Where To Go In Spain In September 2018/2019 – The Best Cities To Visit In Spain In September

A lot of people tend to decide where they’re going to go in Spain depending on the list of events in Spain going on, the weather and their budget. But it’s also a good idea to try and figure out where to go depending on the event schedule going on!

What if you weren’t planning to go to Madrid, but an event catches your eye? That’s why it’s important to know the list of events happening before visiting a city. We’ve got a list of where to go in Spain in September.

So, the top cities of San Sebastian, Barcelona and Madrid all hold a plethora of events annual that you can enjoy, and September in Spain enjoys incredible weather so you never have to worry about angry rains, or chilly days! Continue reading below to see the best cities to visit in Spain in September.


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There is no need to mention that Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain and we’re sure that it has been on your plan anyway! The list of events going on in Barcelona is also as attractive as its attractions.


Barcelona Beer Festival

Barcelona? Beer? Festival? All three together? Sounds like the dream right? Well, you can enjoy a three day beer festival that showcases beer culture, the craft of beer, and you can sample over 450 types of beers at the Birraso Beer Festival.


Celebrate Catalonia day with the Catalonians!

A long day festival, experience the true power of national pride as you walk through the streets amidst thousands of people waving their Catalonia and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about why they want independence and listen to people’s opinions first-hand. In Diada de Catalunya you will experience what it’s like to be Catalonian!


Giants, fireworks, castles and human towers? Sign us right up!

This is by far Barcelona’s biggest annual events that takes place in September and turns the entire city into one big fiesta. Expect to see giants, symbols all around, people dancing and singing, human towers, fireworks, people throwing firecrackers and a lot of tourists in Festa de la Mercè.


Explore the rest of Catalonia with their events:

You can go ahead and visit Tarragona with its Festa de Santa Tecla that showcases true Catalonian culture, along with Festa Major de Vilafranca del Penedés!


Vuelta a Espana

One of the biggest cycling events take place in Barcelona, and the event usually starts in Malaga and ends in Madrid. Enjoy hundreds of cyclers at this annual multi-stage bicycle race – the Vuelta A España!


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The second most visited city in Spain is Madrid and also experiences quite a plethora of events in September, and the cosmopolitan city turns into one big party.


Vuelta a España

The Vuelta a España usually passes by Madrid (check above), so you’ll also get to catch it if you’re not in Barcelona. All cycling enthusiasts – celebrate!


Fashion’s Night Out

Madrid, being the capital city, has top-notch fashion events, and is more on the fashionable, elegant side than Barcelona. Take advantage of that in the Fashion’s Night Out event where the entire city’s shops and boutiques offer staggering discounts and you can shop until you drop!


Madrid Fashion Week

Again, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, enjoy the Fashion Week with some of the world’s best brands, held by Mercedes-Benz.


Décor Accion

Are you more of an interior design person? This festival is solely dedication to interior design and decoration and the Barrio de Las Letra is filled with over 100 boutiques, installations, conferences and concerts! The DecorAccion is every designer’s dream!


Day trips from Madrid

If you were planning on going on day trips from Madrid in September, go to Aranjuez or San Lorenzo de el Escorial as both hold festivals in September. Aranjuez has Fiestas del Motín while San Lorenzo has Romería de la Virgen de Gracia. You can find a more detailed list of Madrid day tips below:


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San Sebastian

Sun, sea, surfers and sangria – that’s what San Sebastian is all about! The weather in September is sunny, and the air is festive, and above all of that, there are major festivals going on.


San Sebastian Film Festival

One of the world’s biggest film festivals takes place in San Sebastian where some of the world’s best films are going to be premiered and there is an array of events going around.


Learn how your favorite wine is made

Attend the grape harvest celebration  in La Rioja, and watch how your favorites wines are made with this tradition of grape harvesting.



You can also attend another film festival in Cadiz if you can’t make the one in San Sebastian, so head to the Film Festival of the Atlantic for that!


Catch a bull-fighting event

What is more quintessentially Spanish than attending a bull-fight? Head over to the Festival of Pedro Romero in Ronda for a bullfighting festival!


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