What To Pack For Gothenburg Sweden In The Winter

Gothenburg is a lovely mountainous area in Sweden. The Dutch-themed inspired canal makes the city more appealing and eccentric. The canal also became a center for trading. The city is field with German inspired architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens and amusement parks, and a number of stores, shops, boutiques and stalls in the center of the city.

Like most European country, Sweden has cold weather. Gothenburg generally has a freezing cold temperature. Before going here, many ask what to pack for Gothenburg in the winter? Tourists is encouraged to bring heavy coats, cozy ear warmer, socks, leggings and boots to endure the chilly weather.

Below are listed must have and must be packed when visiting Gothenburg for the weekend. These are of course aside from basic necessities to pack like undies and other personal clothing.


What To Pack For Gothenburg, Sweden In The Winter?


Base Layer Clothing

You have to pack clothes which would serve as your OOTD (outfit of the day). The top layer serves as your daily clothes inside building or other establishments that have heaters and low temperature air conditioners. You can top the base clothes with thick clothes to make you feel warmer. Any kind of clothing material can be worn, whether long sleeve or short sleeve provided you wear a bottom layer of long tight leggings and inner shirts. There are also available thermal top can be bought for additional warm clothing and it’s important to have these packed for Gothenburg in the winter.

Long pants are recommended to cover your legs. But you can also wear skirts of all sizes and lengths provided you double your leggings and tights to protect you from the freezing temperature.


Inner Layer Clothes

Tight fitting inner clothes is needed for additional warmth. Long tights and leotards can also keep your upper middle layer clothes clean. You can wear back middle or top clothes if you have inner clothes. The number of inner clothes should be depending how many days you are going to stay in Gothenburg Sweden. This may also be used as your sleeping wear at night.



Unfortunately, you cannot just wear any kind of shoes in Gothenburg in the winter. You have to wear boots which covers a lot of coverage of your foot. Shoes must have spikes and thick lining under to hold on to the ground and lesson slippage.



Thick waterproof coats and trench coach can protect you well form the freezing weather. Gothenburg air is chillier when wind blows. There are times rain showers during winter time make the air freezing to death and that’s why it’s important to have this packed for Gothenburg in the winter.

If you are staying for longer in Gothenburg, you can bring one more replace your other one if you the cold weather or rain damped it. You can dry coats on hotel room heaters or bring it to nearest laundry shop for dry cleaning.


Scarf And Shawl

Shawls, scarfs and other cloths that can be wrapped around your neck is also a good warmer for the chilly weather. When walking outside, scarf is helpful to lower down temperature. Shawls can also be used to wrap around as head gears if you forgot to bring your hat or you can still wear under the hat.


Winter Head Gear

Caps, thick bonnet, and wooly hats can be helpful to make you feel warm especially when outside. This is one of the most important answers for what to pack for winter in Gothenburg. Knitted, made from thick cotton, or fur hats gives more warmth. Some jackets have thick hood with it so it may also best serve as your protection.



Gloves varies from leather, cottons synthetic silk, fur, cotton and knitted materials are all good kind of cloth to give additional warm.



There are leggings that extend until toes but it is still best to bring socks to protect your feet from chills.



You can justify wearing jumper as a fashion outfit in Sweden. Different jumpers can be made from cashmere, jeans or cottons. Jumpers are also good as sleeping clothes.


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