15 Places You Must See In Thailand: Ultimate Thailand Bucket list

Thailand is among the countries that you could easily fall in love with. Honestly, a few days of visit in Thailand seem to be so short. With a variety of things to do, islands to go to, places to visit, culinary delights to try, and experiences to enjoy, we really think that an at least a month of travel shall be allotted to your Thai itinerary. Here are some of the best destinations that you could visit when you travel to Thailand:


15 Places You Must See In Thailand

Ayutthaya Historical Park

The Ayutthaya Historical Park is among those treasures under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can reach this place by just renting a private vehicle and traveling for about an hour from the city of Bangkok.

On a historical perspective, Ayutthaya was named as the 2nd capital of Siam (an ancient name of Thailand). It has seen glorious days from the middle of the 14th Century to the late 18th Century until the Burmese military attacked and ruined the beautiful elements of the city of Ayutthaya. Among those that were damaged during the Burmese attack were some Buddha statues, religious shrines, and other cultural treasures. In order to keep some of the remaining structures, relics were buried underground for centuries.

You can now personally witness the buried relics since the Thai government has made efforts to restore and salvage the remaining treasures of the ancient past. The ruins from centuries ago can be seen at the archaeological park. Get your cameras ready for some photographic adventure as you take images of yourself and your family and friends with the ancients temples, Thai palaces, and Buddha statues.


Bangkok’s Grand Palace

After the Burmese attacks and when Ayutthaya no longer seemed conducive for government affairs and economic activities, the Siam government decided to establish its capital in Bangkok. The city can be found along the famous Chao Praya River. Its area is more than 200,000 sq. meters with a fortress protecting the royalty, the government departments, and religious temples.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace contains some of the most precious relics in Thai history. Apart from the huge land area, even the structures are strikingly breathtaking. Among the sites to fathom in this destination are the Royal Pantheon, a couple of Chakri Dynasty Rulers’ statues, the Royal Monastery of the Emerald Buddha, the replica of Angkor Wat, Buddhist temples, and a golden chedi.

Remember to request a visit that will be at least three hours because the sheer size of the Grand Palace will require effort and time to explore. You must also remember that some of the sites within the complex of the Grand Palace require a specific dress code. Women must make sure that their shoulders are covered and men must be wearing sleeved t-shirts. No one should be entering the temples or states wearing anything that would show the legs and tightly fitting the body. The entrance fee to the Grand Palace is priced at around 400 Thai Baht.


Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Bo Sang is a small village that is located in the eastern part of Chiang Mai. You can reach the destination through a half-hour taxi ride. The village is also known as the Umbrella Village since it is where the local people of Thailand craft umbrellas and bamboo parasols manually. You can purchase these wonderfully crafted umbrellas for only 55 USD. In case you have no intention of buying these umbrellas because of budget constraints, worry not because you can still watch the women of the village work on accomplishing the task. But I really doubt if you won’t buy a single one because of the sheer beauty of their workmanship.


Chiang Mai

If you just want to enjoy the culture of Thailand without unnecessary noise and business, then you could visit Chiang Mai. This place is also famous for its recognition as the Rose of the North. You could spend peaceful mornings in the place as you visit Buddhist temples that are decades and centuries old. You could go on an exciting food adventure as you try different meals from the numerous restaurants on the streets.

Then if you want to stay until evening, you will be enamored by the beauty of its transformation. From a quiet day, the place suddenly becomes so busy with local and foreign shoppers crowding the streets just to get the best deals from the night bazaar participants. This place is actually the favorite of online entrepreneurs and foreign boutique owners for their supplies. Among the best stuff to get here are fashionable clothes, DVDs, jewelry pieces, bracelets, and pairs of shoes. Just walk through the eastern part of the city and find the Chang Khlan Road in order to find more vendors that offer better deals. Staying through the night is definitely worth it because the Sunday Night Market, also called as the Walking Street, is where you will get the cheapest finds ever.


Chiang Rai White Temple

By now, you must know that the majority of the Thai populace is of Buddhist faith. In order to get a fuller understanding of Thai tradition, you must also spend some time examining the traditional structures and religious centers of the country. Make sure that you visit Wat Rong Khun, a Buddhist temple situated in the southern part of Chiang Rai.

The Wat Rong Khun is also known as the White Temple particularly because the design elements that were incorporated in the structure came from the idea of enlightenment. If you happen to also love architecture, we are sure that you will appreciate this work of Ajarn Chalermchai since it does offer a different perspective to the Buddhist faith.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

If you are an avid reader of travel magazines, you should probably know by now that Thai is among the loveliest places for those who love to shop various kinds of stuff. Among the interesting places for shopping is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. You could reach this by going on more than an hour of travel from the capital. A taxi ride going to the destination from the city and vice versa is around 60 USD. The best time of visit to the floating market is early in the morning. Don’t worry about breakfast because you could get local Thai cuisine once you arrive at the market. You will surely be surprised to find out how cheap clothing items, souvenirs, fruits, noodles, and other stuff could be at this place.


Elephant Nature Park

Are you fond of taking care of pets and other natural creatures? Then you should definitely get into a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you interact with these lovely elephants at the Elephant Nature Park. This is located in Chiang Mai and has been established more than a decade ago. The nature park can be considered as a sanctuary for elephants since these creatures can be free roam around the area while interacting with each other, multiplying their family, and even spending some meaningful time with humans. The park is manned by well-trained staff who make sure that the animal’s welfare and health are monitored and taken care of.


Golden Triangle

You can find the Golden Triangle Park along the Mekong River that borders different Asian countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. The travel time from Chiang Rai going to the park is around three-quarters of an hour. So what shall you do when you get to the Golden Triangle Park?

Know that the park once served as an opium plantation, this you will find the Hall of Opium Museum in the area. It is worth visiting the place in order to know more about the history of this part of Thailand and also be informed about the different effects of opium. You should also take a photograph of the Golden Triangle monument for remembrance.


Khao Yai National Park

Another pride of Thailand is the Khao Yai National Park which is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is recorded to have an area of more than 300 sq. km. and is also considered to be among the biggest national parks in the country. Among the beautiful creatures that you will find here are the gigantic Asian elephants, the hornbills, and the gibbons.

The national park is protected, thus you could expect to feel much happiness for these animals. All the elephants in the park have the freedom to walk along the precious land. Even the gibbons who are usually victimized by greedy poachers are effectively protected at Khao Yai National Park. Because of the existence of this site, these creatures are successfully protected from being endangered.


Koh Lanta Island

Thailand is made up of multiple islands that are bestowed with different natural gifts. One of the favorite islands in the country is the Koh Lanta Island. This part of the country boasts of clear beach waters and fine sands. Unlike other populated beaches in Thailand, Koh Lanta will offer a much more relaxing atmosphere away from the big crowds.

You may want to try visiting Bamboo Beach which can be found at the south of Koh Lanta. You can choose among the 3 resorts located in the area. You could relax by just basking in the sun or getting into some adventure such as snorkeling. Just enjoy the entire beach with your loved ones and capture the best memories in Thailand.


Long Neck Hill Tribe Villages

You will find indigenous groups living in the outskirts of the main town of Chiang Rai. These indigenous people form part of the different villages along the hills. Among the tribes that you have to visit are the Akha, the Lahu, the Palong, the Lu Mien Yao, and the Karen “Long Neck” people. All these tribes have interesting cultures, traditions, and stories to share. You can learn more about them by booking a tour or getting a ticket from the village center. Among the interesting aspects that will surely catch your attention are the tribal costumes of the people of the Karen Long Neck Tribe. They wear colorful clothes and extremely heavy brass coils as their necklaces.


Monkey Temples of Lopburi

The Monkey Temples of Lopburi is famous for its ancient ruins that allow us to travel back in time. It is actually just over a hundred kilometers from the capital and can be highly accessible to tourists. Get ready for a physically tiring tour because the temples are scattered all throughout a large area. Also, you have to be well-prepared for incidental encounters with naughty macaques.


Tiger Kingdom

Thailand is home to a diverse group of both tamed and wild animals. If you think that tigers can be extremely dangerous, well, you are not entirely wrong! They are indeed wild, but the Tiger Kingdom allows you to closely interact with these creatures safely and securely. You can reach the Tiger Kingdom by renting out a private vehicle at the center of Chiang Mai. From the city, expect to reach the destination in 30 minutes.

What could you expect once you reach the Tiger Kingdom? There are a lot of tiger species in the park. You can actually spend some time cuddling baby tigers that are about three to four months old. You can also have some photograph sessions with bigger tigers if you feel a little bit more adventurous.

Should you worry that these tigers will suddenly attack you? We don’t think so. The tigers that are present in this park are all raised by the staff of the Tiger Kingdom. They were born in captivity and their feeding intervals are properly scheduled. Also, if you are concerned about maltreatment on these tigers, worry no more. According to the staff, these tigers are taken care of naturally. They are not given harmful drugs nor are injected with tranquilizers. Because they still have the natural instinct of any tiger, you have to follow the rules set by your tour guide. Never attempt at doing anything that would trigger the tigers’ violent responses. The fee for a few minutes of interaction is pegged at around 60 USD.


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