13 Best Solo Trips Around The World That You Need To Go On

Nothing really beats that feeling of embarking on a trip all on your own and waiting for the world to uncover itself for you when going on solo trips. Nothing beats that pure sense of excitement of knowing you’ve got a whole lot of countries waiting for you to discover them. The promise of self-discovery, the peace of mind, the fear and the adrenaline rush that comes with every decision you make is simply unbeatable.

Over the past few years solo travel has been on the rise and for good reason – it’s a trend that is worth looking out for. The advantages of solo travel are countless – from the fact that you can be completely selfish and make plans that please you and only you to the fact that you can meet so many new people without having to worry about people you’re traveling with. You get to be left completely alone with your thoughts and that’s how you actually get to know yourself on a new intimate level – you really start seeing who you are without the influence of people you know, or people you feel are your comfort zone. When you’re stripped away from “home”, from that “comfort zone”, you then start actually discovering who you are.

People are usually scared to embark on solo trips due to the hassle of planning that comes with it and that sense of loss and disorientation. Which is basically why tour operators have now started removing those obstacles and offering these types of trips. Here are some of our favorites!

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13 Best Solo Trips Around The World

Feel The True Sense Of Iran

Iran always ends up having a controversial history – which makes it extremely interesting to discover and explore. From the countless historical monuments, to the gorgeous architecture that sprawls the place to walking in the footsteps of what used to be a great empire – Iran is exotically beautiful. It’s where you’ll get to see the religion of Islam depicted in unreal architecture and magnificent structures and mosques, it’s where the call to prayer blends with a fascinating culture…It’s one of the top travel destinations in the world. If you’d like to enjoy a woman-only holiday in the exquisite land of Iran, then Exodus Travels offers a 16 day trip around Iran that will strengthen your charm towards the country. Prices usually stat from £2,899 including flights and you can choose either in May, September, October, November and December or March.

Feast On Pizza In Italy

Revel in the gastronomical journey that Italy will be taking you ion – go to ancient sites, visit canals, get sucked into the history of museums and of course – fall in love with the romantic allure of the place. Through Andante Travels  you can be traveling everywhere around Italy, from ancient sites to museums to greenery to azure waters to temples even – Italy has it all! You can go starting from the 30th of September and the flights includes £2,295.


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Learn About The Theory Of Evolution At Galapagos Island

This is where the theory of evolution actually came to life, and a place with some of the most diverse and condensed animal form you can ever find. Due to the unusual environmental factors, the animals there are not even scared of humans, making it much easier for every one traveling there. You can choose between 17 March and 16 December so you’ll have plenty of time to pack.


Go To Japan

Japan is a wonderful place to explore – from the craziness of Tokyo to the calmness of Kyoto to the beauty of Hokkaido – there’s plenty to explore. You’ll be visiting majestic temples, eating the infamous Japanese food, exploring shrines and much more. Most importantly, you’ll get to immersed in the rich culture of Japan.


Indulge In Azure Waters In The Maldives

With Encounters Travel you can visit palm-tree lined azure beaches, bask under the sun on powdery sand, go snorkeling, and enjoy the romance of sun-splashed restaurants. There is no doubt that Maldives wins the award of being the best place in the world for dramatically beautifully backdrops juxtaposed with beautifully simple options – so whether you want to travel on your own for relaxation purposes or to get some peace of mind, you’re basically in for a treat! With over 1192 islands to choose from and 122 resort islands to think about – your options are practically endless! Encounters Travel offers this trip for the price of £799 without flights for a duration of 8 whole days. You can choose to go anytime between May and December.

Live It Up In Laos

A place that was once known as a major party destination is also one of the most famous for Buddhism-steeped history, an incredibly rich culture, nature everywhere and much more. It still remains a little “secret” for travelers and is a great place for solo travel. The place is very laidback and it’s quite easy to make friends and there’s enough to keep you interested for as long as you want. Through Selective Asia you can go for 14 days from 2,250 pounds from the 24th of November.

Go To A Journey Throughout Some Of The Most Previously Empowered Countries In The World

Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Iran and the Stans of course. With  Oasis Overland, you can travel for around 62 days around those countries and you’ll pay around $4000 for the whole trip.


Mix Party With Beauty At Algarve

Once known as a party destination, the island decided to move its efforts to make it a more interesting place to visit. Whether you’re there alone or not, it might get so uncomfortable but also worth it for sure.

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Explore The Primate Forms Of Nature In Ethiopia

The nature in Ethiopia is unbeatable. With unparalleled scenery, great wildlife and much more, it’s safe to say that it really is worth exploring. Starting from October 2018, you can travel there with your friends for 12 days for any number of days!


Go To The Infamous Wild West

Explore new creatures, hike between dramatic edifices and revel in desert grasslands that go throughout the whole place.


Nestled in Africa, the place Is thought to be the best for natural sightings and beautiful places to be in. You can go with Steppes Travel  to truly enjoy it all without planning,


Go To Belarus

You can go from the 5th of September there and it lasts for exactly 5 days! What a catch…


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