7 Best Things To Do In Basel

People who love contemporary and urban art design tend to think that Basel is not a place for them to travel but this is not the case. Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city from Geneva and Zurich. It is located in the middle of German borders and Swiss in French. This tourist destination is one of the underrated attractions in Switzerland. There’s lots of great things to do in Basel. The city has delicious restaurants, world-class art museums, a vibrant carnival and an awesome barbaric old town center. This is some of the best things to do in Basel when you travel here.


Best Things To Do In Basel

Altstadt / Old Town

The Basel old ton is also known as Altstadt. It has an over 2000 years charming history. The town is one of the prettiest and best well-preserved in Europe. This is one of the best things to do in Basel. It has several museums, shops, bakeries, small cafes, medieval buildings and cobblestone streets.



It is also called the City Hall. This old brick building with a red color was built 500 years ago. The building with its red façade dominates Marktplatz in Basel. This is a great place to see in Basel. It was constructed to signify the inclusion of the city to Swiss Confederate in the year 1501. This is where the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Government and Cantonal Parliament hold their meetings.


Basel Zoo

The residents of Basel also call the Basel Zoo “Zolli”. The zoo was started with 510 animals from Europe in 1874. Today Basel Zoo popular for its exotic and indigenous species. Vivarium is the best place to discover creatures in the underwater world. This is a fun thing to do in Basel.



Spalentor is a reinvigorated gate that has marked where the old town ends since 1370. This town gate was once a part of the old town, and since they were damaged in 1866, the gate has managed to stand alone.


Rhine River

This is one of Europe’s most infamous water bodies. The river runs through several cities that are not so popular like Basel. Many tourists are delighted to pass their time cruising along River Rhine.


Basel Minster

The Minster is located on top of the Rhine River. This medieval cathedral in Basel is not such a famous tourist attraction. It took 500 to construct this Minster Cathedral from one thousand years ago. It was later destroyed by an earthquake in 1356. This is one of the best things to see in Basel. Johannes Gmünd later took the initiative of rebuilding the cathedral along the Gothic and Romanesque lines. The roofs made with tiles painted with green and yellow colors.



In the city, if Basel you will find this Evangelical Reformed Church known as Theodor Church. The church is situated at St. Theodore consecrated and Wettstein – Quarter.




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