Music Streaming When Traveling Abroad: How To Get It To Work

With the popularity and growth of music streaming services, it has become one of the must have apps on your phone, tablet or computer when traveling. The times of downloading an album or a single track are now over with music streaming apps. Companies like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Apple Music and Amazon Music now make it possible to stream music abroad without any issues.

The only issue that you may face with streaming music abroad is the music rights when using these apps in certain country. This means that in some countries you won’t be able to use a specific app because of licensing issues, but don’t worry we have a list of the counties that you can stream music abroad. You’ll see where is best for Google Play Music while traveling, Amazon Music country availability and other things for streaming music abroad.



Music Streaming Abroad: Country Availability


Amazon Music

For those with Amazon Prime memberships, you get Amazon Music as part of your membership fee. Amazon Music unlimited country availability is growing quickly and is around 22 countries right now. Using Amazon Music unlimited abroad is great for this that don’t want to have to pay for an extra service like Apple Music or Spotify.

Using Amazon Music abroad is wonderful with such a large selection of music in its library. Also the preset playlists are great when to discover new music when listening to Amazon Music while traveling. Out of all the music streaming services out there, Amazon Music unlimited abroad is one of the best and should be considered to use while you’re traveling abroad.




Another great option for music streaming abroad is the Swedish company called Spotify. You can use Spotify while traveling to 97 different countries. You can view the full list of counties that you can listen to Spotify here. The best feature of Spotify is being able to download music to a playlist in counties that you have access to Spotify and then listen to those songs when you either don’t have an Internet connection or where Spotify is blocked. This method is a great work around to play Spotify in counties that don’t allow for streaming music abroad.

In addition, Spotify has almost every song imaginable and allows for great music streaming abroad based on specific counties most popular songs. This can allow you to find new music that you might have never listened to otherwise.


Google Play Music

Google allows you to stream music abroad with its service called Google Play Music. This is available in over 62 counties and is great for music streaming abroad. If you want to see the entire country list for Google Play Music while traveling, check out this list for what counties you can play Google Play Music abroad.

Using Google Play Music abroad is best for those that don’t want to have to pay money for music streaming abroad and are casual listeners of music. This service has a good selection of music that you can listen to when using Google Music abroad.



Soundcloud is basically available in every country around the world and is one of the best for streaming music abroad because of its availability. Unlike previous music streaming services mentioned, Soundcloud is best known for up and coming musicians as the platform allows for users to publish their own music and share it with the world. The main drawback for Soundcloud is that it has a limited amount of music selection from big artists, unless it’s a remix of the original song.



At one point in time, Pandora was the most popular music streaming service in the world. But with the new competitors coming into this space, it’s become much less popular for music streaming abroad because it’s only available in 3 countries. These countries are the United States, Australia and New Zealand. With the lack of coverage around the world, Pandora is not recommended to stream music abroad unless you plan to travel to one of the three countries mentioned above.



Similar to Pandora is iheartradio this service only allows for streaming music abroad in the three countries of the United States, Australia and New Zealand. iheartradio is more of a radio station than an actual music service like Spotify or Amazon Music..



Apple Music

Apple Music is a service that is offered from Apple for its premium users that pay $9.99 per month. You’re able to stream music abroad in over 114 counties. You can see the entire Apple Music country list here. Like Spotify, you can browse and search for almost all big name artists and stream them without any ads. For those with an iOS device, the integration is very easy and you can even use it on your Apple Watch without your iPhone or anything.





If you end up not wanting to use any of these music streaming abroad services, the final recommendation that we have is either purchasing albums or single tracks to have on your music player when traveling abroad. Another option for those not looking to spend lots of money on music is using a downloading service that allows you to download music for free from the Internet. We do not have advise doing this, but it’s an option for some.

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