12 Travel Hacks For Traveling Light With Only The Essentials

Now, that you were able to finally plan perfectly the travel vacation that you have been waiting for all the months of preparations, you are left with one of the most important to consider: What to bring and pack for your trip?

Whether for first time traveller or well-seasoned tourists, you have to make sure you are able all the necessary things you needed for the trip. You do not want to ruin your beach vacation just because you forgot to bring a swim wear, or missing the night life fun clubbing because you packed the wrong clothes. This is why it’s important to plan and use some travel hacks for traveling light.

Often times, especially women (and this travel page does not want to sound sexist but men would often agree) often carry heavy and huge luggage when traveling. It is not because women just would like to change outfits and footwear many times a day, but the necessity of being prepared at all times. Let us admit it, women are better planner and well – prepared than me. In order not to miss anything, women need to pack all the possible things that one might need when leaving the house. That would explain a heavy and huge bags women have even when they just go to work or go on the mall for shopping.

This dilemma can be resolve easily by taking good points from backpack travelers. They pack light, and handy travel baggage (often in backpacks, hence “backpackers”). You would be surprised on how much stuff they bring inside their small backpack. And when they reached their destination, they basically have everything they needed!


12 Travel Hacks For Traveling Light With Only The Essentials

Research About The Weather And The Nature Of Your Destination

For colder places you need to bring on jacket or sweatshirt. For lighter packing women can bring shawl instead. Basically, it depends how cold the place is. If you already have trench coat, you may leave other thick wool jackets.

Do you have to go to a tropical tourist destination? One swim wear can be handy. Or if you are able to research well before hand, you can check out if what are the things that you can purchase on your vacation area so you do not have to bring it with you. Make sure you have the budget for it, though.


Pack Basic Toiletries

Again, if you are not sure if there is a near grocery around the area where you stay, or you needed to save money to spend for your trip on your actual adventure trip, or you have specific brand preferences; you can always bring necessary toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne/perfume, tissue, lotion, sun block (never forget about it!) in small bottles or containers.

Basic toiletries are often provided by the hotel like towels, shampoo, and lotion. Remember in most cases like in airplanes and other transportation mode, there is only a limit of 100ml per liquid bottle. So, if you can, you may transfer lotions, hair conditioners, or shampoos in smaller containers as small as 100ml only.


Pack Only 1 Footwear

You should only bring either a sandal or light shoes just in case you need to go on a restaurant or formal event. Sometime sandals are essential for women because it can be worn on the beach, shopping inside the mall or flee market, or perhaps restaurants. In many cases, when you travel, you have to wear the heaviest shoes. It is more convenient to walk around while you ride a trains or airplane in your rubber or sneakers.


Pack An On-The-Go Bag

This is a small bag, usually sling bags, or light small purse where you can put your smartphones, wallet, coin purse, passport, and camera; while you leave everything in your hotel.


Pack Stuff Using Luggage For Bigger Stuff

Between luggage and backpack: luggage is more convenient. Things are easily place inside, fewer wrinkles and things can easily be found in a luggage. Plus the ease in walking around just pulling or pushing luggage with wheels, unlike backpacks or hand carry bags that you need to carry the weight. You can put bulky items inside a luggage like thick coats (when you travel to cold destinations), shoes, boots, and undies. Luggage made out of plastic, leather or metal can also protect clothes from the rain or dusty environment.


Do Not Forget To Pack Your Necessary Gadgets

For vacation, a camera (with a lot of memory capacity!) or a simple Smartphone (anyway, most of phones now a days are all equipped with high definition camera, videos and audio). You should never forget to bring something that will record your adventure. Even though it will not be the your first time to visit the place, it will be another experience for your to document your travel.

And also, never forget to bring chargers, and power banks to support the power span of your gadgets. Make sure to bring smaller gadgets so that all will be handy and light when packed. Packed it on your hand bag or somewhere you often carry with you with your wallet. Gadgets should be considered as one of valuables and are prone for pick pockets and thieves.


Pack Only One Denim Jean Or Any Kind Pants

Most basic and convenient to pack is jeans. Whether for men and women Jeans can be used for both restaurant dining and on the go activities, just match it with appropriate clothing.

Usually, when boarding planes or traveling in any kind of mode of transportation, you should already wear trouser or jeans. It can make you move hastily and freely. The other extra pants would be if in case when you need to change the pants you wear has been wet or stained. Otherwise, you can still wear it the next few days without having to worry about the laundry.

For women, you can bring 1 extra skirt but make sure it should be light and thin, including undergarment with it. You do not want disrupting your tour just because you are busy pulling down your skirt when the wind blows or when you climb a stair.


Use Extra Bag Like Backpack

Small light backpack can be easily carried around especially if you are chasing down your train or bus schedule, it does not limit your opportunity to ride different kinds of transportations. In such cases like in most Asian countries, motorcycle rides are common; you can easily tuck in your backpack and ride in convenience.

You can bring both wheeled luggage and just bring extra backpack with you or just opt to pack your things using a backpack. Just make sure you use a material that can protect your things you pack inside. Learn also ways to pack efficiently using backpack.

However, make sure that the weight of the backpack and the stuff inside is around 10% – 30% only of your average body weight. Otherwise, prolonged carrying of heavy stuff can cause severe back pain and other muscular and skeletal discomfort.


Bring Different Tops

To pair with your jeans or any pants, you must mix and match it with different tops. Tops can be of different light 2 to 3 t-shirts. If you intend to attend or go to a formal or semi-formal venue you can also bring one polo shirt (for men), or one blouse (for women).


Do Not Forget Your Undergarments, Towel, And Sleeping Clothes

You can bring small towels if you do not trust towels from hotels. Thin towel can dry faster and are lighter to pack.

Of course, you should bring a lot of undies. Men can survive 1 pair of underwear a day. While women, well, let us say – women are more sanitary freaks (no, pun intended, because we really are). You can wash your underwear when you are out, making sure the material is made out of thin fabric, and otherwise it won’t dry.


Bring Extra Light Bags

Small bags should be accessible. You can use small extra bag when you need to travel like for shopping, at least you can place the entire souvenir you purchased inside it. In case your luggage is full you can always rely on the extra light bag you bring.

Also, do not forget to bring plastic bag or dust bag for your laundry. Plastic bags are the best container for dirty used clothes. You do not want your clean clothes be mixed with used ones.


Bring Light Trek Or Ragged Clothes

Just in case you need to climb high towers or trek long distance destinations, ragged and on-the-go clothe such as leggings, tights, and long sleeve leotards are of convenience. You can all wear these under your packed jeans, skirt and shirts.


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