5 Longest Tunnels In The World – 2018/2019 Edition

Ages ago, tunnels were built as a territorial defense of towns, villages, or country’s against land grabbers and rival kingdoms. Later, tunnels are then built in response as an escape trail, and then becomes a secret underground transportation for military use. There’s still some very long tunnels around the world and of course do not forget tunnels borrowed down deep by mining precious stones, gasses, and oils.

Then in the late 1800’s trains are then using underground railway system as means to transport people, and goods. There actually hundreds of tunnels and underground railways around the world. We trimmed down a list of the 5 longest tunnels in the world that you might be interested to visit.


5 Longest Tunnels In The World

#1 Lærdal Tunnel, Norway

The Lærdal Tunnel travels from Aurland in Sogn Og Fjordane and North Eastern Bergen in Norway.

  • Length: 24.5 kilometers
  • Location: Norway


#2 Lötschberg Base Tunnel 

Still in Switzerland, because of the wide open space separating cities and towns in the country, they have another tunnel called Lötschberg Base Tunnel. The tunnel climbs across the alps to above 400 meters above sea level.

  • Length: 34.6 kilometers
  • Location: Switzerland


#3 Channel Tunnel        

Not just one of the longest tunnels in the world but also the biggest subway/underground path construction. The Channel Tunnel is able to transport passengers from Folkestone in United Kingdom to Coquelles in France.

  • Length: 50.3 kilometers
  • Location: Between England and Northern France


#4 Seikan

Japan has one of the most organized transportation systems in the world. Although, train design of the entire country is complex, especially in Tokyo area, the country posed an impressive well managed railway system. The Seikan tunnel’s path goes through under Tsugaru Straight, links Aomori Prefecture to Honshu and Hokkaido islands.

  • Length: 53.9 kilometers
  • Location: Japan


#5 Gotthard Base Tunnel

This is the longest tunnel in the world as of now. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is used to transport products to ship huge freight across the Alps and Swiss areas.

  • Length: 57.1 kilometers
  • Location: Switzerland



Which of the top 5 longest tunnel in the world would you like to explore?

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