10 Best Restaurants In Bangkok – 2018/2019 Edition

Bangkok, Thailand is perhaps has one of the busiest streets in Asia and many come for some of the best restaurants in Bangkok. With a diverse beach and natural habitat resources, the inexpensive products and cheap standard of living cost makes it attractive for tourists to visit the city.

The city offers both simple travel goals and luxurious vacation destination for all walks of life. There are array of bars, shops, and various stores on the streets that basically everyone needs.

Because of the growing number of tourist population in Bangkok, there are a lot of foreign restaurants that opened aside from numerous local traditional Thai cuisine restaurants; there are also Italian, American Burger shops, Korean food stores, Japanese cuisine restaurants, and a lot more. You can enjoy eating at the best Bangkok restaurants in the city. We listed down 10 best restaurants in Bangkok that you would like to try.


10 Best Restaurants In Bangkok – 2018 Edition

#1 Siam Tea Room

The restaurant is located at the city’s Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. The restaurant offers spicy traditional Thai food and yet mostly (if not) infused with Western kind of dishes.

The Siam Tea Room has great friendly waiters who are ready to serve guests. Make sure to verify service charge and VAT tax before paying because most of the best restaurants in Bangkok, costumers expect that the prices in the menu include both. But there is no need to worry though, despite of the tax and overhead costing with service charge fee, price s of food in Siam Tea room is still reasonable.

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#2 Issaya Siamese Club

The restaurant is popular for its romantic vibe and formal ambiance. It is best for dates and intimate gathering. The Issaya Siamese Club, is situated in the middle of a well-designed garden that adds more intimacy and tranquil mood to all the guests who eat in this amazing Bangkok restaurant.

The restaurant has also an exclusive cooking expert, Chef Ivan Kittichai, who makes sure that all food served are all perfectly prepared. Chef Ivan is such a talented chef that most of those who were able to taste his food creation are captivated and would want to try his dishes again.

There is no need for booking reservations in the restaurant of Issaya Siamese Club, you can walk in there and dine easily, but since it’s February, the peak month for majority of people in Thailand and most parts of Asia – couples often go out and dine on month on February to celebrate Valentines month. So, check out first if there is still a table available for you and your date at one of the best restaurants in Bangkok.


#3 Indulge Restaurant

Situated in the middle of the Sukhumvit Road, at Wattana; the indulge restaurant is another diverse fusion of Thai dishes and international cuisine. Guests can try Thai spicy food dishes or perhaps eat their preferred food choice. Food servers are all courteous and helpful to the needs of their guests.


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#4 Nang Gin Kui

Another perfect pace to bring your ate is in Nang Gin Kui. The restaurant is located in Charon Krung in Chinatown. The restaurant offers candle light dinning, with wine, tempting sweet chocolate dessert and a good musical romantic background.

The restaurant brags their delicious home-made taste dishes which most travelers and first time guests enjoy. Yet again, since the restaurant has a good vibe for couples, check out first before dining in February at one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Expect a crowd of couples catching up with the Valentines celebration.

The Nang Gin Hui, also is another diverse restaurant that served both local Thai cuisine and foreign infused flavors.


#5 Rock Restaurant And Bar

The rock Restaurant and Bar, is mostly preferred by adventurous travellers. Located at Ruamrudee at Witthayu Road, which is really easy to find. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food choices like Chinese food and Indian dishes. The restaurant also serves Thai food as well. But most of restaurant guests prefer Chinese food.

The restaurant is best known for its accommodating vibe where people can interact with each other. The restaurant is quite popular especially on weekend (even not beyond love month), a lot of guests eats in Rock Restaurant and Bar. Booking and reservations on this restaurant is necessary. The bar also serves a wide variety of drinks from sweet shakes, to wines.

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#6 Le Normandie

There are those who are not used to eating Thai spicy food, you might want to try this French restaurant. The Le Normandie is really a local version of chic and luxurious French Restaurant.

The restaurant ceiling is somewhat has the ambiance of French architecture, which impressive chandeliers hangs from above of the guests diners. Table settings prepared by waiters are also impressive. The place looks stunning. The restaurant is best for couples who would like an intimate meal together, or a small number of people in a group. The Le Normandie is so romantic that diners are overlooking the Chao Phraya River while they dine.

The restaurant has a French chef, that guest are assured of the French quality taste of the dishes in the restaurant are authentically French cuisine.

Since the restaurant is somewhat considered to be luxurious and high-end, diers are expected to pay higher fee on the food menu ordered.


#7 Sensi Restaurant

Another Italian and infused with Mediterranean cuisine is the Sensi Restaurant. The restaurant is located in Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra in thug Maha Mek. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and food courses. And also, the Sensi Bangkok Restaurant also offers good lists of wine and beverages which diners will surely enjoy.

Unlike other Italia restaurant in Thailand, the Sensi is most likely the less expensive. Every penny you spend for your food in the Sensi is worth it because it’s the best restaurant in Bangkok.

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#8 The Local

The Local Restaurant in Bangkok is situated in Soi Sukhumvit in wattana. The local has been cooking and serving food for over 70 ears already. Every authentic Thai food served reminds people of the rich culture and history of the Thailand.

The restaurant ambiance and theme is somewhat reminds guests about the places and things that are famous in Thailand; the theme of the Local resembles the floating Market in Bangkok, which uses bird cages, boat paddles, and wooden floors.


#9 Zuma Restaurant

The Zuma Restaurant is a Japanese style restaurant that somehow resembles the Izakaya (a more subtle version of bar in Japan) in Japan. The restaurant is located at St. Regis Hotel in Rajadamri Road. The Zuma Restaurant is considered a 5 star restaurant because it is situated in a 5 star hotel building. The restaurant serves an excellent array of Japanese food choices and wines to choose from.


#10 Old Town Café

For a quick bite and on the go diners, the Old Town Café is best for you. Back pack tourists, adventure driven guests who do not want to wait for their food to be served, can appreciate this café. It is somewhat like a fast food café, but it is a bit more like a restaurant because of the food served is well cooked and neatly garnished and makes our list as one of the best Bangkok restaurants.

The restaurant is located in Wang Burapha at Phra Nakhon where the restaurant concept is from the quirky and upbeat 1970’s period.



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