25 Things To Remember For The New Year- 2018/2019 Edition

Want to have a peaceful and successful life with your friends, family and colleagues? As the New Year arrives, we have listed down 29 things you should do to a happier year ahead!


#1 Upgrade Yourself

This coming year, change should be coming. One must embrace the desire for a better version of your old self. Learn to play new musical instrument, try some new adventures, and dare to eat a foreign food, or step up and aim for that master’s degree you need to be promoted at work finally! There are a lot of list you can try. New things will only improve your skills more. Who knows, you will be able to gain more friends and get more opportunities along the way.


#2 Stop the Blame Game

One of the signs of maturity is one is able to own his mistakes. People recognize someone’s boldness to accept his mistakes despite of the possible retributions of his bad decisions and actions. It takes a lot of guts to do this, and people applaud persons who are able to appreciate this kind of personality.


#3 Be Content

An appreciative and grateful person over little things is the one happiest among everyone else. You do not want to chase rainbows that are not meant for you. Neither having things that will never make you happy can satisfy you. It is all about acceptance and being happy about it.


#4 Keep Your True Friends

Surround yourself with friends who are dear and true to you. They may be the meanest ones but keep those who are honest loving and you are able to grow.


#5 Take A Chance And Be Different!

We often get bullied and criticize for not being common like everyone else. Well, reality is: famous and successful people are those bold enough to be different. Steve Jobs ideas were thought to be crazily unconventional. Well, he died seeing his multimillion worth company take over the world because of his unique mind. You just have to own it.


#6 Loyal Royal

Be committed in giving your loyalty. This is a priceless gift you can offer to your family, friends, and coworkers. People who have a dignified principle are well respected. Loyalty begets trust and allegiance. A king would basically remain in his throne if he, himself shows real and undying loyalty to his people.


#7 Travel

Try to live for few days, weeks, months or years to another place, somewhere you have never been. The experience you are able to gain there are precious. Something you can tell your kids and grandkids in the future.


#8 Love Yourself

You do not necessary need to be selfish. Your physicality basically reflects your soul and mind. Treat yourself on a spa, buy yourself new presentable clothes, eat healthy, and exercise.


#9 Giving All Your Best shots

What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. In all you do, you must give all your best in all circumstances. If your boss needs you to submit a report within a week – try to do your best to complete it 3 days before deadline and make sure you have back up plan of additional reports that he does not require but he can possibly appreciate you did. Setting up a goal greater than your limits can basically raise your standards well.


#10 Maximize Everything

If someone throws oranges at you, make lemonades. That is one of the most quoted motivational sayings of all time. Well, true. Whatever circumstances you have, you have to make it work. Effective problem solvers are neither those not have a successful career nor those who have fancy cars but those who were able to overcome struggles. They are the persons who are happiest because, they always see all the brightest things in the worst scenarios.


#11 Beware of your Words

The hardest and strongest part of the muscle to control is the tongue. The tiny piece of muscle can either make or break a person. Words we utter are powerful. So we should be wise and know how to tame our tongue.


#12 Be a Good Person

At the end of the day, the person who is always down – to – earth, grateful, and caring is the one who are happy and are loved back. Kindness begets kindness.


#13 Be a Wise Spender

With a lot of things around that we are often tempted to splurge and acquire; well in all honesty, we cannot have all of those. We should be aware of our earnings. You should not buy things which worth more than what you earn. Be realistic.


#14 Be Smart Finances

You are not getting any younger anymore, start now: save and learn ways how you can earn more. After all it is for your future. You can help more persons if you have a lot.


#15 Dare to Speak Up

If you are able to express your thoughts, you will feel relieved. You will feel better. It does not mean you have to be persistent with your opinion but, it is a good attitude to be vocal about your feelings and ideas.


#16 Document your Life

Express your thoughts and emotions through writing. Keep a journal of your activities; you may focus on your usual tasks, or highlights of your life. You can pen down your ideas, suppressed feelings and plans. Or in the age today, photos can be used to keep a journal of your achievements and plans. This activity will give you a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and your path.


#17 Be Open with Criticism 

Whether a criticism is uttered just for the sake of demotivating you or to correct you; either way they could both make you a better person. Just smile and walk away to relentless and baseless reproaches. You can use those as your advantage because it shows you are a better person that the other person who tries to pull you down. While criticism that needs your improvement in your job performance, output and character, you have to do something about it. Listen and learn.


#18 Be Silly 

Do the extraordinary. Life is already hard, so spice it a little up. Step out of the ordinary. Well, nobody expected the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, performs the famous Michael Jackson moves on his company’s year-end party because he is a respected CEO and basically a full grown mature gentleman. But he was silly enough to do it though!


#19 Make Friends with the Elderly

Find time to talk with anyone older than you. Elderly people have been through a lot. Although of different time and era, but most definitely they have experience in the past things that you are about to encounter. You can have a head start in life by spending time with them.


#20 Laugh

Well, as they often tell you: laughter is the best medicines. Physically, mentally and emotionally, laughing can make you feel good. It somehow lessons your burden for a bit. It fills your empty heart with gladness. So, go ahead and laugh even in the corniest jokes.


#21 Time is Golden

There is nothing greater than valuing a person by giving them time. It surpasses money and any material things. You cannot turn back time, so make the most out of it by offering it to someone you love and someone who needs it.


#22 Take Pride of Your Work

Do not be a credit grabber. But of course, be proud and take pride of your recognitions. Salary raise, recognition plaques, and even a simple verbal acknowledgement of the good job you did is a good positive reinforcement for you to be inspired to do better.


#23 Treat yourself

All work and no play make you dull and useless. You can always take a break and have fun, just to divert from your monotonous daily activities.


#24 Be Happy

Smile is contagious, so always smile. Spread happiness. Most likely, you will often get what you want if you use the weapon of “smiling”.


#25 Watch a Movie!

One of the best ways to fix a bad day is to watch a movie. There is always a wonder after watching movies. It may keep your mind off from your worries for few hours.




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