3-Day Weekend In Dallas And Fort Worth- 2018/2019 Guide

Discovering the Neighborhood of Dallas and Fort Worth is something you should do during your trip to these cities. There’s so much to far that includes history, culture and amazing food that you don’t want to miss during your 3 days in Dallas/Fort Worth. Check out our guide below of the different neighborhoods of Dallas And Fort Worth that will help you get the most out of your trip.


Uptown Dallas

Do you know that Dallas is one of the brightest cities that you will ever visit? It is actually teeming with economic and infrastructure development that you will surely appreciate the high quality of life that it offers. The Uptown part of Dallas is where you will witness a luxurious lifestyle that is enjoyed by the neighborhood and there’s lots of great things to do in Dallas during a 3 day trip. It has lots of restaurants that offer international dishes. It also has numerous boutiques that sell luxurious items such as that of Stanley Korshak.

When you visit Dallas, do not ever miss going to McKinney Avenue because it is where most of the fun happens. You will surely love the bars that offer cocktails and drinks at discounted rates. You just have to make sure that you visit the bars during their happy hours to get the discounts. You also have to try going to Nickel and Rye which is among the most popular hangout places for the locals. During winter, you could stay at their patio with cool fireplaces where you can continue chatting with friends while drinking the cocktails. What’s also wonderful with McKinney Avenue is the free public trolley that its local government offers. You may be free from walking long distances because of this free transportation.

Another wonderful place to go to in the neighborhood is the Klyde Warren Park which you can reach by riding the free trolley. What/’s great with the park is the variety of food options you can choose from. You will love the numerous food trucks that are parked along the streets. You will also have fun seeing how locals and tourists enjoy their meals and interactions.


The Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District isn’t that accessible unlike the rest of the tourist destinations in Dallas. But what is worth the travel going to this place is the coziness that will welcome you during your 3 days in Dallas/Fort Worth. You will just love to walk along the streets as you look for delicious meals from the many restaurants located in the neighborhood. There are also cool places for hanging out with families and friends such as the Lockhart Smokehouse where you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner that is filled with barbecue delights. Do not be intimidated by the wall signage that bars people from using forks. The restaurant actually does allow you to use utensils. It might also surprise you that an order of bloody mary drink actually comes not just with a big glass of drink but also with briskets and sausages to go along with your drink!


Deep Ellum

Are you a fan of the hipster culture? Or are you just curious of its fun and uniqueness? Then you must never miss visiting the Deep Ellum. It is also like other cities with hipster communities such as the Wynwood Arts District which you can find in Miami and the Williamsburg which you can find in New York. The Deep Ellum is famous for its interesting street art. The graffiti is something that will strike your amazement. Apart from the art, people also flock the place to enjoy live entertainment and listen to cool music.

If you have extra time at night, you may also go to the Adair’s Saloon. You will surely love to witness the talent of the local country musicians while you drink beer. What makes beer drinking interesting in this bar is that the beer is actually served in red cups with handwriting covering it. The culture is something that you must experience personally when in Dallas/Fort Worth for 3 days.


Downtown Dallas

The Downtown is perfect for those who are after cultural explorations and historical understanding. It is not as fun as the other neighborhood in other parts of Dallas but it offers wonderful insights to the past of Dallas and the talent of its local people. Here are some of the best tourist destinations to visit while in the downtown area of Dallas for 3 days:

  • The Sixth Floor Museum – You can reach the museum by going to the Dealey Plaza. It plays a significant role in American history because it is the exact place where President John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Today, it houses significant works by Kennedy and other materials dedicated to his life.
  • The Old Red Museum – If you want to get a deeper understanding of Dallas as a historical spot in America, then you certainly have to visit this museum. It was historically called the Dallas County Courthouse two centuries ago.
  • Reunion Tower – If you want to see the whole of Dallas, then you must not miss the Reunion Tower. The entrance fee to this tourist spot is around 16 USD. You can reach the tower through the Hyatt Regency.


Fort Worth

Do you know that you can actually get to Fort Worth by just taking an hour of a ride at the Trinity Railway Express? A single hour of travel can open a wonderful world to the beautiful Fort Worth. You will love the following tourist spots in Forth Worth in 3 days:

  • Cowboy Hall of Fame – This attraction will surely be loved by those who admire the rodeo. It is a museum that serves as an exhibit to some of the most significant memories of participants to some of the most notable rodeo games in the history of America. You will only spend around 5 USD to enter this place.
  • Rodeo Show – Who would not be entertained by seeing real cowboys playing with their cool horses on a rodeo show? You must definitely visit the Cowtown Coliseum to be entertained by some of the most magnificent cowboys in modern America. See them with their beautifully groomed horses and macho attires.
  • Honky Tonk – Have you ever wished that your hometown would just allow public drinking anytime and anywhere? If it seems like impossible, then you have to go to the streets of Stockyard to experience public drinking. You could also visit Honky Tonk in order to personally experience the energetic culture of the area. If you love beer, you will surely appreciate how the locals enjoy their own drinks in their cool bars.


Everything in Dallas is just pure excitement and love. A 3 day weekend in Dallas and Forth Worth will never be enough most especially to those who are longing for a cool drinking experience and a hip culture. There are surely more things to waiting to be discovered during your 3 day trip to Dallas/Fort Worth.

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