15 Tips To Save Money For Traveling The World In 2018/2019

The year 2018 is definitely the best time for you to start working on your bucket lists. If traveling has long been part of your dreams and imagination, then you have to make that happen immediately! Here are the top 16 saving tips to travel the world in 2018 and have the best time ever.


15 Tips To Save Money And Travel The World In 2018


Think About Money In Terms Of Travel Days

Do you feel like saving money for travel is a burden that cannot be carried? Let us help you by changing your perspective on money. Transform your mindset by thinking about money in terms of travel activities. For example, if you are being tempted to buy an elegant dress for $60, think about what you could do with the same amount in Vietnam. Maybe that amount would already suffice for a three-day beach adventure?


Examine Your Bills

We always fear the coming of bills. But have you ever tried comparing or listing down all the bills that you pay every month? Where do you spend more? Is it on phone, electricity, or insurance? Check for possibilities of reducing certain items on your list of bills and this will help you save money for traveling more often.


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Go To Your Parents Often

Hit two birds with one stone by visiting your parents often. Spending time with family and getting an opportunity to enjoy free food is like the best gifts for your travel preparations.


Think Twice About Subscriptions

How much do you spend every month for Netflix and Spotify? Are all these subscriptions really necessary? If you truly want to explore the world, you may have to sacrifice some of your leisure for it. Also, you may want to check your subscriptions because there are many times when we continuously pay for something that we do not actually use. Maybe you have signed up for free trials and have already forgotten about canceling them. When saving for travels, know that every dollar counts when saving money for travel.


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Rent Out Your Apartment Or Room On Airbnb

Do you have any idea how many tourists visit your country in just a single month? Can you imagine meeting some of those admirable foreigners? Airbnb is a wonderful platform for those who would like to earn easy cash while expanding their network of acquaintances. You could actually start earning money as fast as tomorrow if you happen to let your spare room be rented out to potential visitors. Of if you do not have any available space, why don’t you negotiate with any of your friends to just share a room so that you could rent out the other room at Airbnb? This would allow you to earn lots of money for travels!


Let Your Skills Work For You

The best way to earn extra money is by utilizing your skills to the fullest. Despite the presence of your regular job, it is for certain that you have other skills waiting to be utilized. If you sing, why don’t you offer performances during weddings? If you love flower arranging, then make some bouquets for special occasions. If you have a passion for baking, then create luscious cupcakes and brownies to be sold in your office at a local Sunday market to help with making money for traveling.


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Gather Friends And Families For A Potluck Instead Of Going Out

Do you often eat out with friends? Do you feel like going out to restaurants is the only way to bond? Well, change this thinking from now on. Arrange a get-together for your friends by organizing a potluck dinner or a home buffet where you could all have wonderful conversations. After all, eating at home would allow you to get extra servings of everything! This can help reduce your expenses and save money for a trip.


Do Grocery Shopping Once A Month

How could you save money by doing bulk grocery shopping every month? First, you will be able to plan everything. There is no tendency to buy on impulse as compared when you just hop in the grocery store without any list or computations. Second, the time spent on traveling to grocery shops could actually be spent on more beneficial activities like side jobs and freelance gigs. When buying groceries for a single month, you could opt to get foods that actually last long such as beans, packed coconut milk, tomatoes, yogurt, root vegetables, canned goods, and frozen meat.


Cook Your Own Lunch For Work

If you will compute your daily expenses, you will find out that eating out daily during lunchtime also eats up significant amount of your income. This is what we call an unnecessary expense. Instead of eating in restaurants and fast food chains, consider preparing your own meals at home. You may find ideas for preparing lunch meals ahead of time to help save money for traveling.


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Turn Your Hoarding Into Cash Generation

Do you know the 1-year rule in stuff organization? Well, the basic idea of this rule is to either throw away or sell those things which you have not used for a year. Maybe you are fond of hoarding certain items such as gadgets, clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you haven’t used these things for about a year, it is most likely that you will not be using them anytime in the near future. So why don’t you let some cash rolling in by selling these stuff online? Simply take photos of your stuff and wait for interested people to help you save for your travel fund. Apart from earning money, you will also get a chance to have a well-organized wardrobe and a tidier home that you could also opt to rent out in Airbnb. What a wise act, right?


Enjoy Draft Beer

I know that we all enjoyed house draft beer once in our younger years. Why don’t you savor the moment of drinking draft beer once again? You will be surprised how much Prosecco, IPA, DIPA and Gin & Tonic cost you a lot until you discover the cheap luxury of draft beers that can help you fund a trip around the world.


Organize House Parties (Visit Others Also!)

Do you choose to party in clubs over traveling to the best world destinations? I don’t think so. Going to bars and clubs just to party and have fun could make you spend beyond your budget. Why don’t you just invite friends to your house to reduce party expenses? Or you could also be wiser and ask your friends to organize their own parties where you can all have fun and save money for a trip.


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Appreciate Nature

The natural world is your best go-to place during times of boredom. Instead of spending money on shopping, movie watching, or Netflix subscription, why don’t you just go out of your house and be impressed with nature’s gifts? You could use Google to find out the best free activities to do such as visiting magnificent landscapes, swimming in hidden lakes, and trekking mountains. You could also take an adventure with some friends so that you could make this nature experience a lot more memorable.


Choose Vegetables – Be A Vegetarian

Can you compute how much of your grocery expenses are spent on meat? We all know that meats are more expensive than veggies. Choosing to be a vegetarian would not only save you tons money but would also let you contribute to world sustainability and even promote better health. Apart from that, you can even start your own urban farm at home so you could eat without spending anything at all.


Open A New Peaceful World With The Library

If you have nothing to do and you feel like going shopping, why don’t you divert your attention to reading books instead? This way, you can make wonderful use of your time. Instead of spending effort on things that would not help you, going to libraries could actually create meaningful memories in a world that is yet to be discovered. You may also download e-books from libraries that share inspiring travel thoughts.

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