20 Best Jobs For Travel That You Can Do Now – 2018/2019 Edition

That undying thirst for travel, that unexplainable feeling of just wanting to leave everything behind and just travel the world. That nudging feeling that keeps telling you to pack your bags and go…we’ve all been there. And chances are, if you’re reading this article, then you’ve been bit by the travel bug as well. It is no secret that one of the top bucket list goals in any person’s life is to travel.

More often that not, however, traveling isn’t so easy. The expenses pile up and this luxury becomes one of the most expensive things to pursue. People start thinking that they need to be millionaires to afford to travel, and that’s not true at all. But we have a list of the best jobs for travel for those that want to explore the world.

Not only are there practically hundreds upon hundreds of tips that will help you travel around the world as cheaply as possible, but also you’ll be able to earn money on the go! So think of it as a way to get paid to travel with these best travel jobs.

If you just save money and travel, you’re bound to run out of funds mid way through the trip, but if you get paid to travel, or work on the go, you can practically do this forever, until you’re bored of it! But let’s be real, who’s going to be bored of ever getting paid to travel? Not us, for sure!


Start Monetizing Your Skills – Freelance

See, all of us have at least one skill. Whether it be graphic design, writing, weird body tricks, yoga, even sleeping too much….The smart thing to do about it is to monetize your skills as much as possible by freelancing. You’ll be surprised by how many people actually want to hire people with your exact same skill – and it works even best if you have a popular skill on hand this is a great travel job and can be done anywhere. Teach yourself a skill if you find that you’re not talented in anything, and start charging money for it! Take a few online writing courses and start writing books, or maybe take a photography course and do freelance photography.

The thing about that is, no matter what you do, you’ll be able to practically work from wherever and whenever you want. Who would complain right?

You can work on the beach, in a café, a coworking space, on the metro, in your car, in a hostel – really wherever you want. Set yourself up with some consistent freelance opportunities and get going from there. Make a budget sheet – see if that skill will be able to pay for your trip or your not. You’d be surprised about all the jobs that allow you to travel.


Work at hostels

Every city in the world has hostels, and most hostels are looking for people to work for them. You can practically offer any of your services to hostels and either get free accommodation or get paid to it. A lot of people travel around Europe and Australia while doing that!


Become a flight attendant

There is no need to mention that flight attendants get to travel all the time, everyday, every week and every month of the year. They’re always on the go. The best thing about being a flight attendant is that it doesn’t really require any crazy skills from you – all you need to be is presentable, fun, and friendly with people and you’re good. It’s also easy to get into the business and you’ll be traveling all the time. The major con, however, is the fact that you will have a crazy lifestyle no matter what. You won’t have normal sleeping hours and you’ll be on the go every single minute of the day. Might get hectic to people. Not only this, but you’ll also have great discounts on flights and hotels! Many consider this the best job for travel that you can have.


Become a tour guide

A tour guide is one of the most popular ways to travel for work and get paid for it. You need to be upbeat, friendly and study a lot of information before you make it but it’s a job that’s highly loved! You’ll be meeting people from all corners of the world, traveling to different exotic locations and learning so much information about the world’s top attractions.


Become a bartender

No city in the world has no bars, and you can pack your bags up and go right now if you know how to be a bartender. You can either work at multiple bars at the same time, or basically “bartender hop” from one city to the other!


Become a Travel Blogger

See, the thing is, not only can you get paid to travel, you can get paid to write about your travels! It really is that easy. First, start a blog. Polish it up, make it look appealing, and then just start writing and sharing with every single person you know until you actually have a set of followers and consistent people who visit your blog. You have to prioritize this, as it can easily turn into a full time career where you can actually get sponsored trips through affiliate marketing.

Write, edit, get followers and repeat. The minute you think you have a decent audience size, start reaching out to companies, ask if they can let you stay/travel/get products for free, in return of you writing about it to your audience. Really learn about affiliate marketing and use it to your advantage. You’d be surprised at how easy it is, and how many companies – specially the small ones – are willing to pay you for that. It will take a few months to set everything up, but, it will definitely be worth it if you want to actually travel full time and make a career out of it. It needs dedication, patience and a lot of hours dedicated to the blog.


Capitalize on globalization

Globalization has given us the chance to pretty much start a business anywhere we want, and you can start selling, buying, If you’ve always had a knack for entrepreneurship and like being your own boss, you can definitely think of a business you can start on the go and travel for work when needed.


Teach your native language

Whatever your native language is, you’ll always find people interested in learning it. The more popular the language of course, the more likely you are to get customers, but there’s always always a niche market for this travel job. That’s something you don’t have to worry about, and you can set your hourly rate however you want. It gives you extreme flexibility as you set your own schedules and rates, and it’s a great way to meet people too when you’re on the go. It will be an equally rewarding experience for everyone involved.


Volunteer abroad

A lot of companies will pay you to volunteer abroad, and you can practically volunteer in the most exotic places and enjoy the life abroad


House-sitting or babysitting

House sitting is when you basically look after someone’s house. You can do that in a foreign country, get paid for it and get free accommodation.

Baby sitting or becoming an au pair is also a job that doesn’t need much skills – all you have to do is be good with kids and you’re good to go!


Programming and designing websites

Similar to graphic design, you can design websites to all types of companies without having to be physically there. It’s also one of the best travel jobs when it comes to freelancing and salaries and you can offer your skills online to anyone you want.


Become a videographer

A lot of companies, hotels, travel product-related companies and much more want videographers to either film their products, or film different cities. You can definitely do that and get paid to travel, all while doing something you love as well!


Are you a graphic designer?

Every single business in operation right now is looking for a graphic designer – no matter the type of business. Tech business? Pharmaceutical business? Management? Advertising? Everyone wants a graphic designer and you can spend your time freelancing for many different companies, getting paid double what you get paid at a normal, stable job. And the best thing? To be a graphic designer for a company, you don’t need to be physically there at all. All that is needed is a laptop, and a decent Internet connection. It’s the perfect way to travel around the world while doing what you love.


Become cruise crew

Have you always wanted to work on the boat and travel the world? How does doing that and getting paid for it sound? Pretty cool right? You can become cruise crew and work on a ship and work one of the best jobs for travel. You’ll be traveling to exotic places, live in the sea and interact with so many people all the time.


Professional sailing

You can become a professional sailor and get into worldwide competitions. You’ll be paid to travel around the world and get into competitions. It does need a lot of dedication however!


Become a dancer

Becoming a dancer sounds easier said than done, but if you already have a knack for dancing, then you go on a journey around the world, performing in different venues. Are you a belly dancer? You can travel all around Jordan, Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar and much more while dancing and getting paid for it in venues. It’s not easy but if you’re already a dancer, then you’re already halfway there!


Teach your skills

What are you good at? How good are you at it? If you can do yoga, stand on one feet, dance, you’re a fitness freak or you’re a gymnast even, you can teach all your skills in the most beautiful places abroad as it can be one of the best jobs for travel.


Become an ambassador or work in International Relations

Again, easier said than done, but if you’re going to be studying Political Science or International Relations, you’re more likely to be traveling a lot with work. You’ll be visiting different cities for meetings and you’ll be in charge of a lot of foreign affairs. It’s an incredible way to travel and have a stable job that is also rewarding.


Become a travel agent

If you find travel as more of a “passion”, then you can definitely help other people travel, get incredible commissions and get discounts on flights and hotels from your job! Win-win!


Work for a multinational

If you work at a multinational company, you can expect to rotate around different cities. You’ll be working a stable job at reputable companies, and you will be able to travel around.




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