Layover In Houston: Houston George Bush Airport Layover Guide

Connecting flights can be really boring at times. But in case you get on a layover at the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), things could really be different. The boredom can be replaced by fun and enjoyment since the airport is a very accessible destination. It is only located around 23 miles away from downtown Houston and actually presents a lot of facilities in its premises. You could even decide to go on a trip to Texas if you got a longer waiting time.

Leaving the airport may also not be an option for those who would just like to have relaxation and leisure. The airport provides Wi-Fi internet services at the different areas of the terminal such as in coffee shops, ticketing centers, and baggage departments. You will also surely not go hungry since this Houston airport boasts of more than fifty food kiosks, booths, and restaurants. It also has a business center where you can go to for currency exchange and other work-related stuff. You will soon find out that different terminals offer interestingly different services for your comfort and convenience.

The area surrounding the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport is filled with modern establishments and hotels. You will surely get to find one that will suit your budget and personal preferences.

Once you decide to go on a tour outside of the airport, you can arrange for a car rental or limousine services. You could simply book a slot from Super Shuttle which can be contacted at 713-523-8888. You can also take other modes of transportation such as the Metro, the taxi, or the bus depending on your destination and your budget.


Houston Layover Guide

Explore The Universe At The Space Center

Wouldn’t it be marvelous to know more about the universe by just visiting the NASA Space center which is situated 25 miles south of Houston? You will surely have an exciting time as you watch astronauts during their missions training. You will also definitely love to take a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes moments of some astronauts during their outer space mission preparations.


Get A View Of The City At JP Morgan Chase Tower

If you want to see the entire city of Houston, you could go to JP Morgan Chase Tower. This tower has an observation deck on the 60th floor which is called the Sky Lobby. This part of the building is open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


A Tour In Houston

There are different things to do while you are waiting for your connecting flight in Houston. Depending on the availability of time, you may choose to just get outside the airport and have a walk in the city. If you got a longer time, you may also include a bus tour or a NASA space center tour for a more memorable experience.


Know About Houston History At The San Jacinto Battleground

The familiarity of a certain place can be intensified by being knowledgeable about its history. If you still have more time during your layover, you could perhaps visit the San Jacinto Battleground which is considered as a historic park. This is where you can ride the Monument’s Observation Floor which is elevated 489 ft above ground level. This will give you fascinating views of Houston. It is also in this park where you will see the Houston Ship Channel.


Visit The Menil Collection

Do you fancy art? Then you surely must not miss going to the Menil Collection. This museum is famous for being an exhibit of the most precious work of John de Menil and Dominique de Menil who are both notable philanthropists. You may enter the museum at zero cost.


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