Where To Go In Spain In August 2018/2019

The most number of tourist visit Spain around July and August. During August period, Spain is generally scorching hot. This is the time to prepare that skin and be ready to show off tan lines. You also might want to know where to go in Spain in August to have the best time, we’ll be explaining that below.

With the enormous wonderful beach shore in Spain, there are hundreds resorts to choose from for your summer vacation. And if you feel like strolling around the old city of Spain and frolic in the artistic architectural structure, you can also do that, as well in the cities in Spain.

We have divided the main key cities around Spain for you to watch events and tourists places to visit in Spain in August.


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What Cities To Visit In Spain In August



Fiesta de Lavapies

With the hot weather in august in Madrid, Festa de Lavapies, is a where locals dressed up as their traditional people from their past. The village also put up stalls and booths of different food carts, local Mardid products, souvenirs, wines and among others which you can find in a local flee market. This is a great place to go in Spain in August.


Bullfighting in Madrid

The famous Bull fighting event runs until the month of August in Madrid, you can check out the bullfighting schedule in Spain, here. You cannot leave Spain without witnessing bullfighting show. For those interested, read how to purchase bullfighting tickets.


Pamplona Running of the Bulls

The whole Spain have a lot of simultaneous bull run festival, you can can watch one in Pamplona Bull Run located in areas of Cuellar and Chinchon in Madrid.


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Festa Major de Sants

This is a colorful and vibrant designing of streets and squares of villages in Catalonia. Locals also provided good food, dances, music, and poetry performances making it one of the best cities in Spain to visit in August.


La Festa Major de Gracia

Is a festival that showcase all kinds of activities to enjoy: food, cultural, music, dance, fashion, parade, concerts, fireworks, product exhibits, wine and beer drinking, lantern decorations, cultural, literary, and sports and fireworks events.


Festival de Musica de Cadaques

This is an international music festival. Various activities such as giving of music awards, record exhibit, artist presentation, and other recognition / events commemoration music industry.


Festa Major de Vilafranca del Penedés

Festa Major de Vilafranca del Penedés is a feast in honor of Saint Felix (patron saint of Villafranca del Penedes). There is a museum from the local Barcelona Council Museum Network that is open for public to enjoy too! The village is full of feasting and activities that fills the air with fun activities.


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Vuelta a España

The event is often called as the La Vuelta. This is the same way how the Tour de France international bike tournament is celebrated. The bike tournament is a cross country competition for passionate bikers enjying biking around major regions in Spain from Andalusia to Madrid, or vice versa.


Catoira Viking Festival

This festival Viking festival is a recreation of when the invasion of the vikings from the past. It is a yearly event with which actors wear real life Viking costumes and as well as real life designed Viking ships.


Octopus Festival O Carballiño

For exotic tradition, you may want to try to sample octopus as a delicacy. Around 50, 000 gathered in the event to witness the Octupus festival.


San Sebastian

Semana Grande

In the Basque Country’s, the Semana Grande festival is annually celebrated. In August, the locals celebrate with Bull Run, bull fights, parade of gigantic mascots, and puppets while dancing in the streets of the narrow alleys of San Sebastian and Bilbao area. At the culmination of the event, firework display should also be expected. With so many things to do in San Sebastian, it’s a great city to visit in Spain in August.


Fiesta de la Virgen Blanca

To honor the patron Saint Virgen Blanca, the celebration begun form 1800’s, which the event commemorated every4th to 19th of august annually. There is a series of open air concerts, religious cultural events, unlimited drinking, dancing and party activities.



Festa Major de Sitges

Festa Major de Sitges is a celebration to honor patron Saint Bartmeu and Saint Tecla. The festival is celebrated on August 21. The streets were field with religious pilgrim, and street fun activities.


Fiesta de Vendimia in Requena

A festival that celebrates and covers all kinds of fun activities is the Fiesta de Vendimia in Requena. It commemorates wine making event of the province, sports events, dance party, concerts, unlimited drinking and street food exhibit.


Rototom SunSplash Reggae Festival

Happening in the northern part of Valencia region, the Rototom SunSplash Reggae Festival is annually celebrated since 1994 music from which imitates Jamaican music style.



In honor of the farmers in Buñol, in time with the tons of thousands of tomatoes harvested in the village, locals and tourists participate in an annual tomato fight.


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