Vegan Ice Cream In Thailand: Best To Find It- Young Thai Coconuts

Coconut ice-cream is gaining more and more traction in Thailand nowadays, and aside from restaurants, you’re bound to find it sold by street vendors with their ice-cream carts. Think of all types of the most delicious ice-creams spread for you with all types of flavors – from mango to vanilla to raspberry. There’s nothing better than battling that hot Thai heat with the perfect refreshing Thai coconut vegan ice cream.

The ice-cream carts in Thailand mostly sell home-made coconut ice-cream made by the person who owns the cart or a sibling, which gives it in an incredible local touch. You can get these vegan ice cream in Thailand at different locations.


Where to find those carts?

Practically everywhere – from the busiest streets to little winding alleyways, the carts are in every corner.

  • The most amount of carts can be found on the Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok that is right next to Soi 55.
  • National parks.
  • Little neighboring villages .
  • Koh Samui.


What makes Thai coconut ice-cream different in general?

The best thing about Thai coconut ice cream is that it solely uses rich coconut cream instead of cow milk. The base is therefore creamy and coconut and a lot of vendors also add a few chunks of coconut to the mixture to give you the ultimate blend of smooth and hard pieces.



The toppings can be anything your mind can muster – from kernels of corn, to peanuts to sweet jelly to even bread.

Want to try the best coconut milk ice cream in Koh Samui?

What makes the best Thai coconut milk vegan ice cream in Thailand? The flavors? The toppings? The taste? Well, all of them. But add to that the fact that it can be vegan and without any sugar or creep additives and you’ve got yourself the best ice-cream.

In Koh Samui, you’ll find a vendor that sells her ice-cream at the Fisherman’s Wharf. The epitome of raw, healthy and delicious – you’ll find that she cracks the coconut right in front of you.


How Thailand vegan ice cream is made:

  • Break the coconut and use it for a bowl for the ice-cream.
  • Scoop out of the meat.
  • Fill the coconut shell with ice cream because it’s used as a bowl.
  • Choose your toppings.


Fun facts about Young Thai Coconuts:

  • Those coconuts are known to have meat that is very easily scooped when compared to normal old coconuts.
  • Coconut water is known for its health benefits – but young Thai coconut water is extremely beneficial with a blend of health ingredients.
  • Health benefits include feeling more energized, being hydrated and promoting thyroid health.
  • If you’re having skin problems then know for a fact that these coconuts are incredible for someones skin – from the hydrating benefits, to the collagen to the elasticity-boosting properties…
  • it’s better actually getting your products from the vendors since they do not put any additives, they don’t go too over broad with the sugar and they leave the water as raw as it came. This keeps all the nutrients and enzymes intact.


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