Tokyo Layover Guide

If you are stuck on a layover at the Tokyo-Haneda International Airport, know that you could actually do a lot of things both inside and outside the airport. This airport in Japan is very accessible to a lot of other destinations since it is only 9 miles away from downtown Tokyo. The extent of your activities during a layover will depend on how many hours you got for your waiting time.

Waiting for connecting flights could be best spent by relaxing. The airport has a number of business establishments that provide haircut, massage, nail polish, and oxygen therapy. You could check here to know more about the relaxation services offered at the airport. Apart from the business establishments, the airport also has pay lounges for various airline passengers. You could get a complete list of all the airport lounges here.

When you decide to leave the airport for some Tokyo adventure, then you could just drop your bags at the baggage storage facilities in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Know more about luggage storage here.

A world-class hotel can also be found on the premises of the airport. The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyo is located at Terminal 2 and can serve as your haven while waiting for your connecting flight. If you want to try other hotels, there are other accommodations available at the nearby areas.

There are various transportation options that are available for airport transfers and city-wide tours. Taxis can be found immediately upon exiting the airport. You may also take either the train or the bus to go to other destinations in the city. You may click here to know more about the different modes of transportation in Tokyo. For hassle-free journeys, simply book a private transfer.


Things to Do on a Tokyo Layover:


Tokyo is truly one of the cities that you can easily fall in love with. Having merely a few hours in Tokyo will already capture your hearts and interests. There are different things to do while you are on a layover in this city such as taking ninja lessons, training for sumo skills, watching robotic shows, and a lot more.


Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower Observation Deck is the perfect spot for those who would like to witness the beauty of the entire city. Getting a panoramic view of the city and taking your photographs with it in the background is more than fascinating. You could get an idea of what to see from the deck right here.



Asukasa is a lovely neighborhood in the city that can be found at the northeast Tokyo. This is where you can find the best souvenir shops and local artisan stores. It is also in this neighborhood where you can have a taste of the most sumptuous ramen and sushi. Don’t miss visiting the Sensoji Temple when you come to Asukasa.



Ginza is a popular shopping and dining district in Japan. It is where you can find luxury items for your shopping fascination. Ginza has a lot of restaurants where you could try authentic Japanese cuisines. Coming here on weekends could be a lot of fun because the entire central street is closed for pedestrians only.


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

If you want to find serenity during your Tokyo layover, then you have to visit the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This place offers a stunning view of the most beautiful cherry blossoms that you will ever see in your lifetime. The greenhouses and the variety of plants will surely create calmness and serenity to your mind and soul.

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