Women Solo Travel: Solo Traveling In Stockholm, Sweden

I grew up in a family where traveling to a new place to explore is quite rare. My only memory of my childhood exploring another place, are during school outing and recreations. That is it! It has always been a good experience for me seeing new place and trying new activities with my classmates and teachers. We only visited few miles away from our town, but it was all good memories. I would be happy to tell you some of my experiences in packing my things and flying solo to take new adventures to somewhere else.

One of the nicest and safest places to take petite adventure is in Sweden. The country is such surreal and has a lot of stunning nature scenery to offer. Being a well-seasoned tourist, I am often asked a lot of questions about my travels and about my traveling alone. Let us start with your concerns about traveling solo.


Solo Travel As A Women

When Did You Start Traveling Solo?

Just after I have been to many places with my friends and families like three Asian countries, seven European trips, twice or thrice in United States, and other continents which I cannot recall right now. I had to admit, I did not travel alone young. When you are younger, you seem to want to hang around with a lot of people to enjoy a trip. But as I became older, more mature, and had traveled a lot; it hit me one day – would it be nice to take an adventure solo this time?


Is It Expensive To Travel Solo Or With A Group?

Generally, you cannot divide and share your expenses like hotel accommodations or you cannot avail promos which are commonly offered for group bookings. Especially in Sweden, hotels can be a lot more expensive compared to third world countries (but it is all worth it, though). However, you can easily get discounts because you can discreetly as for favors for discounts with sales persons or waiters.

In addition to traveling alone, you will find it less hassle in waiting for your buddy to finish their personal errands. When you are on a solo adventure, you can manage your own time.


Where Are Places You Recommend For Solo Travel?

I did take my first trip to Cambodia. It was a good experience! Then, I decided to go back to Sweden. It was not my first time there, but I guess I just fell in love with the country. Sweden is such a bliss and heaven like. Especially in Stockholm where you can really relax and see a lot of fine things. The city has a lot of elegant and good things to offer. The city is upbeat, filled with a lot of people, yet you feel safe and secure.


Where Are Places You Recommend In Sweden?

Sweden has a lot of museums, historical sites and grand architectural structures that you may explore. Traveling to those kinds of places alone is much more appreciated because you do not have to worry of needing to talk to a travel buddy, because you are in solo flight. You will have more time to appreciate art display pieces and historical exhibits.


Entertainment Museum

Well, well, well, if you like me who was able to grow up listening to famous songs of the band ABBA, you must visit the ABBA:The Museum. My parents would really be proud of me knowing I paid tribute to the band by visiting the museum in Stockholm in honor of one of the most famous band in the history. It was a nostalgic moment to hear their songs a gain as it was kept on playing on the background. I got to purchase few memorabilia which I took back home as a souvenir for my parents and friends.


Outdoor Parks

I also tried going solo in trying almost all rides at the Grőna Lund, still in Stockholm. I enjoyed it so much; especially I met a lot of young people and families also enjoying the rides as well.


Museum And Historical Sites

You can try the most famous Vasa in Stockholm, Sweden. It is famous for the original almost rotten large ship from 17th century! Then you can also roam around Stockholm Palace just few blocks away from Vasa. For a wider space for outdoor museum stroll you can check out Swedish history museum, Skansen. You can also walk around or be amazed with the collections of well-preserved antiques from 17th century at the old royal Drottningholm Palace.


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