What To Do Around Sagrada Familia In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. And among the tourist attractions in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is the most visited structural architecture. It is a famous unfinished cathedral in the heart of Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi in Spain.

Please check out places, activities and things to do around Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Later, we also have listed down things should a tourist must beware of when in the grounds of the religious area.


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Visit Antoni Guadi’s Grave

If you are able to visit Sagrada Familia in Barcelona City, you must stop by and pay tribute to the legacy of the designer of famous Cathedral in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia. The Basilica I Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Famila or well known as the Sagrada Famila is one of the masterpieces of the genius and most creative architect during the 18th century, Antoni Guadi. You have to drop by and pay tribute to such cunning creativity by taking a glimpse on the artist’s grave. This is one of the best things to do in Barcelona around Sagrada Familia.

Despite of the Guadi’s respected and high status in the society, he remains true to his faith and has lived a simple life. He is a humble down – to – earth person that he often leave his house underdressed for an elite Catalan citizen. In fact, too modest that after his regular confession and prayer in the church of Sant Felipe Neri, he crashed into a public trolley train in the corner of Bailen and Girona streets; he was thought to be a beggar and died because of delayed medical attention.

It is said that before his tragic death he would tell people he wanted to die with and as a poor man. A lot of people from Catalan and across Spain have visited his burial held at Sagrada Familia Church.


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Eat And Shop At Gràcia

Just few meters away from the sacred ground of Sagrada Familia, you can take a quick break or purchase souvenirs on shops and boutiques in the streets of Gracia.

Gracia is an ancient town in Barcelona in the 1900s which still reflects until now, the traditional and rustic atmosphere. You can replenish yourself with good food and coffee on cafes and restaurants in Placa Joanic and Placa Ruic iTaulet. For those in the area, it’s a great thing to do around Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

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Wander In Awe Of Sant Pau

Another design created by Antoni Guadi (as an associate architect) with Lluís Domènech i Muntaner was the popular Hospital de Sant Pau. Yes, this was used to be a hospital was created as a part of work of art. The building was designed stunningly in aid to make patients of the hospital heal faster. The hospital is built beautifully. Although, the additional restored area was recently extended looking more like virtuosity modern. You should really try to visit Sant Pau, it’s a great thing to do around Sagrada Familia, about two blocks away.


Stroll Around Passeig De Sant Joan

Another must visit place around Sagrada Familia, is the Passeig De Sant Joan. With a lovely mountain on the other side, you can reach the Passeig de Sant Joan few streets away. Like the small village in Gracia, the place is also made of cobbled narrow streets. The blocks around the area have a lot of cafes , stalls, shops and restaurant where you can eat and buy souvenirs. The town has also provided bleachers on a park so children and tourists can take a rest after a long sightseeing around the Sagrada Familia and neighboring streets.


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Since the Basilica I Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Famila is considered as a religious ground (despite if you have different religious belief), it is best that you have to respect the guidelines imposed by the church and local government of Barcelona.

Generally, everyone is not allowed to bring food or eat in what considered a religious area (wherever you are in any part of the world). There are people who considered these places holy and should be kept sacred. As a tourist, you can appreciate or wander around even just for curiosity. There are also shops, or boutiques outside Sagrada Familia Church, who are particularly requesting visitors to refrain from bringing and eating food inside their stores. This is to keep out unnecessary smells, avoid infestation and keep the area clean at all times.

When you are traveling to Sagrada Familia you have to make sure your attire is always according to appropriate events and places. In this case, because this is a religious site, you have to wear modest and comfortable clothes. As much as possible do not wear slippers, sleeveless shirts, too undersized shorts, or any clothes exposing sensitive parts of your body like bellies, underarm cleavages, legs, etc. Wear proper clothing.

Another thing, make sure to be silent at all time. If you cannot help yourself express verbally your appreciation with the things you see around the area, please be sure to speak in a low voice. Refrain from uttering disrespectful words as well. Remember that you are in a foreign land you have to always respect differences in culture.

And lastly have fun and be a lover of art. Appreciate the hard work and love included in creating such wonderful city of Barcelona and view all the great things to do around Sagrada Familia.



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