Chiang Mai Things To Do: 11 Things To See In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a great place to visit, and whenever you are looking for a place to tour, then it should be at the top of the first. Irrespective of whether the trip you are taking to Chiang Mai is a professional one or you are going to visit a friend or a family member, you need to make the best of the visit. There’s lots of things to do in¬†Chiang Mai so you should be entertained during your trip.

To have the best experience of a place, you have to do maximum research on things you should do and the places to visit in Chiang Mai. This will help you to come up with a concise plan for your time and also a budget of the amount of money to spend. Here we have recommendations for the best fun places to see in Chiang Mai. They are among the best places, and I can assure you that the time spent here will be fantastic and fun.


Daytime Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Peak Spa

Another great way you can spend your daytime is by spending time been pampered at the Thailand spas. All the services in the spas will be offered at quite a reasonable price. There are various types of massages provided here, and they are done splendidly. You can have as many additions as you want and you will not even know it when the night knocks. The cost will vary from one spa to another, and the transportation costs will also differ depending on where you will be going.


Monk Chat

This activity is unique thing to do in Chiang Mai. Here you take time and ask Buddhist Monks any questions that you may have. They will explain more about the Thai culture and more about Buddhism. Their English may not be that good, and you may struggle a little to get what they are saying. Despite the many questions from the tourists, the Monks here are very gentle. The chat with the Monk is usually in Wat Suan Dokm which is a quite a beautiful temple in Chiang Mai. Behind the temple is Pun-Pun which is such an excellent restaurant for veggies. This talk is free for any person.


Warorot Market

This market is mainly for the locals. You will then be an able bargain on the various goods here. You will also find delightful flowers in this market some people find this market to be much better compared to the Night market but this is subjective. You will not be charged anything to visit the market and that’s why it’s a great thing to see in Chiang Mai.


Nighttime Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Sunday Walking Street Market

Many people who have toured Chiang Mai and gone to the night market have said this to be one of their highlights as a thing to do in Chiang Mai. Start this activity at around 4 pm. You can go to these markets for more than one time. There are fabulous sounds, smells, and colors. This is also a good time that you can have an on-street Thai massage which will not take you more than 200 baht each.

Goods sold during the night market are high quality, and it is the best place to buy a souvenir. Walking to the market is free, but you may be lured to buy plenty of things. The best thing about it is that everything you buy is worth the price.


Khum Khantoke For Dinner And Lanna Dancing

This is the central part of tourist attention. If you have never seen the Thai dancing, then this is an excellent chance to experience the awesomeness. The foods are varied and generous, and the dances makeups and costumes are made is such a great way. You will love the experience, and you may find yourself dancing with them. You will see some Chinese and Cambodian dancing, and it will be quite great. Dancing and dinner will cost you around 650baht for one person, but it does not include the drinks.


Night Market

This is the other very significant attraction in Chiang Mai. You will get a night market every night, and you will find this on the eastern side of the old city. There is a lot of food stalls in the area, but the most recommendable things to take here are fruit juices or fresh juices. You can stay wondering in this night market for as many hours as you may want. The quality of the products in the night market is somehow lower compared to the Sunday Walking Market, but you will get a variety of these products.


North Gate Jazz Bar

The Jazz co-op has live bands and jazz in the many nights of the week. There will also be a jam night on every Tuesday of the week, and anyone is free to join the group. You have to go quite early like around 8:30 because it is always packed. You might miss a seat when you go later at night. The entertainment will start at around 9:00 or 9:30 and this will go on until midnight. The entry is free, and all you will be needed to do is to pay for the drinks.


Airport Plaza Cinema

If you happen to be in Chiang Mai on a rainy night, do not be disturbed by the activity of the night. Have an exciting and luxurious time in a cinema house. There is a cheap cinema at Airport Plaza. This is the largest shopping mall you will find in Chiang Mai. The mall may be unremarkable, but you can be sure that the cinema will be magnificent. Thai national anthem will be sung before the starting of every film and everyone is required to stand in its honor. Each person may use up to 180 baht in the mall.


Fun Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Elephant Nature Pack

Seeing elephants is at the top of the list of any person planning to travel to Thailand. Visiting this nature park will give you an experience you will never forget. The very best place you can have a view of them in this great city of Chiang Mai is at ENP. You are free to do some activities with the elephants such as washing them in the river or even feeding them. You may not be allowed to ride on them but the time you will hang out with them will be fantastic.

It may cost you around 2500baht which will include spending a full day in the park, enjoying a full buffet lunch of veggies and transport cost to the park and back. It may look costly but it’s one of the best things to do in Chiang Mai, but you can be assured you will get the value of every coin you spend. People who have visited the park before give it a five-star rating. It does not matter if it’s your first time or you have been there before, but the experience is awesome.


Thai Farm Cooking School

Learning how to cook Thai food is the other great activity you should consider in Chiang Mai. You may have gone to another cooking school earlier in your life, but we can bet that you will love it more at the Thai Farm Cooking School. Here you have a variety of choices to choose from the options of meat to veggie options. Take advantage of this opportunity and visit the organic farms and the market where you can see how the various ingredients you use for cooking grow.

Have one day to go to the School. You will cook around six dishes in one day. You can eat half of the dishes in the school and carry the rest to enjoy it later. The staffs in these schools are attentive, helpful and quite friendly. Unlike other schools that are quite protective of what they offer, this staff puts their recipes on the website, and you can have them for later use. The budget of the day should be around 1150 baht.


Take A Day Trip From Chiang Mai

There are several travel agents in Chiang Mai, and these agents will offer you with different trips out of town and around of town. Some of the places to go for a day trip include the hot spring, different markets, hill tribes, long neck tribes, golden triangle, Mekong River and the White Temple. You can go to these places by bus, and the White temple will most probably be what you love most.

The White Temple is constructed in such a beautiful way, and you can stay for a long time exploring it. It is also a pleasant experience to visit the tribes, but some ethical issues may be quite confusing. You can also get an extension for the Visa and visit some other parts such as the Myanmar border. The day trip will cost you approximately 1500baht.



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