Best Things To Do In Tasmania (Top 49 Must Do Things)

How many of you have heard of the island of Tasmania? This is the pace where the infamous naughty cute evil – looking Disney animal character in Looney Toons gang came from. The Tasmanian Devil Animal really is natural endemic here. Tasmania is an island on the southern part of mainland of the country of Australia. There’s so many things to do in Tasmania and we’ve got a list of the top 49 must do things in Tasmania while here.

Australia is known for the most diverse and is filled with natural awesome places to visit. And one of the places to visit in Australia is the island of Tasmania. We listed 50 breathtaking and absolute best things to do in Tasmania.


#1 Hike the Top of the Nut

The Nut is the top summit of the old village in Stanley. You can reach summit for about 20 to 30 minutes hike. Atop “The Nut”, you will be amazed of the wonderful sight of the beach and the sea around the island! Check out related information about “the Hut” at


#2 Sightseeing on Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires is a bay that basically looks like a real live burning fire and is one of the top things to do in Tasmania! You can take pictures around the majestic scenery around the coast of Tasmania. The Bay of Fires is just few miles away from east coast of Tasmania in a town in St. Helens.


#3 Take a Dip on an Outdoor Bathtub

The Thalia Haven  located on the eastern coast part of Tasmania Island, have the most amazing outdoor bathtub. The resort has tubs that are strategically located in front of the seashore. The sight while taking a bath outside the cozy lodge is astounding! It a perfect place to bring your whole family for a long getaway weekend trip.


#4 Bird Watching at Freycinet National Park

The Freycinet National park is consisting of a vast land area of natural habitats and natural land structure. The vast land allows a lot of birds to fly around the sky of the reservation park. Both local resident birds and migratory birds enjoy the natural haven for their nesting and freely glide around. In addition to perfect view for bird watching, you can also hike going to the grand scenery atop of Mt. Amos. You can reserve and book of both bird watching and hike to Mt. Amos through a scenic flight as many consider this one of the must do things in Tasmania.


#5 Visit The Hazards

Still at the Freycinet National Park, there is another thing you can do. Visit and be amazed at the hills and natural rock granites that surround the whole area. The granite on sunsets makes the huge rocks and whole atmosphere appear to be color pink because of the reflection from Orthoclase and pink feldspar.


#6 Be Impressed at the Lavender Fields at Bridestowe Estate

On the months of Last week of January or February, is the peak season for blooming of lavender plantation in Bridestowe Estate. It is not often you are able to enjoy and savor a moment of peace and wonderful heavenly place like blooming of hundreds of hectares of lavender fields. The flower plantation in Bridetowe Estate would basically look like a scene from a romantic movie.


#7 Frolic at the Tulip Farm at Table Cape

While on the month of October, another flower farm that you can bask and visit is the Tulip Farm at the Table Cape. You can also celebrate with the locals the Tulip Blooming Festival in October. With the perfect weather for strolling and sight – seeing, you can walk around the tulip plantation like walking in a part of heaven in earth! You can check out more information at Tourism Tasmania Website.


#8 Stroll in the Cradle Mountain National Park

Australia has the biggest and widest mountain nature park in the world! In Tasmania Island, there are already a lot to choose from. You can take a long walk on the famous national park called Cradle Mountain National Park. You can trek across astounding beauty of nature to view the amazing views as part of some people’s favorite things to do in Tasmania.


#9 Traverse the Overland Track

After trekking your way and enjoy the scenery of Cradle Mountain National Park, you can also challenge yourself for a longer hike and camp at the Overland Track. You have to be a well-seasoned mountain climber or hiker in order to enjoy and survive the 6-day trek in the park. Or, if you hate heavy packing and real life camping there are also options for you to try out glamping in Overland Track.


#10 Visit the Tessellated Pavement

For cozy and rugged trek, you can visit the rural area in the Eagle Hawk Neck Region of Tasmania. You can still enjoy sight – seeing on natural beauty of Australia and also witness historical sights there at the Port Arthur Historic Site.


#11 Experience the Saffire Frycinet Accommodations

Dubbed as one of the world’s best Boutique Hotel, the Saffire Frycinet is able to cater to all the needs of its guests. The warmth hospitality and convenience of shops around the hotel area can make you feel the first class accommodations. The famous hotel also brags its 6 – course sumptuous dinner served with tasty aged wines.


#12 Roam around Museum of Old & New Art (MONA)

If you are in to art and culture appreciation, you can always visit in Museum of Old and New Art. You can enter the museum for free, provided that you have to check out first operating hours at The museum is newly opened just around early month of year 2011, and since then the museum administrators filled the place with different artwork from previous famous artists to modern contemporaries.


#13 Sight – Seeing at the Maria Island Painted Cliffs

You can take a quick tour and take your pictures at Maria Island to see Tasmania’s painted cliffs. For more information about the painted cliffs at Maria Island check out Wikicommons.


#14 Experience Overlooking View on top of “The Neck” Bruny Island

Well, you want to be the king of the world for a brief moment? You can hike going to “The Neck” located at the Bruny Island.


#15 Be Amazed at a Real Totem Pole

Before being able to finally see an authentic Totem Pole, you have to trek around 60 meters of huge rocks along the way. You can enjoy the rocky mountain of Tasman National Park.


#16 Take an Adventure Hike at the Tamar Valley Wine Region

Do like wine so much? Go on a wine trip on wine cellars in Tamar Valle where you can drink variety of Sauvignon Blanc.


#17 Try to become a Giant For a Day

Sounds ridiculous? Well, you can! You can try to be a giant for a day. A small Tasmazia Village allows you to feel literally and figuratively like a giant.


#18 Wonder Nature at the Tasman Arch

On Southern Peninsula part of Tasmania Island, The Tasman Arch is strategically positioned. The arch is somewhat located near Eagle Hawk Neck region. So you can take a short trip from Eagle Hawk Neck to the famous Tasman Arch and take your pictures with you.


#19 Take a Trip to the Wilderness through Railway

This is the closest possible reenactment of train trip to Hogwart School of Wizard. You can pass by the West Coast Wilderness Railway , as to further explore the wonderful nature of Tasmania Island.


#20 Check in to Pumphouse Point Hotel

You can check out photos and other information in this site Pumphouse Point, to really see why the Pumphouse Point Hotel was named as the most instagrammable hotel. There are perfectly designed areas in the hotel that has perfect IG worthy background.


#21 Experience “Switzerland” in Australia

Although Tasmania belongs to an Australian state, you can feel the Switzerland vibe on Tasmania Island. There is a small Swiss Village there called, “Grindelwald” which really shows an almost authentic Swiss Community.


#22 Play Golf at Barnbougle Lost Farm

You can enjoy a day of playing golf on one of the best scenery gold in Tasmania. The Barnbougle Lost Farm is at the northern part of Tasmania Island. There are golf courses there that can be travelled via private jet. Of course, if you are in a tight budget yet you want to play golf, there are public golf courses that you can enjoy, and travel in land vehicles. This is a great golf course and a favorite for many as a must do thing in Tasmania.


#23 Stand on top of Mount Wellington

In order to enjoy more the scenic view of the Hobart capital, you can take a trek going to the top of Mount Wellington. Once you got there, you can enjoy the amazing scenery across the region.


#24 Experience the once in a Lifetime the Southern Aurora Australis

You do not have to travel all the way to Europe, Australia have its own Southern Aurora Australis lights. But the same as the northern lights, the aurora lights are of rare sightings. You are very luck to somehow would have witness this.


#25 Walk Across the Richmond Bridge

You can have a short walk and enjoy the places around the oldest bridge in Australia, the Richmond Bridge. You can also see nice villages near the Richmond Bridge.


#26 See a real Tasmanian Devil Up Close

If all you see and imagine is the naughty Tasmanian in one of the characters in Looney Toons, you can finally see a real one! There are a lot of wildlife parks who keeps Tasmanian devils around the North  and South of the island. Although they are called devils (yes, their shriek is a bit scary) but they are adorable creatures. Just watch out for those sharp teeth and dangerous claws!


#27 Discover Mole Creek Caves

The Mole Creek Caves located at Northern Tasmania are quite famous for underground caves. Tourists who love adventure will enjoy a spelunking trek and a stroll outside the cave.


#28 Shop at the Salamanca Market

What better way to enjoy your dream travel vacation is to go on shopping? Near the Hobart’s Waterfront is the weekend market event: Salamanca Market. Lines of stalls and shops sell local products such as handicrafts, souvenir novelties and other Aussie local produce.


#29 Survive the Tahune Forest AirWalk Adventure

To experience the tropical and jungle like adventure trip, you must try to cross the Tahune Forest AirWalk. Above the trail walk, you will have a better way to see Tasmanian Devils’ habitat and other wildlife co – habiting the place.


#30 Bike at the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails

The Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails is a (more than) 100 km of adventurous long bike tracks. There are trails for beginner bikers and professional ones. You can spend a 3-day ultimate tour on the area to fully enjoy the place.


#31 Take a Swamp Adventure

The forest in Northwestern Coast of Tasmania can give you a different kind of experience. Take a wet and sticky stroll (but surely an enjoyable one!) at dismal swamp.


#32 Be Amazed in the Beautiful Montezuma Falls

You can frolic and enjoy a scenic view of the Montezuma Falls at the Western part Island of Tasmania.


#33 Kayak at the Bathurst Harbour

Another adventure you can try at Tasmania Island is to ride a boat or kayak to explore the Bathurst Harbour. Check out Roaring 40s Kayaking to book trips on the harbor.


#34 Take a Road Trip to the Winding Road to Queenstown

You can drive and enjoy a winding grid going to Queenstown. Take photos of the old cozy West Coast.


#35 Fly over Horseshoe Bend on the Gordon River

Book a plane trip to see the grandeur beauty of the Gordon River. Search out sample photograph of the stunning view of the river and creatures that lived around the Horseshoe Bend.


#36 Explore the Natural Rock Arch at the Bruny Island

More exploration and strolling around nature trip at Bruny Island to see the Natural Rock Arch. There are also a group of families of Tasmanian Devils living around the area is one of the best things to do in Tasmania.


#37 Visit the Cataract George

A combination of natural beauty and a man – made bridge landmark can be viewed majestically over the Cataract George in Launceston.


#38 Explore Hastings Caves

It is not a secret anymore, a lot of tourists would basically take an hour travel time from Hobart’s area just to see different rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites that is over a thousand years ago. The cave was initially discovered by timber workers in the 1700s.


#39 Enjoy the Warm Thermal Springs in

Still located at the Hastings Visitor Centre, you can enjoy warm natural heated pools from volcanic high temperature. It feels therapeutic.


#40 Feel Refreshed at the Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

The Island has a lot of natural park wild life. One of these is another, yet uniquely astonishing wild river.


#41 Stroll on the Launceston City Park

You can spend your time and walk on a simplistic architectural structure in Tasmania Island’s Launceston City Park. You can also buy food and souvenirs around the city park.


#42 Cruise on Bass Straight

You can book and join a scheduled cruise on to explore the Bass Straight.


#43 Visit Zoodoo Wildlife Park

Did we say, Tasmania has tons of wildlife parks? Another park you should also visit is the Zoodoo Wildlife Park. There are tons of natural endemic animal habitants that co – habituate the wildlife.


#44 Feel the Historic Value of the Cascades Female Factory

It is a good habit to visit one historical site on places you have visited, despite of the abundance of nature. This will be a good education to learn more about the historic value of the Cascades Female Factory.


#45 Party at the Constitution Dock

The Constitution Dock at the harbor side- dock in Hobart is a popular place for dining overlooking the fancy looking yachts. The place is also famous for rally point and parties.


#46 Observe Art Exhibit at Salamanca Arts Centre

You can appreciate creativeness and creations from variety of modern artist’s expression from paintings, sculptures and other modern art master pieces.


#47 Appreciate more Art Exhibits at the Narryna Heritage Museum

The Narryna Heritage Museum was built in the late 1800’s as merchant’s town house. The museum is the oldest museum which displays and keeps precious painting and old furniture.


#48 Take a Photo of the Callington Mill

You can walk around the old beautiful village in Oatlands, while you gaze in awe of the old Lincolnshire tower mill built in 1800’s.


#49 Be cozy in the Exquisiteness of Guide River

The Guide River highlights a tiered – cascade waterfalls located at the Northwestern part of Tasmania.

Remember, those are just few of the many natural wonders you can experience and do in Tasmania. You can discover more by yourself. So plan now your trip to Tasmania Island, Australia!


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