Weather In Spain In November 2018/2019

The weather in Spain in November changes from some rain in the fall to the winter months. As the days get shorter the colder weather in Spain starts to arrive. Different regions of Spain in November have different climates. While the north gets colder compared to the south, the weather in Spain in November does get a little chillier compared to previous months.


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Andalusia In November

Andalusia is blessed with some of the best weathers in Europe and if your ideal vacation is basking under winter sunshine, you will love Andalusia, situated in the southernmost of Spain, it is possible to enjoy the sun even in November. Getting that tan, however is not guaranteed because the temperatures vary depending on the city in the Andalusia region, some towns might be a little cold because of the weather in Spain in November to go swimming.

The city of Seville generally is the warmest area in Andalusia, and the temperatures do lower November weather in Andalusia. The average temperature during the ranges around mid-60sF/20C, and nighttime average temperatures around 50F/10C. A few times a month it does rain here.

In Malaga, the average temperature reaches 66F/19C, and a minimum temperature of 5 F/11 C, but it can be very wet month with heavy rains on some days.


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Weather In Barcelona In November

Barcelona in November tends to be slightly warmer than other Spanish cities, but still relatively cool. Some days will be sunny and some days will have some overcast. However, plans to go swimming or lounge by the beach in skimpy swim wear is not advisable. The temperature in Barcelona reaches a maximum average of 63F/17C, and the temperature average low is around 46F/8C.


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Weather In Madrid In November

In November the weather in Madrid becomes slightly cold, those looking to travel to Madrid in November, pack some warm clothes to stay warm with the November weather in Madrid. It’s a good idea to carry an umbrella with you during your walks in the city.  Compared to other cities in Spain, Madrid is relatively dry compared to other cities in November, but it still does rain at times.

The average temperature in Madrid reaches the high of around 57F/14C, and the lows average temperature is around 39F/4C.


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Weather In Northern Spain In November

With two weather zones, one with the Maritime climate, and the other in the south where the Mediterranean climate prevails. This gives Basque Country and other areas around Northern of Spain unpredictable weather patterns. Wet and cold days are pretty normal, while there’s a chance to view sun in November, these are seen in costal regions like San Sebastian. The temperature averages in Bilbao has a max of about 63F/17C, and the temperature averages lows is about 48F/9C.


Weather In North-West Spain In November

Galicia, is the wettest area in Spain, especially being in the North-West area of Spain. Rain is to be expected especially in November. Even though it rains a lot in this region, it’s generally not that cold of weather in North West Spain in November.

The temperature average in Santiago de Compostela in November reaches highs of 60F/16C, and temperature average lows is around 51F/11C.


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