn and add to our travel goal plan?

#29 Create a Money Box

Save loose coins and small bills regularly on a travel fund box or jar.


#32 Blog

If you have a talent in writing you can start to write about anything online. This can also be a good way to express your plans and creativity. If you have no inkling in writing, blog your travel plan photos or your plan travel inspirations. Ideas are limitless. You can also earn a lot from Google Adsense and other advertising.


#33 Try to Become a YouTuber

You will be paid for your video views.


#34 Aside from regular Work, Accept Part time Jobs

Odd jobs like house cleaning, nanny services or dog walking can also give you a lot of additional travel funds.


#35 Try Online Jobs

Know your talents, like writing product reviews, editing; Check out online job sites. You can do these jobs during weekends or office breaks.


#36 Conduct Garage Sale

#37 Sell Multiple Gadgets


#38 Sell Your Car

This will give you a portion of the amount you paid for the car plus, you do not have to pay for maintenance expenses like insurance, petrol, tire, carwash and servicing.


On the smart way to plan before, during and after the trip:

#39 Read Travel, Airline, and Accommodations Reviews


#40 Buy tickets as early as possible

#41 Watch Out for Travel Promos on Tickets and Accommodations

#42 Pack Light

You don’t want to pay for excess baggage and you can travel freely.


#43 Bring Travel Necessities That You Already Have

So you won’t have to spend on things you can bring, and splurge on something more fun during the trip.


#44 Prepare On-the-Go Water and Snacks

So you won’t be forced to buy unreasonable expensive food on tourist spots


#45 Check Out Off Season (Less Crowded) Tours

#46 Always Bring Loose Coins and Bills

To easily move around when paying and this will prevent you from overpricing souvenir sellers if they see you have a lot of cash with you.


#47 Be Friendly but Careful

Having a free spirit and a good heart often rewards you free stuff and meet new friends.


#48 Learn the Basic Language of the Country you Visit

This will give you ample of chances to ask for discounts and discourage tourist schemers.

#49 Never Cancel or Rebook a Flight

This will often give you unexpected unrealistic charges.


#50 Bring a Travel Buddy with You

Sharing travel expenses will definitely cut your bill to half.


So start your next trip now!

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