When Is The Best Time To Visit Spain In 2018/2019?

Who hasn’t spent a part of their day daydreaming about the ever so alluring country of Spain? With its flamenco dancers, sizzling sun, its sangria, beaches, and its renowned fiestas, who doesn’t want to go to Spain? You could be wondering is the best time to visit Spain in 2018? This all depends on your preferences, things you like to do and areas of Spain that you want to visit.

So you’ve decided you’re going to book your plane ticket to Spain and embark on a journey of a lifetime and whether you’re visiting the cosmopolitan city of Madrid or the quirk city of Barcelona, whether you’re going to historical Sevilla or palm-tree-lined Mallorca – you need to figure out when the best time to go to Spain is!

To your advantage, Spain is an all year-destination. You can choose practically any date and you’re still guaranteed to have fun. Of course, some fun can be better than the rest! So before you choose when to go, you need to figure out what you’d like your trip to be like. Do you want to revel amongst the contagious positive vibes of tourists, the sun and the lively atmosphere or do you want a more tranquil holiday, nestled between the attractions as if they were all for yourself?

Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of going to Spain in summer vs winter because it’s always a good time to go to Spain.


Why Go To Spain In Summer 2018?

If you go to Spain in summer, you’re fully guaranteed to have a trip of a lifetime. Nothing can ruin it, no rain, no cloudy days and no wind! The sun paints the entire country with gorgeous golden shades, adding an ethereal colorful vibe to the entire city.

You get to enjoy the beaches in full force, enjoy beach clubs, revel in the café culture, hang out at rooftop bars, get your tan on and attend some of the most important festivals and concerts.


Why Go To Spain In Winter 2018?

Well, why not cozy up with a nice hot cup of coffee as the festivities begin to fill the streets of Spain, the Christmas spirit is all over, the attractions are almost empty and Spain is all yours to discover! There are a lot of events that have to do with Spanish culture and you’ll be able to experience a more authentic, less tourist-ridden version of the country. In addition, because it’s not tourist season, there will be less crowds and costs for hotel and airfare will also be less in the winter compared to the summer time in Spain.


Why Not To Go To Spain In Summer 2018?

The weather can sometimes get too hot, the kind of the hot that will make you overall uncomfortable, leave you dehydrated and tired when you’re not even done with half of the day’s attractions. You also get a much less authentic feel of the city with all the tourists and it’s hard to get any “local” experiences.


Why Not Go To Spain In Winter 2018?

Some cities may be too cold for beach weather (not the Canary Islands though!) some resorts will be closed, and other attractions might be too empty you’ll feel like they’re not even worth visiting!


Quick Overview Of Festivals In Spain All Year Long:

Public Holidays

Spain boasts a number of public holidays that are usually celebrated with extravagant festivals, and if you’re flexible with your dates of travel you can always time your trip to match one of them.

Las Fallas in Valencia with the burning edifices, La Tomatina – the biggest food fight in the world, and Semana Santa along with the Bull Run in Pamplona are all major major holidays and expect the city they’re held at to be entirely packed. Don’t expect to even find accommodation anywhere except months in advance!

Make sure you choose your festivals correctly, some are grand celebrations like the ones mentioned while others are usually just public holidays where nothing special happens.


Timing Of Your Trip

Other than checking the weather and the major public holidays, it’s worth noting the bridge concept in Spain. If a holiday falls on either a Thursday or a Tuesday, most Spanish people will take either Monday or Friday off to create a “bridged” weekend. Try not to visit at these times since the towns may end up being deserted and most shops will be closed!


Calendar With Most Important Events In Spain


Not only will you be celebrating the start of a new year in Spain, you will be enjoying dozens of celebrations all over the country.



  • Janaury 6th: Three Kings Day
  • January 6th: Fiesta of dos Foguernos that happens at Balearic Islands.
  • January 17th: San Antonio Abad in Ibiza
  • January 20th: San Sebastian festival



The month of February is all about the most flamboyant event of the year, the crazy carnival, where most cities in Spain turn into huge parades with dancers, extravagant costumes, weird rituals and a lot of drinking!


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

The weather will completely depend on where you end up going. If you want to go to the carnival in the Canary Islands or Sitges, the weather will be mild – maybe even sunny! Barcelona will be warm, but Madrid will be quite cold in these months with temperatures reach -3C.

So remember, cold in the Basque and in Madrid and Slamanca, Warm in Costa del Sol, Canary Islands and Sitges along with Barcelona.


March And April

Ah, the start of Spring! With blooming flowers, the coming of spring and crazy fiestas – you surely are bound to enjoy your time!

Head over to Valencia for Las Fallas, enjoy the crazy fires and the repetitive chants, and if you’re in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions – then visit at the Semana Santa!

In a range of a week to 10 days, the entire country revels in the Spring holidays, many of them going to beach cities, enjoy boat rides, hanging out in yachts or partying in Ibiza.

If you’re more into an authentic Spanish experience, with the clicks of a flamenco dancer’s shoes, the bullfights, and the Spanish guitar, then of course, head over to Seville for the Feria de Sevilla,


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

The weather is quite unpredictable in those months. One day it can be extremely warm, the other can be quite cold. One thing is for sure, the entirety of Spain is getting warmer slowly to the scorching hot months of summer. Remember to bring a jacket or a cardigan because it tends to get cold at night!


May And June

As the hints of summer slowly start to appear, all cities in Spain begin to come to life with vibrancy, life and colors. Rooftop terraces start operating, the beaches are filled to the brim, the cafes are out in full force, and the parties are starting to get longer. The country will be filled with both, musical and cultural festivals.

  • Festival de San Isidro – Madrid
  • Feria de Patios – Cordoba
  • Horse Festival – Jerez
  • The Night of San Juan – Everywhere
  • The Great Wine Fight – Haro
  • Sonar Music Festival – Barcelona


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

May can still be unpredictable with frequent rainfall in most cities, but June is almost always indefinitely hot! June can experience some cloudy days, but nothing too worrying or gloomy!


July And August

It might seem for a second that the entire world has decided to visit Spain in those months – the amount of tourists will be mind-blowing! There are, however, quite a few festivals going on around the country.

  • Running of The Bulls at San Fermin Festival
  • Horse Racing – Sanlucar
  • Feria de Malaga – August (This takes place in Andalusia, and is a must if you’re going to visit there!)
  • The renowned Tomatina Tomato Fight where an entire city turns into a major food fight!


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

Well, you guessed it probably. The weather will be hot, wherever you go. As in, uncomfortably hot. The kind of hot that makes you want to just forget about the sight-seeing and stay in an air-conditioned room. Major advantage though? You’ll get to experience the full glory of the beaches.


September And October

September is usually considered a “shoulder” season month, but that can’t be far from the truth. The country still experiences a large number of tourists in this month. The events also are still going and you’ll find plenty of things to do and attend.

Visit the Festa de Santa Tecla that happens in Tarragona and also the Festa de la Mercé that occurs in Barcelona or simply enjoy the upcoming Halloween festivities!

Which brings us to October, experience the ethereal vibe of flamenco at Spain’s largest flamenco festival where you’ll feel like the whole world has turned into a dance festival.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

In September the weather is almost perfect. Warm, but not too hot, and a little bit on the chilly side at night. You can still tan, go to the beach and enjoy the sun almost everywhere in Spain! October gets a little bit colder and it’ll be time for you to bring the winter jackets out!


November And December

Do we even need to mention why you have to visit in these months? The Christmas celebrations take over all cities with bazaars, Christmas markets, magical holiday vibes and the chill of winter ready for you to cozy up with a loved one! From the events in Madrid to the events in Granada, you’ll find plenty of things to do!


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

The weather will completely depend on where you’re going. Barcelona for example enjoys mild cool weather while in Madrid the weather is quite cold and harsh. One thing is for sure though – there will be sunshine almost everywhere.


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