Stockholm Layover Guide: Stockholm Arlanda Skavsta Airport

Experiencing a layover in Stockholm may be the most wonderful layovers you will ever get in your travel adventures. The Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN) is recorded to be the biggest airport in the beautiful country of Sweden. It is among the major hubs for various airlines such as the Scandinavian Airlines. You could find the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport about 26 miles from the city center.

If ever you need to surf the internet to search for nearby travel destinations, you could definitely use the wireless internet connection that is available in almost all areas of the terminals. You could also visit internet shops such as the Sidewalk Express at the Sky City and at Terminals 2, 4, and 5.

If you want to experience a bit of relaxation and leisure while waiting for your connecting flight, then you could head on to the 5th floor of the airport where you will find the Radisson Blu SkyCity Hotel SATS Health Club. You could get your nails polished and hair styled in this establishment. You may also get other services from different establishments that are located at the SkyCity. Most of the things that you may badly need during your waiting time are offered by the facilities. They offer baby care, workstation rental, laundry cleaning, and more. You may also bring your kids to Gate 31 of Terminal 4 or to Menzies of Terminal 2 for convenient playtime.

The Radisson Blu SkyCity Hotel is the most accessible and convenient accommodation you could get while you are on a layover in Sweden. The hotel is located right between the airport Terminal 4 and Terminal 5. There are also other accommodations available such as The Jumbo Hostel which is very creative and interesting enough to offer a literally good stay aboard a steady big jet. This cool hostel has at least 70 rooms and other fascinating facilities.

If you need to leave your baggage during a layover trip, the airport has a Left Luggage Facility that can be found at Bagport, Terminal 5. You call the facility for other details. Contact number is +46 8 797 62 28.

There are various travel options that you could choose from if you want to tour the city while waiting for your connecting flight. You may ride a high-speed train from the airport to the city for a travel time of only 20 min. You may also hire a taxi or rent a car. You could also choose to ride a bus or an ecotaxi. The choice really depends upon your desire for comfort, speed, and destination.


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Things To Do On Layover In Stockholm:

Get On A Stockholm Tour

Getting on a Stockholm tour may be the most beneficial way of using your waiting time. There are different kinds of tour that you may try such as a free walking tour or a gastronomic adventure. You could also get on a helicopter to witness a good view of the city or try visiting different cultural destinations. The choices are endless, but your time isn’t. So better choose from the following activities for better time management.


A Stroll At The Djurgarden

The Djugarden is perfect for those who are having long layovers. This island is famous for being home to past royals in the 1600s. The place will surely captivate your hearts since it is filled with well-preserved gardens, cultural centers, restaurants, and museums. It would also be nice to catch some entertainment and cultural shows while you are on tour of the island.


A Walking Tour Of Gamla Stan

If you still have time, you could also check out Gamla Stan. This is renowned among those who want to explore the past of Stockholm. You will surely marvel at the beauty of the medieval Royal Palace, some churches, town halls, and alleys that were built since the 13th Century.


A Guided Tour Of The Stadshuset

The Stadshuset is among the most famous destinations in Stockholm. It is where you will find stunning artifacts such as the 10000-piped organ, the Council Chamber, and the Golden Hall.



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