13 Best Travel Hacks For Traveling With A Baby- 2018/2019 Edition

Don’t you reckon that traveling with a baby could bring about a whole new chapter in your life? It would allow you to discover more about your precious little one as you spend happy memories with your loved ones. Take every flight and each trip as a wonderful adventure. It’s good to known as many travel hacks for traveling with a baby as possible to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Some people would easily suggest that traveling alone is way easier than going with a kid. But do you ever remember your first time to travel solo? It also required lots of preparations and heights of learning, right? That’s why travel hacks for traveling with a toddler has a lot to do with preparation on planning.

Then let us make the travel memories with our babies a lot more fun and worth remembering. Packing our luggage or backpacks will turn out to be entirely different when you think that a baby will be tagging along. Here are some great tips to make every travel with a baby hassle-free:


General Traveling Tips When You Have A Baby

Limit Your Activities

Do you remember when you last had your solo vacation or a couple get-away? Maybe it was filled with lots of activities and adventures. Now that you are bringing a baby on the tour, know that the same number of adventures can’t be possibly done.

You will have to remember that there is still joy in taking things lightly and slowly. You may not be able to do some parasailing or snorkeling, but you could choose to just relax at the shore with a baby in hand. Be creative in planning your itinerary with the condition of the baby in mind. The is by far the most important travel hack for vacationing with a baby.


Bring Something To Ease The Teething Pain Of Babies

Babies who are experiencing teething pains can become fidgety during flight. They may cry incessantly. If you want to prevent disturbing other passengers, you may bring some sachets of teething granules to help your little one.

The great thing about teething granules is that they offer a homeopathic remedy which means that your baby’s natural responses to cure will be even furthered. These products are also proven to be safe for babies.


Do Not Bring Too Much Unnecessary Stuff

Always make sure that the overall weight and size of your luggage is bearable considering that you have another cute creature to hold in your arms. Just put in the essential things that you would really need for the entire trip.

It is impossible to achieve minimal luggage content if you will pack in a rush. Always do your packing more than a week before your actual flight. Another tip, it would also be helpful to keep your own things at a minimum when traveling with a baby. Just bring the essentials in your carry on such as wallet, mobile phone, passport, and headphones. This is to give space for your baby’s essentials when traveling with a toddler.



Carry On A Versatile Cloth

A piece of muslin is a must-have for parents. Muslins are versatile pieces that you can use for different purposes such as a breastfeeding cover-up, a baby swaddle, and even a big piece for wiping up dirt.


Tips On Choosing Accommodations

Book Hotel Rooms With Kitchens Or Apartment-Hotels

When you have kids, you will also need to have spacious rooms. Booking hotel rooms can be convenient and luxurious for your family. You may enjoy the privileges of having helpful staff, daily housekeeping, and even other amenities. But the problem with some hotel rooms is their limited space. Most of the hotels do not have kitchens. That’s why a great travel hack for traveling with a toddler would be to book apartment hotels that could make your stay extra convenient. By having a kitchen facility, you surely would not worry about cleaning feeding bottles or preparing some solid food for your baby. You could also enjoy some laundry washing in case your baby gets extremely messy during the trip



Tips For Getting On A Flight With Babies

Compare Flight Prices

When you are traveling with a little one who still needs to be breastfed, you have to be careful in choosing your seat. Compare prices and see if you can add a little bit to have another premium economy seat for your little one as the extra space goes a long when when flying for hours in an airplane. Know that it is difficult to have a baby on your lap for more than an hour of travel most especially if you have a chubby and heavy cute baby.

Even though airlines provide free fare for those kids who are two years old and below, still try to get a separate seat for him or her just so you don’t get tired during the entire travel. This is a travel hack for flying with a baby that most don’t consider.


Do Not Forget The Labels

You may be labeled as OC or being obsessive compulsive for doing this, but so what? Does it even matter to you? What matters most is that you do not lose your stuff and you grab them without difficulty.

It would be best to use a white marker to label your luggage instead of using a bag tag that could just easily be removed and even be hard to read. How easy would you be able to read a luggage that has a written surname on it!

Also, note that there are global luggage manufacturers who sell their products anywhere in the world. In case you spot the same bag, will you immediately identify it as yours? Even if you use a great stroller, it would be wiser to put something to mark that it is really yours.


Prepare Some Pouches And Tiny Bags

Getting organized is the key to having a hassle-free trip. You will have to learn to group your items according to their purpose and need. It would be helpful to separate the items into tiny pouches before placing them in the main luggage.

Can you just imagine how you could get a bottle of medicine or a piece of diaper when everything is dumped in your suitcase without any organization? Do you think you could even try to sort things out while you are on a plane?

Having separate pouches and organizers will surely make your flight a breeze. It would be a lot easier to identify a pouch where you could grab certain items that you need for a specific purpose.

Also, think about diaper changing times. You surely cannot bring the entire luggage in the plane cubicles, right? Would you like a huge bag to eat up all your space?

Maybe you could also try my a great baby changing bag. This is such a handy item that has 2 pods with it. If you are not keen on purchasing this, you may also try using freezer bags for a hassle-free diaper changing experience.



Book A Parking Slot

When you have a baby during travels, you cannot compromise comfort and convenience for money. You cannot take a chance and lose precious time and strength just to wait for a parking slot. The best thing to combat this is by booking your parking before your actual flight. This could be done online where you can even catch some discounts.


Identify Which Luggage To Check In

This may sound unnecessary on your part, but know that some airlines actually offer free check-in for extra stuff like hand luggage. This is one of the best travel hacks when traveling with a baby because it’ll save you lots of time looking through all the different bags. This may confuse you because you could easily be attracted to the offer. What if you had something in that luggage that you need for your nappy changing? What would you do if you checked it in because you prevented being crowded in your space?

How do you prevent any confusion as to which luggage to check in? Well, the markers would come in handy! Just label which should go to the checked-in baggage such as some bottles of liquid products. Just imagine the airline staff tossing away your little one’s bottle of medicine just because of the liquid volume limit?


Tips On Feeding Baby During Travels

Do Not Wait For Peak Dining Hours

You surely could enjoy some wonderful restaurants in your travel destination even if you have a baby during the trip. The only trick for you not to be stressed is by getting a reservation or by going as early as possible. Do not wait for peak hours because it is during these times that restaurants could be crowded and noisy.


Bring Some Silicone Bibs

We all know how little souls can become extremely messy with their eating time. And we also know that we cannot afford to be washing their clothes immediately to prevent stains. The best solution for this kind of feeding dilemma is by choosing silicone bibs that can easily be cleaned using baby wipes. This would also help prevent the piling up of your travel laundry. More than that, these silicone bibs will not take up much space from your carry on.


Tips For Getting Around Your Trip

Decide Which Tool To Help Carry Your Baby

There are different options when it comes to carrying your little one. Using your arms may work well for your strong body, but you may ease the load by choosing neither a sling, a carrier, or a stroller. For me, I find a baby carrier to be really helpful because of the convenience and mobility it offers me.


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