Maeklong Railway Market: Bangkok Day Trip Guide

Do you know that some of the frequent visitors of Bangkok are those who take advantage of their numerous markets, cheap produce, and variety of merchants? Bangkok has gained popularity among retailers and travelers alike partly because of their night markets, floating markets, street markets, and even railway markets. There’s lots of great days trips from Bangkok that you can go on.

If you are planning to go to Bangkok, we recommend that you see first the top 50 tourist spots that you must not miss in the city. In this post, we will be sharing with you some information about:

  • The stuff you can purchase at the train market
  • Details about the train schedules
  • The operating hours of the different markets
  • Directions on getting to the markets
  • Hotels and apartments that you could book


Do you know that the Maeklong Railway Market can be one of the craziest yet also most exciting markets that you’ll ever visit? That’s particularly because of its dynamic characteristic and insane transformations. You’ll never really know whether you are really in a market or in a railway.

You can find this market just adjacent to the Maeklong Railway Station. You may be surprised to see how the railway can look like just an ordinary market that is crowded with eager buyers and curious tourists. When trains are not passing, what you will only see are busy consumers. But as you hear the train horns, then you start to realize that you are really in a railway area.

If you plan to get a crazy yet fun shopping experience, then you have to visit the Maeklong Railway Market when you are in Bangkok. However, we urge you to leave your high standards for a while and just immerse yourselves in the wonderful culture of this place.

What you will see in the railway market are extremely crowded areas. The spaces are filled with kiosks, tents, pedestrians, shoppers, and more. Observe the surroundings and be stunned by Thailand’s simple yet dynamic beauty.


Directions On Getting To Railway Market From Bangkok

If you are coming from Bangkok, know that there are different ways to reach the railway market. Consider any of the following:

  1. Minivan – This mode of transportation will take you to the railway market for an hour and a half. It will cost you around 70 Thai Baht for this ride.
  2. Taxi – We don’t really recommend riding taxis except if you want a more convenient option and if you are traveling with a group of 4 people. Hiring a taxi for an entire day can cost around 2000 Thai Baht.
  3. Train – The train from Bangkok to the province is around 3 hours travel time or even more because of usual delays. You could ride from the Wongwian Yai Station and stop at Mahachai Station. From there, you could cross the river going to the Tha Chalom Pier. Then again, you will have to transfer to the Ban Laem Station to reach the destination.



Location Of Maeklong Railway Market

You may find the railway market in the beautiful province of Samut Songkhram. If ever you decide to come here, you will love how accessible it is from other tourist destinations in Bangkok such as the Amphawa Floating Market. From Bangkok, expect at least an hour to get here.


Maeklong Railway Market Operations

You can visit the market any day of the week. Stores open from 6:20 in the morning to 5:40 in the afternoon. We suggest that you visit the place early in the morning to prevent the scorching heat of the sun.


The Maeklong Railway Market Schedules

The Maeklong Railway Market is open every single day. Trains also operate daily. Arrival time is based on this pattern: 8:30 am, 11:10 am, 2:30 pm & 5:40 pm. Departure schedule is as follows: 6:20 am, 9:00 am, 11:30 am & 3:30 pm. Always remember to earlier than the schedule so as not to miss your ride.



Stuff To Buy At Maeklong Railway Market

The best things to buy at the railway market are stuff that can fill your grumbling tummies. There are a lot of stores that offer wonderful Thai dishes that can make your heart jump out of delight. You may also consider getting some dried seafood to bring home as a souvenir to your relatives. We promise, they are really delicious!

Also, if you think that fruits and vegetable are quite expensive from where you are coming from, then change your perspective when it comes to Thailand. The railway market offers you a chance to buy fresh fruits at very cheap rates. Surely, your health can benefit so much from this market tour!

If you have a sweet tooth and would like to try some Thai desserts, then be more adventurous by picking some creatively prepared dessert dishes from the stores. Try checking out for homemade ice creams that can surely give refreshing sensations from the warm climate of Thailand.

Going to the railway market is like visiting a bazaar with only the best deals. You may be surprised how a few US dollars can let you enjoy so much local products.


Hotels And Apartments In The Province

Instead of booking accommodations at the capital city of Bangkok, we encourage you to stay a night or two in the province of Samut Songkhram. This will give you an authentic experience of the local culture at very inexpensive rates!

The Baan Ampawha Resort has relaxing amenities such as a stunning pool area. You may also check in to Bann Reuan Penn Homestay that offers a distinct chance to experience how local Thais go about their daily lives. It offers you a view of boats that go to the floating markets.



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