3-Week Thailand Itinerary: Ultimate Guide On Things To Do In Thailand

It can be somehow challenging to come up with a plan for visiting Thailand for 3 weeks. Unlike the other places in Asia, there is so much information on the places to visit and the things to see in Thailand in 3 weeks, and this makes it quite hard to decide on the places to visit and those not to visit. We have a Thailand itinerary plan that will guide you during the Thailand tour so that you cannot skip some of the must-see destinations here.


What To See In Thailand In 3 Weeks

I would confidently advise someone to reduce the number of days they spend on a particular place and concentrate more on the quality of time they spend there. This way you will have a better experience on what is offered in the country. Below we’ve got a 3 week Thailand itinerary that hopefully will help you with your travel planning.


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Day One To Seven: Bangkok

Seven days is one-third of your trip time in Thailand. Many people may think that this is too much time to spend in one place, but I can promise you that it is quite worth it. Bangkok have so many sights to visit, and you will adapt to the place quite fast. You will find a lot of day trips in this area, and you should take advantage of them. Some of the day trips include for your itinerary in Thailand:

  • Ayutthaya-This ancient city was listed by the world heritage and was the former capital city just before Bangkok. It is a place worth to visit. A day spent at Ayutthaya will be a day to remember. You will have time to check the ancient temples and other interesting sites.
  • Kanchanaburi- the Kanchanaburi town is a reminder of how the slave laborers and POWs passed through hardships when the Japanese held them on the southern side of Asia. One day is enough to tour the town and experiencing the fun.


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Days Eight To Fifteen: Chiang Mai & Surrounding Areas

From Bangkok, you can take a plane to fly you to Chiang Rai and then take a bus that will take you to Chiang Mai. In my opinion, it will be more exciting when you spend around four to five days in Chiang Mai and then move to enjoy the surrounding for two to three days. This means that the six-day tour to Chan Mai will be quite shot compared to the sights you will have to visit. You can stay outside the city as you track to the mountains, using a bike to visit the Mae Hong Son Loop or visiting resorts such as Chai Lai Orchid.


Days Sixteen To Twenty One: Island Beaches

People have been debating on the specific Island for Thailand itinerary that have some of the gorgeous beaches. The truth is that many of the beaches in Thai will give you an experience you will never forget irrespective of where they are. The best idea is to get one destination and spend your time there instead of having to hop from one place to the other. Some of the beaches you should consider are Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, and Phuket.

All the mentioned beaches are fantastic and you will be wowed by how amazing they are. The Koh Samui beach is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to access the Moon Party without any troubles. For those not wanting to go to the Full Moon Party, you’ve got options of Nok Air or Air Asia. Check the two beautiful destinations first and choose the one with the best package for you. Also look for some discounted flights to those destinations. It will take you long travel so count one of the days as a travel day for your 3 week itinerary of Thailand.


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Spending More Time In Thailand Itinerary

I would not advise you to spend more days than the above itinerary plan in the islands, Chiang Mai and also in Bangkok. It will be better to visit other new places if you get more time like as follows:

  • Visit the golden triangle or go to Chiang Rai
  • Take more of your time exploring the islands and the southern island
  • Trek to Umphang or Khao Yai National Park
  • Temple fans can make a stop on their way to Chiang Mai at Sukhothai


Cutting Down Itinerary Of Thailand

Some people may not have a full three weeks to visit Thailand. Here are ideas of how you can spend fewer days in Thailand:

  • Reduce your days in Bangkok. It may be impossible not to visit Bangkok at all because you will be in an out of the city frequently. However, you may decide to spend fewer days in the major city. You can, for instance, omit two or one-day trips in the city thus spending five or four days.
  • Visit Chiang Mai for four days. You can spend four days to visit this old city and leave out the trips to the city surroundings as well as the mountains.
  • Cut the Beach visit by one day. You can reduce the visit to the Thai beaches by one day. It will also be prudent if you concentrate on flight travels. This will help you in a significant way not to lose so much time.


Chiang Rai Vs. Chiang Mai

Many people will fall in love with Chiang Mai compared to Chiang Rai. This is however subjective, and the opinions will differ from one person to another. Here are fascinating things that make Chiang Mai more preferred compared to Chiang Rai.

  1. It is easy to walk around, and it is centralized
  2. People feel much safer since it has a large population at night and there is enough lighting
  3. There are more tourism infrastructures and more activities for tourists
  4. You can access it more easily through bus and train from the other parts of Thailand.


Rai, on the other hand, you will need to travel from Laos or Chiang Mai or take a flight from the south. In my opinion, if you have to choose between Chai and Rai then Chiang Mai is the place to be.


What To Expect In Chiang Rai

There is one unique thing that you will find in Chiang Rai that you will not get in any other part of the world. This is the Wat Rong Khun which is the white temple. It is a fantastic site, and you will not have such a view in any other place. It is fun, peculiar and super exciting to wander through the city. Ensure that you visit the White Temple the day you land in Rai.

Another great thing in Chaing Rai is the night market. This night market is, however, smaller compared to what you will find in Chiang Mai. There are also plenty of wealthy temples, and this will be among the major things you will find in the city.

Chiang Rai as we conclude is the closest town to the Golden Triangle. This is where Thailand, Myanmar, and Los come together. You can use this as a perfect place to make your plans if you want to visit Laos. You can also make a tour to see the Golden Triangle and head back to Chiang Rai. Not unless you have always wished to see the White Temple, in my opinion, it should not be something worth taking a trip to Chiang Rai to see it by itself.


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Is It Worth To Visit Chiang Rai?

One thing we need to understand is that unless your money and time are limited, one place you visit will take the place of another destination that you would tour. Being as practical as possible, the truth is that there are places that people regard as a must visit that is not just that.

Thailand on the northern side is lumped as Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and their surroundings. This is what you will find on many of the guidebooks you get on Thailand. This makes one feel that visiting the two cities is obligatory or as if they are all on the same level in regards to the things you are going to do and the things you will see.

However, the only thing that the two towns have in common is their names. Some people will say they Chiang Rai is a mini Chiang Mai with trekking excursions, a night market and full of temples. This is what makes people wonder which of the two towns is worth to visit.


The Conclusion

If your trip will take you less than a month, then there is no need to spend time and money in Chiang Rai. If however, you have more time to tour like two months then it would be worthwhile to make a stop in the Chiang Rai city. You can consider going to other towns in the northern part through a bus, and you will still enjoy your trip.

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