“The Beach” Movie And Book Locations In Thailand

Thailand is simply one of those postcard worthy destinations with everything that caters to the needs of every type of traveler. It’s a paradise on Earth nestled into the heart of South East Asia and offers sprawling beaches, gastronomic delights, gorgeous terrains and an incredible culture. It’s the perfect place for anyone – from the honeymooners to the backpackers to the business travelers. It’s also a popular place for movies like “The Beach” and “The Hangover.”

A trip to Thailand is known to satisfy your travel bug for at least a few months – and what better way to do that than by visiting its renowned islands? Gorgeous turquoise beaches that are juxtaposed with mountainous terrains, powdery sands and mysterious coves, little boats that decorate the water and resorts that exceed all expectations….From Phuket to Krabi, Thailand is unreal.

The islands have always been popular due to their beauty and allure – but what made them specifically popular was the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCpario. All the locations in the book and the movie were real and can easily be visited on a trip to Thailand making it the ultimate blend of tourism and being in a movie set. Below we have a list of the book and movie locations in Thailand from “The Beach.”


“The Beach” Movie And Book Locations In Thailand

The Difference Between The Book And The Movie

The beach was written in 1996 by Alex Garland and is based in Thailand. Some of the locations mentioned in the book include:

  • Koh Pha Ngan
  • Haad Tuan
  • Haad Tien.


The book is about a young British guy who escapes his life through traveling and it talks about self-discovery and the beauty of those Thai islands. It’s about escaping death, about self reflection and about exploring new places.

The movie on the other hand, contrasts a bit with the book, focusing more on the islands than on the storyline itself.


Locations In The Movie Include:

Phi Phi Leh

This place is a great island to visit, however, you have to know that no hotels or bungalows are allowed on that island, instead, you can stay either at the nearby Maya Bay or Phi Phi Don.


Haeo Suwat Falls

This is only a few hours away from Bangkok and is also close to Phuket, so you can visit all three locations


Traveling Inside Of Thailand:

You have to understand before planning your trip to Thailand, that it’s massive. You need to make sure you know how you’re going to be traveling around. Whether you’ll be using cheap internal airlines like AirAsia, or taking the train and bus – make sure to plan ahead. A good trick is to always use the overnight† train for saving money on unnecessary accommodation. Inside of the cities, you can use tuk tuks or Ubers.



You can’t visit Thailand without going to beautiful Bangkok. A city of vigor, of thrill, of a charming almost intoxicating vibe. Go there to see the beautiful juxtaposition of soaring golden palaces and futuristic skyscrapers. Red light districts contrast temples and museums, while neighborhoods snake their way through floating markets…..It’s a city that simply cannot be missed.


The islands To Visit:

How to Get to Bangkok or the Islands:

Whether you want to visit The Sanctuary, the islands or Bangkok, it’s quite easy to reach those places in Bangkok. You can use Bangkok Airways.  


Koh Samui

Imagine an island with blissfully blue waters and lush bamboo villages. That’s what Koh Samui is all about; the utterly beautiful contrasts. Jungles, meditation centers and greenery all juxtapose the beautiful waters of the islands and the bustling nightlife. The island is all pretty small and can easily be explored in one day.


Koh phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is more of an island cocktail than just one island. It’s where palm trees sway to the breeze of the wind, and where you can spend your days basking under the sun or snorkeling in the water or even exploring the Viking Caves.


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