Where To Go In Spain In December: Best Cities To Visit In Spain Around Christmas

It is time for winter season again in whole Europe. Generally, during the month of December in Spain, most regions are covered with snow, the freezing winter bliss make it more fun to visit Spain in December.

With the season not only for winter time but also Christmas frills, December in Spain is really a vacation you wanted to have. You have to look forward to the three best events in anywhere in Spain: El Gordo Lottery (nationwide lottery draw), Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

We gathered best cities in Spain to visit in December and some spots you may spend your cold December in Spain, to make the most of it.


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A city of beauty and magnificent elegant structure, Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit in Spain in December. Check out the events and festival you might want to enjoy in Barcelona this December.


Buff Epic Run

A yearly trail marathon run event held in Barcelona across the countryside near the city.


De Cajon

This is an epic celebration of Spain’s celebrated dance – the Flamenco. This is a festival for appreciation of the Flamenco dance.


Christmas Markets

Of course, since it is Christmas, Spain really take it seriously to celebrate Christmas joyously. In Barcelona, flea markets and night stalls are put up to celebrate Christmas. Music, dancing, food and warm Christmas decorations surrounds the streets of Barcelona.


Cursa dels Nassos

Another fun run event is the Cusa dels Nassos in Barcelona.


Gospel Great Music

The event is a gathering of music enthusiasts where inspirational music is celebrated. The event in Spain in December is simultaneously organized all over the world held on different dates. In Spain, the Gospel Great Music is usually held in Barcelona. Different activities should be expected such as concerts, music exhibits, musicians – fan “meet and greet” event and games.


World Press Photo Exhibit

The World Press Photo Exhibit is an annual photo event happening on over 45 countries around the world. This is to recognize the talent and skills in photography of all enthusiast and professionals all over the world. This event is generally held in Barcelona at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB).


Costa del Sol:

The region of Costa del Sol is popular tourist destination every summer. To give you an idea, to stay away from crowded people during summer time and yet enjoy the cool breeze yet warmly feeling of beach air, it is the best time to check out this region.


Gibraltar Polar Bear Swim

Obviously, because of the winter chill, the event is where you can witness participants who will all bravely swim the freezing water of Strait of Gibraltar, two days after Christmas.


Malaga Verdiales Festival

Flamenco is considered a a national culture treasure of Spain, it is celebrated in all regions in Spain, that includes in Costa del Sol. The Malaga Verdiales Festival is a fun fest for Flamenco dance.


Torrax Migas Festival

Well, what better way to celebrate a holiday is through food? The “migas”, is a peasant’s delicacy of a fried bread crumbs. The Torrax Migas is a feast for thanksgiving and appreciation of pauper’s food during the old Spanish era.

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Winter Solstice Bonfires

Because of the gravitational pull of earth is stronger in the month of December, it is colder in Spain, that is why locals burn lumber to make the freezing weather warm and cozier. The whole Spain is celebrating the Winter Solstice but you may want to try one of the biggest bonfire celebrations in Robledo de Chavela every December 21.


San Silvestre Vallecana Fun Run

For running enthusiasts, you can still stretch those legs and join fun run on New Year’s Eve in San Silvestre, Madrid in New Year.


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Contrary to tourist’s knowledge, we often focus in trying to spend vacation in Madrid and Barcelona. But it also pays to explore the region of Seville in Spain to spend Christmas.


Dance of the Seises

The Dance of the Seises is used to be known as the Young Cantorcillos. This is a unique way to celebrate Christmas in a festive event of carnival. Enjoy great performances and colorful costumes of celebration from 1895 of Corpus Christi and Immaculate Concepcion.

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The city of Salamanca is an urban area around the hills and mountain area of Northwest Spain. Because of the rural like area and scenery of the city, this is perfect place for people who prefer laid – back vacation.


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