9 Chiang Mai Luxuries That You Don’t Want To Miss Doing

Chiang Mai, the city in the North, is now becoming one of the most luxurious places to visit in Thailand. In the past, this city was known to be a budget location where you would get the most delicious foods at a very low price in Southeast Asia. These days you get the best value for each and everything you buy from the fine dining to the high-end resorts. David kitchen in Chiang Mai has been rated to be among the best restaurants that tourists should visit. It has lovely foods and staffs are so friendly. It is in the top ten lists of the best restaurants in Asia.

Here you will get everything you will find in Chiang Mai like the 3-hour pampering sessions, 10-course meals fit for a king, and resorts styled designed like miniature kingdoms among others. Below are some tips on where you should go to have a luxurious time in Chiang Mai.


9 Chiang Mai Luxuries That You Don’t Want To Miss Doing


  1. Start The Morning With Merit

Waking you early in the morning will give you some views that you will enjoy. You will see monks wearing their orange robes in the streets of Chiang Mai collecting their alms silently. Watching these monks going through the streets of the city will give you a spiritual and a more engaging moment. This way you feel things that belong to the past transcending to the present. The residents of Chiang Mai will wait for the monks patiently in the street and give them the wai and alms.

The visitors in Chiang Mai are also free to give the alms, but it is advisable to have a Thai person assist you so that you cannot go way far past the cultural boundaries. There is a morning activity at the Siripanna Villa Resort for giving alms to the monks. This resort is responsible for organizing everything like the clothing, food and they will also give you a talk on how to give the alms. The day can then begin officially after doing some merits in the morning.


  1. Spend The Morning At A Lake

Mornings are the best times you should take advantage of the crisp and cool climate and have some life reflections. Go to Ang Kaew Reservoir at Chiang Mai University and find a tranquil where you can have some peaceful time reflecting as you watch the slopes of Doi Pui Mountain. The lake does not have a lot of people in the mornings, and it is s suitable time to smell the flowers around and take pictures. If you must have a cup of coffee to start your day, Asama Coffee shop will make you great coffee.

The coffee shop opens at around 8.00 in the morning, and it is located near a small lake. Here you will be able to see take a view of Doi Suthep and much more. Another place to get awesome coffee is at Asama. You can have an espresso con pannier a strong cappuccino and then go ahead and start your luxurious Chiang Mai day.


  1. Dip In A Pool

You can head to the pool as soon as the temperatures start to increase. Put a good book, a sun lotion and swimsuit in your bag and go to one of the most stylish swimming pools in Chiang Mai. If you are in a hotel that does not have a pool, then look for one with a pool. Some of the busiest pools in town include a lounger lined pool and Shangri-La’s tree pool.

You will also find a very large pool at Eco Resort for people who desire to swim with laps. Another infinity and gorgeous pool will be out of the Chiang Mai city at the Veranda Resort. Here you will also have the sight the national park foothills. You will be charged a small fee to enjoy the Chiang Mai luxury pools.


  1. Mid-Morning Pick Me Up

During the mid-morning, you might need to explore more of the city. Go for shopping in the boutique and visit the temples in the city. You can go to a social enterprise based in Chiang Mai known as Akha Ama, and you will be delighted by their friendly staff. Not too far from it is the Wat Phra Singh temple and thus you can combine the visit of the two. In the old city, you can also visit the Graph Café which is small café that specializes in producing astounding nitro coffee, cold brew, and espresso with Thai beans. Ensure that you go to Ristr8to café if you happen to get to the Nimmanhaemin area. This is a well-known café for its wonderful coffee.


  1. Indulge In A Lazy And Long Lunch

Chiang Mai has a lot of good meals, and thus you should be prepared to take several meals and courses in a day. With 450 Baht you can go to Akyra Manor, and they will give you a good deal for lunch including starters, main course, and deserts. This course of food will be only available from 1 pm to 3 pm. Another place to get fantastic Italian food is Zest restaurant located at the Sireeampan boutique hotel. You will get a set lunch every day, and it will only cost you 295 Baht.


  1. Afternoon High Tea

The high tea ceremony is one of the most known indulgences in Chiang Mai for luxury. This is a tradition that started from the colonial days, and it was believed that the British were the ones who brought it to Asia. During this celebration, there will be luxurious Lounge where you can talk, teapots and savory and sweet nibbles. To be part of the lavish hot tea, you can go to Dhara Dhevi Hotel or the 137 Pillars House.

Thailand also has this kind of high tea traditions, but in their case, the content is not from the colonial times. The upper-class people and the royals of the Thai community have lunch during the afternoons with different spiced snacks and tea. Some of the snacks here include spicy dips, fresh vegetables, and grilled chicken. If you want has high tea in style, go to Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel. Remember that you should be prepared to go hungry because you will not have any other meal apart from the high tea.


  1. Flower Market

There is a bustling, colorful and good smelling flower market in the middle of Ping River and Warorot market known as the Tom Lamyai flower market. This market is opened for 24 hours, and you will find different varieties and species of flowers that come from the different parts of Northern Thailand. The best time to visit the flower market is during the evenings or mornings because this is when the deliveries of the flowers get to the market. Flowers here are so cheap because you are purchasing them right from the source. You can treat yourself to a bunch of lilies or orchids and take them to your hotel room.


  1. Several Hours Of Pampering

In Chiang, Mai spas will charge you way less than what you get charges by the spas in the western country. Been massaged for around three hours in this spas will cost you around $100. This cost is inclusive of four hand massages, seaweed wraps, body scrubs, and facials. This is an activity you should not miss in your visit for luxurious Chiang Mai.

Different spas have different packages for massages. Cheeva spa has twelve packages, and you are free to choose the best while the Oasis Spa will offer you with four hand massage that will make you feel relaxed even in most tight knots. Then there is the Peak Spa. This spa will get you right from your hotel and bring you to their spa. Here you choose the specific massage you want from their packages. Some of the packages include herbal steam balls and delightful aromatherapy oils.


  1. Unwind With Cocktails

After the tiresome day of moving from one place to another, take time to take a delicious cocktail in the evening. Spend time at Rising at Akyra Manor as you take your favorite wine or cocktail. Here you will have a satisfying view of the city as well as that of the sunset. It will be better if you go early so that you can get a seat in the intimate and small rooftop bar and have enough time in the fantastic place.


Best Luxury To Choose?

This old city of Chiang Mai is a great place where you can relax, unwind and also for pampering yourself. If you have planned for a visit of some few days, it should not surprise you to spend much more time here than you expected. There are so many luxuries to choose from until you do not know what to do and what to leave. Luxurious Chiang Mai will guide you for the best activities to have during your honeymoon or holiday to get the best experience from the trip.

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