7 Things That You Should Pack For Trip To Thailand

Every person would love to travel across the world. Taking trips and visiting the different places is something that many people may love to accomplish. The best thing about traveling is that you get to learn new ways, new cuisines, new ideas, new languages and you also get exposed to the different cultures in the world.

Through tours, people can bring new ideas back to their countries and learn how to deal with hardships that may face on their way. It can be quite tiresome to carry a lot of foods in your bag to avoid taking snacks in the streets, but it will be prudent just to have some extra things in the backpack. You want to make sure you have certain things to bring to Thailand.

Thailand is one of the most interesting destinations, and tourists enjoy it because of the country’s natural beauty, cool culture, great beaches and great foods. There are items that you should ensure to have in your bag before going for your tour in Thailand. Below we have a list of things that you should pack for a trip to Thailand.


  1. A Quality Travel Backpack

Thailand is among the biggest countries in the world. In fact, it is the 50th biggest country, and it is even large than Spain. There are therefore so many places to visit in Thailand. Carrying a suitcase around and lugging it around everywhere you go is not advisable for someone who wants to travel around the world. Having a heavy suitcase will cause you a headache and especially if you will have to carry it through bus terminals that are at times very crowded.

The most plausible thing to do is to invest in a travel backpack. With the backpack, you will be able to tour in Thailand more comfortably. You will be able to cover the sun-drenched beaches to the Thanon Thong Chai Range highlands.


  1. Slip On Shoes

You may not know that there are some places in Thailand where you will be asked to remove your shoes. You may be invited by a local to visit their homes, or you may visit the temples and the custom there is that you show your respect by removing your shoes. This will not only save you time, but make it much easier to go into certain areas in Thailand. This is why we suggest having this packed for Thailand trip.

Some big shoes like the Timberland boots may be ideal if you are going for hiking or when climbing mountains but they will be a challenge if you have to unlace them to get to the temples. Slip shoes will allow you to remove the shoes more easily and quickly when you get to do some of the touring activities. If you are visiting Thailand, then Slip shoes should be a must-have.


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  1. A Water Bottle

One of the most wonderful things in this great country of Thailand is that you will get so many places at your disposal for you to refill the water bottle. You will only be priced a few cents for you to have the bottle refilled. The industry of tourism have learned that many of the visitors from other countries prefer to have filtered water and this many stores, hotels and restaurants offer filtered water to their clients. Avoid carrying the disposable bottles for environmental purposes and carry a water bottle with you. On top of saving the environment, you will also be saving yourself the money of having to buy packaged water now and then. Certain months between November through March, the weather is very hot and humid and water really helps. This is why we suggest to have a water bottle packed for Thailand.


  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must carry if you will be going to the beaches. The sunscreen will however not only be used on the beaches in Thailand but in your entire travel. When going to visit regions with mountains, it is probable that the sun will be very hot. The sunscreen will, therefore, prevent you from getting burnt by the sun. You can still buy the sunscreen in Thailand, but it is a little more expensive. For this reason, it is crucial that you remember to put it in your bag right from your home country.


  1. A Good Rain Jacket

When the rain starts in Thailand, then it rains for real. The rainy season in this country is mainly from May to October. However, this does not imply that it will not rain during the other times of the year. Carry a good rain jacket and this way you will be safe from getting soaked in case it rains unexpectedly. A rain jacket with flaps on the sides that can be opened is more preferred. This is because you can use them for ventilation when the humidity becomes extreme.


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  1. A Light Sweatshirt

When people go for tours, they think of carrying flip tops, shots and tank tops. A sweatshirt is one thing that is mainly left out. If you are planning to travel to Thailand, it is crucial you carry a sweatshirt with you. There are times you will get in buses and find them quite cold since the AC is turned on. The Ac may be refreshing after the trip but sometime in the bus will chill you out and especially if you are only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Your train and bus rides will be more comfortable when on a sweatshirt.


  1. A Quick Dry Towel

People traveling to Thailand should know that it will be very hard to dry off things. It is quite rare to get dryers in Laundromat and even if it is very hot and sunny, the humidity is intense. At times you will find that your towels are still dumpy even after leaving them to dry out in the hotel deck. This will result in making your things becoming dumpy and getting a bad smell. Make your drying off quite easy and avoid some of these challenges by carrying a quick dry towel that dries off quickly. With this, you will not have to have a messed up bag due to a wet towel.


Enjoy Thailand

It does not matter the places you will visit in Thailand, but you can be sure that it will be a great and unforgettable time in your entire life. While you will get almost everything in this modern country the seven things mentioned above are a must carry. They will make your trip to Thailand more fun and worthwhile.

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