Romantic Places To Visit In Thailand: Top 7 Thailand Romantic Cities

Are you almost tying a knot with your loved one? Before you tie that knot, it is crucial you take some time and take a romantic tour as a couple to one of the most romantic places to visit in Thailand. Since Thailand should be at the top of the list of the places you need to visit. It is also a perfect place to go for your honeymoon. It has different places that you can spend your romantic times.

On top of the destinations been gorgeous then they are also quite affordable. You need to visit Thailand and experience the goodness of the place. Below are some of the most amazing destinations you should consider when going for a romantic trip to Thailand:


Top 7 Romantic Cities To Visit In Thailand


Want to have a romantic time in Thailand with your loved one? Koh Samui is the place to go. This paradise is at the Gulf of Thailand, and it will only take you one hour to get there by flight. The Island has all the tranquil essentials that anyone will like to have during their honeymoon tour. The place is blissful with white sandy beach shores, soft lapping waters, and tropical sunshine.

You can go to the beach villages and spend your time sampling some of the most delicious delicacies of Thai and mingling with the friendly locals. Take your loved one here for exotic marine life and to enjoy diving under the water. Later in the evening have gone for full moon night parties or have a romantic dinner with candlelight.


Tips for a better experience:

You can improve your experience here by booking a private villa at any resort in Koh Samui’s and have a luxurious beach holiday. Consider hotels such as Banyan Tree and Anantara that are well known for giving complementary services and discounts for honeymoons.

Adventure seekers and party goers will love their time in Koh Samui. You can have more adventure by taking a tour of Ang Thong National Marine Park. Enjoy the nightlife more by taking a walk to Koh Phangan. This is an Island with some of the best moon night parties.


  1. KRABI

Krabi is an awesome place to take your beloved for a leisure trip where you will experience an implausible assortment of fauna and flora, verdant forests, secluded coves, rugged limestone karsts, endless stretched beaches, warm turquoise waters and sun-drenched beaches. Many are the times you will be on the beaches, admiring the horizon, and soaking in the sun. Later on, you can have a candlelit dinner at some of the most fantastic hotels. You can go for island hopping tour where you can go to explore the islands as you seek adventure.

Make sure you visit Ao Thalane and have an excellent kayaking experience. You can also take a trip to Bor Thor and get to know the secret of lagoons. You can also go to Phi Phi Islands for scuba diving or to Songpraek River for rafting. This is just a few ideas of the places you need to visit on your trip to Krabi.


Tips for a better experience:

Krabi Town and Ao Nang are suitable for accommodation as a romantic city in Thailand. It is not hard to find affordable accommodation, and you can access different attractions from here. You can, however, go to Tubkaek if you want a more secluded place where there are no so many tourists. This city is well known for the many natural hot springs like Klong Thom Hot springs and Emerald Pool.



This place is quite calm, and you will feel like you are in a completely different world. It is blissful and extraordinarily refreshing compared to the other Thailand islands. It will take you one hour from Krabi to Koh Lanta by boat. You will be welcomed by the pristine azure waters and white sandy beaches which is a fantastic view. The beaches in this city are not crowded, and thus it is ideal for lovers who want to have a romantic date in a secluded place. People who love scuba diving will enjoy the place. It is becoming so famous as the best place for romantic trips in Thailand.


Tips for a better experience:

If you want to spend some time like an islander, then take a trip to Koh Lanta. Here you will have the fantastic Thai food prepared by locals, go for friendly fishing and get a few fish and explore the marine life of the area. Consider going to beach resorts and visit the spas for massages. Later on, you can go to the grand beach bars and have a taste of the scrumptious seafood delicacies. Visit the Pimalai which is among the best luxury hotels in Koh Lanta. It is a great place to have a romantic time for it is surrounded by white beaches and a tropical forest.


  1. HUA HIN

While still traveling you might think that the city is crowded and modern which makes one think that it resembles Bangkok. Once you are in the city, you find that it is made with a delightful mix of coastline and the city which is far from Bangkok. There is a lot of entertainment and activities to choose from for the newlyweds and this is why it’s a romantic places to visit in Thailand.

You can start the trip by going to the golden sandy beach. The water is suitable for swimming, and snorkeling and it will leave you refreshed. It is also an perfect place for a lively nightlife, shopping spots, and great markets. Make the trip more luxurious by visiting the spas, golf courses, and the fantastic resorts.


Tips for a better experience:

Many people prefer to go to Hua Hin by car or by coach. However, riding a train will give you a great experience since you get a chance to have a good view of the rivers and rolling mountains on your way to Hua Hin. The station is also another fascinating thing you have ever seen in your life. It will take you around four hours but the train journey will be relaxing and beautiful, and you will not regret it.

This city is also known for street shopping and shopping malls. Ensure that you visit Venezia which is the newest shopping mall in the area. It gets its inspiration mostly from the Mediterranean villages and Venice Canals.



Many people are aware of Phuket as a great honeymoon destination in Thailand. Many couples and beach lovers are entranced by the clear turquoise waters, palm-fringed beaches, tropical sunshine and the wide stretch of its coastline. There are a lot of tourists in this city, but you will find some secluded nooks for your romantic time.

Some of the remarkable places include Phromthep Cape and Phang Nga Bay. They are perfect for viewing the sunsets and sunrise as well as the sheer natural beauty. On top of all these amazing things, it is among the most affordable places in Thailand.


Tips for a better experience:

If you are looking for the best place in Thailand to go for diving, then Phuket is the right place. Whenever you get there, never miss scuba diving or snorkeling as you see the beauty of the deep oceans. It will also be good to go for a hopping tour where you explore the surrounding of the island. It is also worth to pay a visit to Racha islands, Coral Islands and Similan Islands



This ends up to be a revitalizing place for many people. There are a lot of sceneries ranging from stimulating green wilderness to the azure waters. The city is located on the northern side of Thailand, and it has lots of rolling plantations and mountains with dense rain forests on top of the emerald waters and sunny beaches. Nature is what you will love most in this Thailand city. It is the best place for people who love adventure and others who love nature. It is a hub of amazing Thai food and local culture, and it will fill you with memories you will never forget.


Tips for a better experience:

The old city of Chiang Mai is fully loaded with honeymoon resorts and world-class luxury resorts. Visitors are dead of choice between villas and private bungalows where they can watch sweeping mountains and rice paddies. They have outstanding complementary benefits and offers for guests coming for honeymoons in Thailand. Visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and spend time with the elephants bathing and feeding them.



Koh Kood lies on the eastern side of Thailand. It is tiny, secluded buts its sheer beauty will amaze you. The secluded romantic escapes make it a beautiful place to take your loved one and have a romantic time. Spend some time experiencing the fascinating green woodlands and the pristine beaches. Later you can have a session of massage before heading for the Thai dinner in the open air. Later in the night, you can ask your loved one to swim as you watch the clear midnight moonlight. You can be sure to have an amazing time as this is one of the most romantic places to visit in Thailand.


Tips for a better experience:

It is a little costly to travel to Koh Kood since you will have to use different modes of transport. When you get there, however, you will love the experience, and you will not feel like moving out of the place.

Thailand is a place that you will love to spend your romantic time. You will find many things to do and watch in this wonderful country. You will never have enough of it and especially if you only have a few days to visit. It is recommendable that you have at least six days to tour to have the least of what Thailand is all about. If possible do not miss the Bangkok’s fervor. The awesome country offers you great experiences for romantic tours and wonderful packages for a honeymoon.

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