Stockholm Insider Guide For Sweden In 2018/2019

If you are interested in Stockholm travel, then consider reading the transcript of the interview that we have done with an insider living in Stockholm. It provides great answers to questions that many people have about traveling to Stockholm. You’ll learn what to expect, pack and great things to do in Stockholm. Some of the answers allow you to really explore parts of Stockholm that many tourists don’t get to experience when in Sweden.


Question: Can you give a brief description of Stockholm?

Answer: This quaint city of Stockholm is full of interesting history. Its colorful society is enlivened by the friendly local people and their romantic culture.


Question: What should we pack for Stockholm visit?

Answer: Make sure that you have the best and most comfortable pair of sneakers. You will definitely love to walk along the streets in order to explore the most beautiful parts of the city. There are other modes of transportation, but walking will give you the best experience. Do not wear heels or any pair that would cause blisters and swelling. For a specific guide on what to pack for Gothenburg check this guide.


Question: Can you give reasons why to travel to Stockholm?

Answer: Oh, definitely! Foreigners would surely be amazed at how Stockholm has surpassed storms and catastrophes despite its water foundations. This city is popular not just for being the capital of Sweden but also for its amazing architecture and geography. Basically, Stockholm is composed of 14 islands which are interconnected by more than fifty bridges. Visitors would love to see the entire Baltic Sea and the archipelago through the bridges.


Question: What are the best things to do in Stockholm?

Answer: Strolling along the beautiful and peaceful streets of Stockholm is a free activity that you can cherish. It is by meandering through the city that you could discover the local people’s behavior and some historic architecture. Visiting Gamla Stan will definitely add to your beautiful photographs.

While I am in the city, I would really enjoy getting some drinks from basement pubs. These pubs could be difficult to discover if you are not aware that most restaurants actually have pubs in their basements. Most of the great pubs in the city are located in old establishments. These pubs have surely made thousands of people happy during their entire operations. As you visit each pub, know that a part of Stockholm’s history is embedded in them. For centuries, these buildings stood to serve their customers well.

Another common activity to be done in Sweden is fika. Fika, when indirectly translated into English, means the art of having coffee. You must put into your mind that fika does not simply mean coffee. It is the experience and the art associated with drinking it. The culture of Sweden gives importance to the art of drinking coffee because it relaxed the soul and rejuvenates the mind. Even other religious organizations take part in the art of fika.


Question: Do you have any recommendations for the best place to stay in Stockholm?

Answer: My personal choice is Sheraton Stockholm Hotel. We frequently stay in this hotel whenever we have visitors and during city breaks. What’s great with booking this hotel is that you get the benefit of having a train station nearby. The hotel is also built uniquely with hotel personnel who are all pleasing and respectful.


Question: Do you recommend any place for wonderful dining?

Answer: Stockholm has a lot of interesting restaurants that offer savory meals. Among my favorites is the RestaurangKaffegillet. This is the best place to visit if you would like to taste authentic Swedish cuisine. This establishment is already part of tradition because it has already stood for centuries.

Another place to attract your gastronomic spirit is Smak. Their selection is quite unique because they group dishes according to taste. You will have to choose between 3 to 7 flavors from their own menu. Just wait for the variety of dishes to be served on your table!

Going to Sweden also means experiencing how Vikings used to have their dining. The AifurKrog & Bar is renowned in the country for offering a unique experience that is stemmed from the culture of the Vikings. Everything that you find here is inspired by the Vikings.


Question: Where can you take the best picture in Stockholm?

Answer: Oh, it is a very simple yet memorable view – the Rikstelefon phone booth located just across the RestaurangKaffegillet. It was the first thing that my husband showed me when we transferred to Stockholm. It proves that the simplest things could hold the dearest parts of us. I think you could now consider me a collector of photographs in this classic phone booth.


Question: If there is a touristy element in your activities, what could it be?

Answer: I have stayed in this adorable city for over two years now. Despite this, I still visit the Vasa Museum regularly. I just cannot get enough of this museum because of the interesting and intelligent way that this warship has been preserved. This vessel was constructed in the early 17th Century when it sunk at the waters of Stockholm just after a few minutes from the start of its initial voyage. The world waited for over three hundred years before the vessel was rescued to be placed in the Vasa Museum. Up to now, 98% of its authentic parts are retained in the museum.


Question: Do you have any trivia for tourists to know about?

Answer: If you are looking for a cool place with cultural wonders, then you must really visit Stockholm. It has more than seventy museums where you can find masterful art and history converge. There are also majestic parks to spend the afternoon. You will also definitely marvel at the gorgeous architecture of the locals’ homes and the commercial establishments.

The waters surrounding and within the place opens you to an all-new experience of seeing a different kind of architecture. To see all these, you have to hire a boat that could tour you around the different islands.

Also, when you walk along the Gamla Stan, be careful of fake windows. The early 19th Century was a time when the glass was really pricey. Engineers opted to fake the windows with painted walls instead. Do not be deceived!


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