Layover In Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE) Guide

Have you ever felt being trapped during a connecting flight? Then you should perhaps change your perspective regarding layovers. The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airpot (TPE) is a highly wonderful spot to be when waiting for connecting flights. It is considered as the busiest hub in the country for different airline companies such as the China Airlines and the Eva Air. It is very accessible from the city center and there are neighboring areas for leisure and short visits.

The airport has a duty free shop where you can purchase quality and affordable goods. It also has numerous other facilities such as a prayer room, shower rooms, a medical clinic, banking institutions, and dining establishments, among others. You could even schedule a sudden makeover or haircut from the beauty salons at the 3rd level of the departure area of Terminal 2 and at the 3rd floor of the departure area at Terminal 1.


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Layover Guide In Taipei Taoyuan Airport

If you feel like just staying at the airport to get some comfortable rest, then you could visit the Premium Lounges that are located at Terminals 1 & 2. You could enter the facility for a Deluxe fee of NT 1100 and VIP fee of NT 1500.

If you need to get some sleep, you could book a few hours or a night at Hotel Novotel which is located inside the airport. There are also other accommodations available in Taipei and within the area of the airport.

The airport offers baggage storage services to those who would like to get out of the airport for a while and make a trip to the city of Taipei. You could bring your bags to the Left Luggage Sections which are located at Terminal 1 Departures Area, Terminal 1 Arrivals Gate, and Terminal 2 Arrivals Area.

Once you decide to explore the city and visit some of the famous tourist spots, you could choose to take different transportation modes that are available. One of the most convenient ways is riding a taxi. The taxis can immediately be found upon exiting the Arrivals Area of Terminals 1 & 2. You can ride the taxi any time of the day. Remember that taxi rides are metered for every distance covered and expect an additional 50% surcharge for every ride. If you want a cheaper means of transfer, you could decide to just ride a bus going to your desired destination. You could find the buses at the bus platforms of both terminals. To know more about the travel schedule and routes, click here. For faster travel, you could also take the rails from the terminals to the HSR Taoyuan Station. You may also just book a private transfer if you want hassle-free transportation during your layover tour.


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Things To Do On A Taipei Layover

Taipei Tour

Once you set your foot on the land of Taipei, don’t ever miss the chance of exploring the city by getting stuck in the airport. You could make an exploration of the city of Taipei instead of wasting hours waiting for the connecting flight. Try getting on a bicycle ride along the streets. Enjoy local art and music. Relax by getting massage services from reputable spa establishments. Have fun and discover more about Taiwan!


Shilin Night Market

The Shilin Night Market is the favorite destination of both locals and tourists who are after cool products and traditional culinary services at low prices. You could reach the place by having a taxi ride or by taking the MRT towards the Chientan Station.


Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is the financial capital of the city. It is located more than 500 meters above ground level. You could visit the establishment and get a chance to see the entire city from their observation deck. The Taipei 101 tower’s time of operations is between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. You could buy the entrance tickets at the 5th level of Taipei 101 Mall at only 400 USD. If you want to maximize your money, you could also decide to just purchase a Taipei Flexi Attractions Pass. This pass will allow you to enter more than 35 tourist spots and cool destinations in the city.


National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is the perfect venue for those who would like to discover more about the culture of Taiwan. It keeps a couple of cultural remnants and historical artifacts from the Sung Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, and Ch’ing Dynasty. There are different exhibitions happening every day. Click here for more details about the schedule of operations and prices of tickets.


Longshan Temple

The Longshan Temple is a sacred place for Buddhism. It was constructed in the early 18th Century by the Han people. You could ride the MRT Ban-Nan Line in order to reach this destination. You may also choose to hire a taxi for your transportation towards 211 Guangzhou Road. The temple can be visited between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm.

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